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Gary H. Hoffman, MD: Los Angeles Colon and Rectal Surgical Associates was founded in
1957 by my father, Dr. Norman Hoffman. Times were different then, but one thing was
constant then and today. My father believed in treating everybody with compassion and
respect, and offering the greatest technical expertise available.
Stephen Yoo, MD: A patient of mine, who's going to senior college, who is like going
to be the captain of the soccer team and he had ulcerative colitis. He was faced with
the decision not to play or to undergo a surgery where we would actually remove his entire
colon. He invited me to go to his soccer game to see him play. It is what makes our job
worthwhile. Eiman Firoozmand, MD: Our job really is to
take care of patients with any ailments related to the colon and rectum. That can be as minor
as hemorrhoids or anal fissures or as complex as inflammatory bowel disease or colon and
rectal cancer. Liza M. Capiendo, MD: I think that patients
appreciate it when we take the time to explain things to them clearly and to make sure that
all their questions are answered and to do it in a compassionate and patient way.
EF: What sets us apart from a lot of other offices is that not only do we have excellent
surgeons to take care of the patient's medical needs be we also have an excellent front office
staff who's dedicated to making sure that patient gets through their situation no matter
how big or small it is. ZH: I love that everyday when I come in to
the office, we not only get to see old patients that we are on very good terms with, but we
also get to help new patients. JG: I think patients appreciate the fact that
we will go the extra mile for them and attend every detail.
SY: The strength of our practice is that we are the largest colon rectal group in Southern
California. It allows us to readily collaborate with each other.
LC: We are actually very close as a family. I believe that really shows in our team approach
to patients. SY: I have presented my original research
in publications and at national meetings. EF: I've served as past chief for the division
of Colon and Rectal Surgery at Cedars-Sinai. LC: During my surgical training, I did receive
Resident of the Year at three separate occasions on Martin Luther King Hospital.
GH: The single most important award to me was the Golden Apple award, given to the staff
member at Cedars-Sinai Hospital who has been most instrumental in resident teaching.
LC: There is a lot of new technology that's out there that we're able to incorporate
and use in our surgery, I think that's very exciting.
GH: I wake up in the morning excited about what kind of problems are we going to find,
everyday is different, every patient is different, and that's what motivates me.