Mahabharat - Episode 25

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The events in the arena brought
Hastinapur to the mouth of a volcano
Had the Kuru honor not stopped Kunti
from telling Hastinapur that
the so-called son of a charioteer
was actually her son
then the story may have taken a different turn
But Kunti fainted and the danger
was averted
But by making Karna, King of Anga, Duryodhan
has once again focused on the danger
So, l once again waited with bated breath
But the setting of the Sun again averted the danger
But has the danger really been averted?
Because this Epic is the story of dangers
and teaches Man how to face it
The Epic is a many pronged spear
each prong of which
an individual character
Dronacharya is one such prong of the spear
He is burning in his own private hell
His heart is full of
honor, ego, and revenge
which has made his nights sleepless
The wound of insult
makes the soul restless
An apt revenge
is the only solution
Forget your childhood
A child is foolish!
Neither you nor l am a child any longer
Don't you know this minor aspect of social life
that friendship is between equals?
Why did you come so late in the night?
l have come with a request from Kripi
Please return home
Not now Kripacharya
But why?
l had told Kripi while leaving
that l would get a cow for my son
How can l go home without a cow?
By God's grace we have many cows now
But it is not the cow l wanted
Didn't Dhrupad have a cow?
He had a cow as well as an insult
He did not give me a cow but insulted me
lnsult? Yes
l can still remember that day
Dhrupad's looks were like an arrow across the heart
Forget your childhood
Childhood is foolish
Both you and l have crossed our childhood
Have you not yet realized a small social truth that
friendship is between equals?
Ask for anything without talking of friendship
l shall give it to you. You are a Brahmin
But forget your childhood
Why did you not punish Dhrupad then?
Had he been an enemy l would have dare so
He was a friend
and yet he spoke of equality
He told me to ask for an offering
but not to talk of being his friend
Friendship, he said, was between equals
Had we been equals, l would have punished him then
But the time to punish him has come
Now go Kripacharya
My pupils will be coming
As you wish!
The wound of insult
makes the Soul restless
An apt revenge
is the only solution
Our respects O Teacher!
Education is incomplete without an offering
We can get heaps of gold and silver for you
What will l do with gold and silver?
We are willing to offer our lives
Only the soul-less will ask for other lives
Then what do you wish?
l wish that one of you
wages war against King Drupad
and brings him back a prisoner
l will go and kill him
l did not ask you to kill him
Forgive me O Teacher!
A pupil should be cultured
Going beyond the order is like violating it
Give me the order
l wish to do something now
l will bring back King Drupad and
throw him at your feet
Allow me to go!
Go my child!
What's it?
Nothing O Teacher!
Are you angry?
Can a pupil be angry with his teacher?
Why not my child?
The dearer the pupil
the greater is his right to be angry
But why are you angry, Arjun?
Why didn't you send us?
Your education is over
but Duryodhan has one more lesson to learn
Which lesson?
The lesson of honor and arrogance
Arrogance is the warrior's enemy
God knows how long it will take Duryodhan
to learn this
l thought someone was to bring back King Dhrupad
before the teacher
Do not make fun of your brother
Someone has to lose in a war
l was unsuccessful
Forgive me
No, it is enough to have tried
Failure is immaterial
Your effort is your offering
and l have accepted it
Any orders for us?
l am asking for the same offering from you
Bring back Dhrupad if you can
As you wish!
Which flag will you fly?
lt cannot be the flag of Hastinapur
That flag cannot be used in this war
But why?
Because you have
not asked Hastinapur for the offering
So, we cannot fly the flag of Hastinapur
lt would not be correct
l had the right
And you honored it!
Forgive me
l cannot keep quiet
lt is good you are not the eldest
Yuddhistir is right!
Both of you do not have the right to fly that flag
He is also correct
l did not ask Hastinapur
So, why fly Hastinapur's flag?
You always side with them
Whatever flag they fly they cannot
win the war
l could not win
You are not time
You are a prince
You know nothing about the future
Nor can you predict
who will win or lose
Only the arena can decide
Be victorious!
Only five!
l capture you in the name of Sage Drona!
Can l call you my friend today?
You are not equal to even my disciples
So, how can we be equal?
l am still the same Brahmin
and you are a friend
You broke your promise
but l'll keep mine
What is mine is also yours
So, l return half your kingdom
and keep the other half
We are now equals
Today you are standing before me
so, l will punish you
The cows you own
will also be divided
After this division, l shall take one cow
from your lot and
then go to Kripi and say:
Here Kripi
l have brought a cow from my friend Dhrupad
My dear
My lord
May you live long!
l have brought a cow from Drupad
l know it took time
but l have no control over time
When the waiting is over
who remembers
how long the wait was
or how difficult!
lt seems yesterday that you went away
Come now. Give this cow's milk
to your crowned son
Of course. Come son
Come. Please sit
l will call Brother Kripacharya
He, too, was waiting Sure
Sit, son, sit
Now, you are a king
But that does not mean you are a warrior
You are a teacher's son. So, you must study
and what you learn you must distribute
Worth is more important than learning
The river's water cannot fit into a pot
A drop does not swell the sea
What are you thinking?
One question troubles me
Can l ask it now?
Whom do you wish to ask? Father or Teacher?
Why did you ask for Eklavya's thumb?
Because he wasn't a warrior?
Even you are not a warrior
But l am a Brahmin
Who came first? Man or caste?
No one can be a Brahmin by birth alone
A Brahmin will not be one if he forgets his duty
l did not ask for his thumb because he was a low caste
No caste has a right to learning
Nor can we deny learning to anyone
l asked for Eklavya's thumb
because he stole knowledge
Had it been a Brahmin or a warrior
l would have done the same
Without an offering to the Teacher
knowledge has no significance
What belongs to others
others have a right
My lord
Why are you late?
Shakuni insisted that l go with him
So l went with him
lt's alright to go with him
But, in the process
do not forget the path of the mind
My mind is a vacuum
l do not wish to return there
My heart is a forest of dry trees
The sun shines intensely leaving you thirsty
Not an oasis in sight
Nothing to keep my hopes alive
l was hoping that Duryodhan
would prove to be the best in the arena
and the crown would return to me through him
But the darkness has increased
Looks like there is no sunrise in my Fate
lf l were to meet my fate
l would strangle it to death
You are tired
Rest a little
l cannot say about the others
but l do not tire of dreaming
What else can l do?
So let me do
what l do best
My lord. This does not befit the elder Kuru son
Do not call me that!
lt sounds like a joke
Fate has done me an injustice
Whom can l ask for justice?
Only God
can give you justice
You look so happy as if
you were waiting to leave
lt is sad parting from friends
But l am not parting
The chariot's waiting
Balram is waiting
That does not mean parting
Do not make fun of me
l cannot even think of parting with you
and you are smiling
as if it is just a game
l will come to Mathura to meet you
But after you become a Yadu Prince
you may not recognize me
Who told you that friendship
is only between equals?
This is the wealth of the heart
and everyone is equal in the realm
of the heart
Never again speak of being poor
Neither are you poor nor am l rich
You are my Sudama
my friend
and l am Krishna
your friend
Friendship is higher than anything
There is love in friendship
Friendship is greater than life
The one who wins the heart of a friend
has won the world
Don't come to Mathura
l won't meet you in Mathura
But meet you l must because
you are in debt
Debt? Yes
How come?
Remember the night when we slept on different trees
and you ate my share of food?
Now l cannot let that debt go
So l must meet you
My God! What a memory!
l had forgotten that!
You forgot because you owe me
l have to get back the debt
How can l forget?
Come on. Let's go!
The chariot's waiting
What's the hurry?
But why? Give me one reason
We will never see this place again
This place is purity itself
Such purity is now lost forever
You, too, breathe in this pure air
Besides, l am waiting for someone
For whom?
Greetings O Teacher!
Sudama Yes sir
Ask mother to prepare food for Sage Parshuram
Yes Sir
You have not blessed me, O Sage
Why do you need my blessings?
But now that you have asked l must give something
Meeting you is a blessing in itself
Enough of games, Krishna
l am here because you called me
l await your order
What order can l give?
Call it an order
or a blessing
l would have left this world long ago
but the warriors are getting out of hand again
Here take your weapon
and look after your era
Being a warrior does not mean
you have total right over society
You have eaten enough butter
played the flute
and romanced
Now do the work for which you were born
Go to Mathura
which has been attacked by Jarasandh
You killed Kansa but Mathura is suffering
As you wish!
Do your duty unto others
This is the call of Time
Ponder over why
you have taken birth