The Mole S10E10 - Wie is de Mol 2010 in Japan [English] - Episode 10

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Frits, you will never forget this day in Tokyo.
Because you're the winner. - Really?
Come and stand next to me.
Just Sanne and Kim are left. Frits is the winner.
Today, in this castle we will find out who is the runner-up.
And more importantly: who is the Mole.
Oh, there's Pieter Jan! Hello.
Welcome to Waterland.
Good to see you again. - That's mutual. - Good.
Hi, Manuel. Come on inside.
Oops, that's looking very Japanese.
Did you take anything from the whole Japan-experience?
I was never a sushi-man and now I understand why.
They know how to really do it.
Strange stuff to eat in the morning. That definitely took me some getting used to.
Instead of a cup of coffee and a sandwich, you got this.
With a bowl of warm fish soup.
You couldn't sleep for a month afterwards. - Yeah, when I was out.
But I walked down that path and that was it.
There was the taxi waiting for me, with my suitcase and my cap in it.
Two hours later I was on my own in Tokyo. - That was quite harsh.
We were condemned to each other.
Have you seen something or someone yet? - I can't see anything.
Who wants to have the power of veto? - I wanted to veto.
I have been reading about the power of veto my entire life.
Now I wanted to have the veto for once.
I have always wanted to have veto power. - And a man as well. Manuel?
Good idea.
When all of you said that Manuel was also getting the power of veto.
My only experience was with Manuel.
Manuel was my Mole.
I feel so guilty that it was my fault that you were back home within two days.
Can they change each other's things too?
That whole episode we stood on a pole and a bridge..
That's all we did really..
I was voting for Frits for almost 100 percent.
So I wanted to test him in the woods.
Shall we confuse them?
Yes, that's possible too.
You go first. - Yes, ok.
I thought: Is he taking the exemption?
Or is he taking money from the pot?
When he took that exemption, he took a large amount of money from the pot.
So I thought: You see? I'm right.
We left you some goodies. - I'm sick of sushi.
Who were you voting for?
When I went out? For you. - Why? How about you, Loretta?
For Manuel.
Manuel, you screwed me over though!
You screwed me over, right..
At the beginning of the series I advised you to make friends with someone you trust.
I want you to pair up now, based on trust.
One contestant will remain solo.
I was supposed to be your friend.
But in retrospect, were you friends with Kim.
I choose you.
You were voting for me? - You know that, didn't you? - The whole time?
I've answered more than 17 questions with you as the Mole from episode 2 on. - Why?
For dozens of reasons.
Tell me. - It was terrible..
The night before we left, I had a vision it was you. Which makes no sense.
What kind of vision was that?
I woke up and I just knew.
That was really bizarre.
Barbara and I were feeding each other's suspicions of you enormously.
Was Barbara voting for me too? - Yes. I didn't even take that into account.
Barbara got executed twice! - And you knew she was voting for me..
Can you imagine? - How could you have been so blind?
It was so bizarre! - So you were onto me.
Barbara was voting for me twice. - Yes.
The first time she didn't see the red screen, but the second time she actually got it.
There they are! Hi!
So you were wrong too..
Because you're here now. No.
I just heard his confessions. How could that have happened?
You knew I was voting for Erik, so why did you keep voting for him?
Because I had answered more than 17 questions on Erik from episode 2 on.
And I just kept getting through to the next round. - But you knew I had voted for Erik?
I thought you had just screwed it up..
I thought, she screwed up. - I got executed twice!
But I didn't! Who do you think that it is now?
We think the same. Who do you think?
I'm saying it's Kim, from episode 1.
I think it's Sanne. - I think it's Frits.
I'm still in doubt!
Between Sanne and ...? Kim.
Sanne had an exemption to make it to the finals.
Really? - Yes, she beat me to it by 2 seconds.
Sanne, that's correct! - Yes!
That was terrible.
What did you think when you saw the screen? Did you think you were still right?
Congratulations! So, guys.
I would say: Pour me something nice.
What would you like? - Red. Champagne for Frits.
Here's the pot. I am the winner!
Good job, man. How much is it?
Something like €22.000. - How much? €22.000,-
Hand in hand.
Welcome, everyone.
This is the moment you have all been waiting for.
The moment of the revelation.
Kim, you want to win.
You've played the game intelligently.
Fanatically as well.
You have gained confidence and showed leadership.
You have done a lot of suspicious things.
That's what a smart contestant does.
That's what a slick Mole does too.
Sanne, you have played an intriguing game.
You have surprised everyone with unpredictable behavior.
You showed emotion.
You were uncertain.
And sharp as a blade at other times.
You stunned the group with your insights.
All qualities for a superb Mole.
One of you is the runner-up.
One of you is the Mole
Who is the Mole?
I am the Mole!
Congratulations, Frits.
I'm sorry.
Yes, congratulations.
I knew so much about her! - Yeah, so did I!
How did you know then?
I've been voting for her since episode one. - Really? Episode 1?
Yes, from episode one. So I started gathering information.
Kim, you were a superb Mole.
From the first episode on, you have chosen to be on the offense.
Congratulations. - Thank you.
Sanne, Frits. It was a photo finish between you.
Was it down to time? - Yes. - Oh, how awful!
For the first time in the finals of 'Who is the Mole'.
Frits was 52 seconds faster in the test than you.
Well, guys. - We've both made it to the finals, though! Yes.
That's easy for you to say.
Here she is, the Mole of 2010.
Kim Pieters.
Shall we see what you've been up to? - Yes please.
Here it comes.
I am the Mole, I'm really looking forward to the game.
I'm going to play it tough, and have a lot of fun.
No one will suspect me, I think.
We're going to have some fun!
I'm going to play the game with a lot of fanaticism.
I'm very fanatical by nature.
So that fits me.
I'm going to start slowly.
Make some friends, right?
Gain some trust from everyone.
I can feel the tension, everyone is very nervous.
I understand that. I would be nervous too if I wasn't the Mole.
Good morning. Welcome to Japan.
I knew who were standing on the pillars.
I managed to get on the boat just as it was supposed to be.
This is Frits!
The telescope wasn't working properly.
It's going into and then out of focus again all the time.
This is Frits!
All of a sudden Hind says: She says it's Tim! Something with an 'i'..
Can you look over there? - That's the best gift you can ask for.
I knew it was Frits. So I thought: Well..
Frits, Tim.. they sound alike a bit.
So I decided we really should go for Tim.
Hind agreed because she thought she heard 'Tim', so we could follow her thinking.
Let's think about it. Erik, Loretta and Barbara are left.
No, not Barbara. Manuel.
So Hind, thank you for that!
Kim, this was an ideal challenge for a Mole?
Yeah, I wanted to hold the telescope for as long as possible.
I succeeded in doing so.
We all got 2000 Yen each.
With that money we had to buy something which would fit us.
The others would have to recognize that object as belonging to us.
I bought a teapot, because I thought:
It fits me but it fits Hind too.
I don't think they'll recognize it.
It's mine but they won't find out, because more people like tea.
Barbara drinks tea and Sanne loves drinking tea too.
A magazine? Barbara.
Then I teamed up with Erik.
Won't she have chosen something with sports?
At the second or third picture Erik says:
We can also leave Frits there and drop Arjen into the box.
You want to mess it up? - Yeah well, I do not know ...
Erik starts sabotaging in the open and tries to involve me in it.
Well if you say that, making me that offer..
I certainly won't refuse.
You should recognize this teapot..?
Did you buy it? - No.
No, of course not. She's there herself.
It's kinda nice to act weird like that. People will think ...
Kim, teapot? It's nice to get a little suspicion.
You didn't buy it? - No, I didn't buy it.
Yet you put your pic there? - Yeah, mess it up a little, nice huh?
It was kind of exciting, the heart went boom boom boom ...
Well, people trust me.
Which is nice.
No, people didn't trust you at all.
From that moment on I suspected you.
Because? - I tried to test her from time to time in challenges.
Every time my suspicions were confirmed.
Why did you get executed in the end?
I answered the questions too quickly.
Because I knew Frits and I were onto the same person.
So I wanted to beat him by a better time. That's when I made mistakes.
But you suspected Kim? -Yes.
You did so here as well?
This was the moment for me too. I don't get why Tim didn't see it.
You can hear me saying: If she doesn't change it around now..
You profiled yourself as a contestant playing the Mole, right?
Yes, that's the way I did it.
Let's get into the tram.
This tram is the base for your next challenge.
Every team recieves an envelope.
It contains locations you have to visit. There you'll find a tube.
Erik van der Hoff.
He likes to play the Mole. He likes to mess it up.
I can use that to my advantage.
It was wonderful: all the Japanese people hardly spoke any English.
So I tried to pick out the people who spoke English the worst.
That tube was simply lying underneath a sign.
We had already passed it twice.
Arjen passed it too, he really wanted to check out a little park.
Shall we get in? We have a tube. - We have a tube, ok let's go back.
Erik was acting very strange.
He wanted to get back on the tram though we hadn't found the second tube yet.
But time was almost up.
So I thought, who cares? Let's look for it some more.
Arjens team let the tram go.
Open the tube immediately.
Open it.
So I feel that Erik and especially Arjen...
That laptop too, she's sitting on top of it! - ... Saw me play very fanatically today.
Which is a good thing.
Erik, didn't you see those tubes?
I let them look for the tubes and eventually I found it myself.
She was playing fanatically, but ...
But you passed the second tube? - No eventually I found it.
They were heading for that park and I was looking for someone who spoke English.
Then it was just lying there.
I couldn't imagine that she hadn't seen it lying there.
Arjen hadn't seen it either. - No.
She was the Mole and you just did a good job.
In my tunnel vision I suspected you. I was only watching you.
And my suspicions were confirmed again.
Arjen's suspicions about me were confirmed too.
Because I wanted to get on the tram. It's such a bizarre game.
Everyone is watching everyone else. It just all depends what you're looking for.
A maximum or two of you can go outside.
You can also go alone.
Find the money within one hour.
Watch out for the men in the black suits.
The contestants hadn't listened to the challenge well enough.
Of course it's very hard to listen carefully to Pieter Jan, I get that.
But he clearly said: you can find the money in one spot.
There is only one stack of money.
We got one little piece on screen with a windmill and a merry-go-round.
People just assumed that's where the money was.
So of course I followed this logic.
I said: Let's go there, what are the red dots supposed to be?
It was great that we had a walkie-talkie.
I had the walkie-talkie in my hands pretty quickly.
Hind and Manuel were on their way.
I only let Manuel speak every now and then.
But I completely suppressed Hind's communication.
I kept pressing the button the whole time.
Hind, are you still there? You need to answer. Manuel?
Everyone thought that Hind was being suspicious..
She's not talking and she's meddling with the walkie-talkie.
No one was thinking about who was holding it on the other side.
That was me. That was the Mole.
Jeeeez man!
The two of us kept cursing, thinking that thing wasn't working.
We kept blaming you two because you didn't respond.
We were so mad, oh you were really bad ...
Tim, you became friends with the Mole, or you were together with the Mole.
You were eliminated quite quickly. - Yes.
So the Mole could wander around and screw up all she wanted. - Yes.
What did you do? In which bushes were you hiding out?
How long did we lose sight of you? What did you do?
We were talking about that.
I think I said it in my confessional too: where was she?
She was messing around and still I didn't catch on.
She was probably just sitting around in that merry-go-round..
You were just sitting around eating ice cream somewhere on your own.
What did you do, Kim?
Well, I ehm.
Wandered to that house for a while.
Where do I need to go? What kind of thing is that?
'Now I have to hide behind a bush'.
Yeah, I was stalling for a bit.
The Mole nicer moments. - Yeah, the privileges you get as a Mole.
Manuel, you made a friendship with the Mole.
The Mole of all people.
Did your intuition abandon you? What happened?
I looked Kim deep into her eyes and thought: I can trust Kim.
Manuel, it was awful that you got ill and had to go home.
I really became very ill.
I had to go home without seeing a red screen.
Even at home I thought: it's either Erik or Frits.
I kept thinking that, right until this episode.
Up till five minutes ago you couldn't conceive of Kim being the Mole? - No..
In fact, I still think it's either Erik or Frits...
We're going to see what your Dutch driving licenses are worth in Japan.
I knew we would be driving.
And I knew we needed to form pairs.
One of each duo will be on the hill giving instructions.
The other one will be behind the wheel.
Because Sanne is quite chaotic, I thought she wouldnt be able to read a map.
She does not think very structurally.
It's also a kind of puzzle I think. We can only drive on each part of the road once.
We need to think of a good route beforehand.
Sanne and I get along pretty well.
Let's try to get in a team with Sanne.
I can drive pretty well ...
But I have problems telling my left from my right, that's hard for me.
So I decided to use that.
Now to the right.
To the right. What are you doing? Oh.
You're on the wrong side of the road. Keep to the left.
It was a wonderful challenge for me.
I was keeping to the right a lot.
To the left now, left, left. - You have to tell me sooner!
I ran a red light, even though I saw it.
But I said oh, there are traffic lights too in this challenge? I didn't know!
What do I do now?
It was my task to get as many fines as possible.
That went pretty well.
Hind was very good at it as well, which worked to my advantage.
I wasn't noticed so much.
Hind, you didn't stop at a stop sign.
You kept to the right twice and you crossed the line four times.
Hind made it easy to hold ourselves accountable to the group.
Kim. Keeping to the right five times. Running a red light once.
Crossing the line once.
And Sanne kept yelling: I'm not good at this at all! Sorry! I messed it up!
You didn't earn anything.
Ooh, how annoying.
It was terrible, yes. And I had said I was a great driver.
You insisted you should be driving. - Yes. - I thought that was suspicious.
Because of this I think many people thought it was you.
Because you were such a 'good driver'.
Arjen, did you raise any suspicions up to this moment? - Up till now?
It was always my fanaticism which won in the end.
But sometimes I was messing some stuff up a bit.
I wasn't doing that a lot though, because I already knew who the Mole was, of course.
Who was that? - Erik!
Hey Angela!
Make sure that after the lunch Karel and Angela suspect you as Mole.
Then you make money for the pot.
This is your secret challenge, don't talk to anyone about this.
As the Mole I thought: I'm going to turn this around completely.
I'm going to act a contestant so well, and be so fanatical...
That they're bound to think I'm the Mole.
I thought I'd do a challenge like the one in Argentina.
I remembered Peggy had to make someone say something.
Don't you agree?
I'm going to try and make Angela say Bali ...
Angela, that 'first celebrity series of The Mole ... - In 2004. - It was shot in Asia, right?
In Bali and in Australia. Bali, ok.
And I'll let Karel say Patagonia.
That went so perfectly, it worked fine for me.
After that I could explain my thinking.
A little complicated because Arjen and Erik like to overthink things too.
As a contestant I would do that as well.
Oh boy..
Frits Sissing is the Mole.
If that's correct, €3000,- will be taken from the pot.
We won't know until episode 10.
They chose Frits, which I'm kind of happy about too.
It would be heavy to hear them say: 'Kim is the Mole'.
Which is the truth in front of all the contestants.. Heavy.
Frits, what did you think when Karel said that?
Great! We have just made €3000,- for the pot!
Really? - Yes.
I knew I wasn't the Mole, you know.
And my theory was guys: We're playing to earn money for the pot.
You're back at school.
In ten different classrooms you'll find ten different challenges.
It's a truly wonderful Mole-ish atmosphere in a school like that.
Because you can mess a lot of stuff up.
I knew all the right answers of course.
I knew the whole dictation by heart.
I knew exactly which letters we were supposed to get.
I knew how to write 'spilt' in English.
What is the 16th, 53rd and 103rd letter of this dictation?
I messed it up big time.
I made a mistake in the first word already, so it would all be wrong.
'A conscientious Mole plans the characteristic, malicious sabotages..'
Ok, the16th. - But did we write it correctly? I'll look at yours.
He then gallantly started reading my paper. - Why?
He started counting my dictation. - I was right a lot more!
He should have checked the spelling first and counted afterwards, but he forgot that.
So I went on.
I got a question I knew too, obviously.
I thought: I'll get this one right.
Origami. - Kim, that's correct.
Because then I'll just lose some more later on.
Then I came to mathematics.
I got the Pythagorean theorem.
I've known it by heart ever since the sixth grade.
But it's hard when you're doing something under pressure of course...
So obviously that didn't work out well..
I just sat around doing nothing, waiting till time was finally up.
Laughing in my sleeve meanwhile.
Arjen, you were too trusting.
Yes, I keep coming back to the same answer.
Erik was the Mole..
I was there with someone who paid more attention at school than I did.
Although I had written so much more correctly. - You're a writer!
'Nochtans' ('however') etcetera, I had written them all correctly.
But I thought, just to be sure I'll doublecheck with Kim.
I really had no idea. Very stupid of me.
Soon you'll be on your way with sandbags.
The more sand you take with you, the higher the amount you'll earn.
Frits Sissing, I really have to thank you.
Because you didn't do all that much.
Frits was just standing there, giving some directions.
So I just joined him.
This is impossible to lift, guys. - Sure we can!
So nobody really noticed me.
It was best for me to walk at the back.
So I could let go of those poles every now and then.
We have to get rid of some. - Let's lose two bags.
Unfortunately we were at a rather high amount when we ran into the others.
There they are! Hi!
375.000 Yen.
There's not a lot you can do about that as a Mole.
That's the tough part of being the Mole.
Sometimes you have to relinquish control.
Sanne was great.
Why didn't she show this side of her before?
I was very happy I was good at something.
You did very well there.
You guys just kept yelling: Don't be such a wuss!
I had to lift it all by myself basically.
Kim was just strolling along like a walk in the park..
And then there was the challenge on the chain in the woods.
Everybody go that way!
In Kim's direction. - We have to do it quickly or else we'll miss the first slot.
The person who takes the exemption, is the Mole.
You took the exemption.
But just before you had said: Whoever takes the exemption, is the Mole.
I hadn't planned on taking it.
In order to influence the group I yelled that whoever took it, was the Mole.
I didn't want Kim to take that exemption.
Because that was ideal for the Mole.
So I put pressure on the group and on Kim especially.
Would you have taken the exemption? No.
Frits you took it because you wanted to get through to the next round too, right?
Yes. In the end there's only one thing that counts when you're a contestant.
An exemption is worth gold. I said so too.
The whole group got on your case though..
But if an exemption is offered, you take it. End of story. - You were angry.
When I saw it on tv, I thought: Why are we so angry?
It's a logical thing to do, why didn't I do that myself?
I was glad Barbara said she would have done it too.
When we were there, in combination with that speech in Nagasaki harbor..
My feeling is that we are more concerned with each other ..
.. with making each other look suspicious and accusing others ...
... than we are with earning money for the pot.
On top of that you said: Whoever takes it is the Mole.
Then I thought.. - That went too far.
I thought that was so lame.
I also thought he should pay for that.
Frits, was it lame or well played by you? - Well played.
You're going to build a temple.
Can you guys hear me? This is Kim, we're on the small island.
This is Arjen and Sanne, we're on the big island.
I was with Erik. He suspects me.
So I just wanted to give it my best shot.
So I would keep up the smoke screen for Erik.
We're heading towards the beach now.
But I realize I have to go from the beach all the way to you guys.
That's really far.
Arjen was keeping busy with that plan. I just let him go ahead with it.
It was a very long plan.
So I knew we weren't going to make it in just 2 hours.
It took us 45 minutes just to discuss it all.
So I thought sure, go ahead with that plan and discuss it.
I kept talking to everyone over that walkie-talkie.
Frits has an idea, but I don't think it's a good one.
To keep all that communication going on especially.
Communication takes time, and costs us money.
Then I started rowing.
Not at full force though obviously.
Everyone was saying how heavy it was.
So I called out that it was incredibly hard too.
Heavy, huh? - Yeah, this is really heavy!
I could just see there was no way we'd make it in time.
Sanne, this is taking way too long. - We have to keep going.
That piece that I had to lift with Sanne really was too heavy.
Sanne was acting tough saying that we would be able to do it.
With all due respect, this was impossible to do for two women.
We ended up earning €1500,-
It could have been €5000,-
But it was in the right place now.
That made you look suspicious too.
But ultimately ...
It looks a bit clumsy but it did end up in a better spot.
We really would have been able to lift it using my lifting method.
Good morning. Welcome to Zao.
It's that way.
Frits was being a bit of the nightmare for the Mole.
Because everyone was very alert and trying very hard.
I was just chatting a bit, like: Oh look how pretty..
Because we had to pass those signs unnoticed.
But then there was Frits, who saw them immediately..
We'll leave Frits behind to collect exemptions.
Arjen jumped right in too with all of his knowledge of characters.
We made a visual representation of each sign.
So we came up with an eight with a picture next to it. A sailing boat.
Everyone was remembering everything straight away.
I thought: We're doing way too well again..
How annoying..
This is a little guy. - Yes, with his arms like this.
Sometimes you get very little opportunity to sabotage.
So that's how we started thinking right from the start.
An empty cinema. 60.000 songs.
Worth €100,- each.
The Mole loves karaoke. Great fun!
Vogue! *Come on, vogue!*
What did they do with 'Vogue'? Something like..
Sometimes I saw songs passing..
Then I thought: Oh, that one is easy. Quickly, turn the page!
Wasting some time.
Then there you are with a song like 'Locomotion' for example.
I quickly realized that they wouldn't guess that one.
So you just keep doing what you're doing and laugh a lot.
Train? Nobody is singing.
You just keep doing that same thing.
I thought: They're probably thinking of 'train'. So I'll keep that going.
Sanne was making silly suggestions too.
No, the Titanic. Then you go lie on the floor as a boat.
As if anyone would ever guess that!
Hind, you were right at home there. - I was completely at home!
But I wasn't allowed to sing.
I thought: Finally I can sing songs. But I had to mime.
I have a choice for you between five jokers or €500,- for the pot.
I knew that either Arjen or Sanne would succumb to the jokers.
I chose the four jokers.
So I could choose the money without a problem.
We didn't earn this money for the pot? - I don't know.
No, you didn't earn that money.
Very funny, a Mole who chooses the money.
Yeah, real funny..
I had already told Kim:
I have to make myself look suspicious, nobody suspects me.
She was my Mole, so I could easily say:
I'm going to sabotage, but you have to make sure that I make it to the top.
That was nice for you.
Yes. But you thought you weren't suspicious enough.
I thought that was funny. You said: I'm going to sabotage this.
I thought: Go ahead you do that. Fine with me.
We even said that at the bottom of those stairs too.
You make me look suspicious, then I'll do it for you too.
Yes, but you were so blind to me! That was so wonderful!
Guys, you're not being smart.
If you would have put yourself in my shoes, the Mole..
You would see me sitting on that square.
The correct pictures that could have pointed you to me..
.. were the pictures taken from my point of view.
That would have led you to that telescope..
Then you would have seen me.
It's that simple. - Actually quite simple.
It's actually quite simple, but not when you're there.
Because you're looking for your Mole on those pictures.
That's what you're going for. - But nothing is what it seems! No.
Two pairs in two canoes have to get valuable tubes ...
.. from the water in the wild part of the river.
Let's go that way!
Come on!
Arjen doesn't suspect me.
So then I can mess up some stuff.
I wasn't doing a lot of paddling.
I pretended to be fanatical but I was like: O, wrong direction!
We were very unstable especially in the wild part.
So I took that coin and passed it on to him.
That went well the first time but the second time I messed it up.
I dropped the coin from my hands.
It was just a fun little sabotage to drop that coin.
Ah, it worked.
And still you didn't suspect her?
We agreed straight away:
You'll say that I threw it in there and I'll say that you did it instead.
Though clearly she was the one throwing it in.
I really thought she did it by accident. Very stupid.
Good morning.
Today you'll mingle with the inhabitants of Tokyo.
The stakes: These four briefcases.
Make sure you'll get the briefcase of your choice.
I caught on pretty quickly that everyone wanted to give me those jokers.
I told Frits you should have those jokers.
Jokers are no use to the Mole.
So I thought: I'll go for the empty suitcase.
That way I'll know for sure that Erik doesn't get it right.
So we'll lose out on a lot of money.
I knew that with the empty suitcase I could create the teams afterwards.
That's very useful for a Mole.
Yes, that was very useful.
I could then team up with Arjen who didn't suspect me.
So I could mess up again.
Arjen and I had to follow Sanne and Erik for half an hour.
They had to go from point to point across the city.
We didn't know what their mission was either.
Our task was to follow them. - I think we're here.
If they wouldn't recognize us when they reached their destination..
And if we made it there within one minute, we would win that exemption.
Arjen, I really wanted you to have that exemption of course.
We were very close, but unfortunately we didn't succeed.
I did a good job because we didn't get recognized.
I did everything to avoid being detected by Erik and Sanne.
The people who were persuing you are too late.
I will tell you who they are.
They're Kim and Arjen. - Yes, I told you so!
They're not here though anyway.
That means you didn't earn €2000,- for the pot.
I just helped the Mole, full stop.
I didn't want to be recognized either because I wanted that exemption.
We nearly succeeded though. - Yes.
You didn't mess that up. - No.
You had just lost us.
I thought it would be fun if we would win the exemption. ...
I was sure you would give it to me.
No, I don't think I would have. - No? No I'm telling you now.
Somewhere in this city three webcams have been set up.
Where am I?
Of course I didn't buy tape.
So everything blew away.
But Arjen and Frits weren't very quick either.
There was no way we could have made that in time.
So thank you to all the people who messed up today!
This is really terrible! - And you still didn't catch on?
Me? No..
That's possible too..
Geez man.
Yes, I guess things are different than I thought.
Sweet Arjen.
You're out.
I had dinner with you.
I knew you weren't onto me.
Together we have also discussed:
If I am the Mole, we'll both laugh about it out loud.
You're going to hit me too, not too hard I hope.
I'm sorry Arjen. I would have really loved you to make it to the finals.
But I guess you haven't been smart enough after all..
I might get executed because I don't know where someone was sitting at lunch.
Then you're in the finals with that other person and the Mole.
Then I'd prefer it to be you, me and the Mole.
How do you look back at that dinner for two?
I think I'm going to hit her after all..
No, that dinner, that was really just..
A low point?
It's really one of the lows in television history.
I sincerely offered: Then I win or you do, and we'll share the money.
I explained why Erik was the Mole.
Things I noticed apart from the challenges.
Numbers of hotel rooms and sweaters Erik was wearing.
I shared everything and we were having fun..
Looking back on it, I did have a few moments that I had some doubts.
So I said to her: If it's you, then ...
But then you told me again: If it's you, then ...
That neutralized it a bit. But no, I fell for it with eyes wide open.
A Mole can show sadness too, when he left.
Yes, I thought he had been a very good contestant.
Also, I liked him very much. That can happen to a Mole too.
You start to get to know and like people.
Then you have to say goodbye so that can be hard sometimes.
For the person who knows how to solve the riddle...
.. an exemption and access to the finals awaits.
I memorized four puzzles.
But I didn't even get around to doing one.
Those ropes, that just didn't work at all.
I slipped, I had slippery soles.
I lost one of those hooks.
I just wasn't fast enough.
Sanne won at the last minute.
So you have got it. - Yes!
I really like being in the finals with Sanne.
Sweet of her to give me that joker too.
I don't need it at all.
I thought I'll give it to you, so nobody else will benefit from it either.
I said: I want information from you in exchange.
Erik, you just missed out.
By a millisecond! I was so angry! - Hardly anything between you.
Then you would have had that exemption.
I was so confused that I didn't concentrate enough on my test.
Then I had to go home, sitting by myself in that hotel. Horrible.
If you're that close to making it to the finals of 'Who is the Mole'..
Something I've dreamed about for ten years.
And then I failed because she beat me by just a second.
You were all alone in a hotel room? - Yes.
You shared a lot too though right? - Yes.
I noticed that too. - We shared a lot, yes.
But there was a time when even Frits thought I was the Mole, just for a moment.
Maybe I should have taken advantage of that more.
Was it wise to share all your information with Frits?
In the end Frits won. Wasn't it your downfall?
I don't think so.
I think it's more that he started gathering information about Kim too late.
You said in episode 1: Find a friend soon.
I had found him. The winner.
Did you kill him? - No.
I've been caught.
I let myself get caught and cuffed in the woods.
So I was out there all alone.
Frits just kept hanging around the pot.
He wouldn't release me, unfortunately.
I would have really liked to see him running across the field ...
... to release me and then get caught himself too.
But he was steadfast and continued to guard the pot.
Sanne, when did you know for sure?
On the islands when I was there together with Arjen.
Barbara had been eliminated and Arjen just wasn't the Mole for me anymore.
There was one person who caught on the longest.
That one person is Frits.
Very well played, Frits. - Thank you.
Do you remember how much there was in the pot? - About €22.000,-?
There was €18.950,- in the pot to be exact.
And €3000,- has been added to it.
Because Karel and Angela pointed at you being the Mole.
As we all know now, that was incorrect.
I'll get up for that.
That looks good. - Awesome!
Congratulations! - Thank you.
The winner!
I'm sorry.
The champagne is over there.
A toast to the Mole!
And to the winner!
And to a great season, guys.
Cheers! - Congratulations!
When is the party, Frits? - I don't know yet.
For the viewers at home, there were even more clues than for the contestants.
The hidden clues.
In the test of the first episode I said: Kennis is macht (Knowledge is power).
If you take the first letters of that, it says KIM.
There have been more clues like that, take a good look.
Then they go along with it, I can make myself look suspicious ('Kan Ik Mezelf').
I wasn't allowed to just leave the classroom.('Kijk, Ik Mocht').
I could lift those sandbags quite easily ('Kon Ik Makkelijk').
Maybe these jokers will help me get through ('Kan Ik Met').
If Sanne is the Mole, she has played it very well ('Knap Is Maar').
But I caught on to her.
This is the 10th Series of the Mole.
I am the 10th Mole in the series.
This is the 10th time this show will be filmed in another country.
Hence this sign.
It's a cross.
In this case it has beautiful diamonds in it.
A cross is the symbol for the number 10 in Japanese.
I am the 10th Mole.
This is the character for ten.
It's a plus.
I used the word 'plus' on a regular basis.
'Plus Erik is suspicious too'.
C-squared is A-squared Plus B-squared, of course.
The first who chose the key earned 50 euros for the pot ... each contestant after them can then double it.
A nice detail was that on the bonnet at the front of the cars..
.. there were Mole logos.
Who was driving the green car? The Mole.
More clues can be found on
Of course, 'Who is de Mole' will return next year.
At the Avro. See you next year.