Amazing Thailand

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In February 2010 under the approval and supervision of the University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Sciences, Department of Biology and Ecology, students: Edvin, Bojan, Olivera, Daniela, Zeljka and professors Dragana and Ruzica attending a student exchange programme travelled from their home country Serbia to Thailand. During their stay they have found everlasting friendships, got to know the Thai culture. gained precious scientific experiences and saw extraordinary sights.
After a long flight from Belgrade to Bangkok, through Moscow, and connecting to a direct flight to Hat Yai, they arrived. There they were greeted by the faculty staff and the two Thai students, who already attended the exchange programme and brought home pleasant memories from time spent in Serbia.
The next day, after having a good night sleep the team went on a trip. They were taken by their hosts to various places around Hat Yai as well as to a famous fishing restaurant, where they also enjoyed a nice lunch.
To a traditional marketplace. Where they could enjoy exotic fruits and foods.
And later on, to the famous National History Museum, where they got to know the Thai culture better.
Every year in Hat Yai a dazzling happening, called the ‘lantern festival’ is organised. The guests had the opportunity on the very same evening to witness this glorious exhibition first hand.
After this marvellous event, the professors and students joined up for dinner in a famous restaurant  where they were greeted by the Dean of the faculty. While enjoying in the wonderful meals , they were given instructions for the upcoming field trip which was to  start the next day. Also they exchanged talks about strengthening bounds between the Faculty of Sciences in Novi Sad and the Prince of Songkla University in Hat Yai.
The next morning time has come to meet up at the Science and Technology building, pack the necessary supplies and leave for a seven day field work at Khao Chong Research Center in the Trang Province.
Shortly after their arrival, they had lunch a gathered for a 2 kilometre long survey along the natural trail. Along the way they encountered numerous exotic species, some of which they had seen for the first time.
The trail was an exhausting challenge for the participants, with air humidity reaching up to 90%, so a pleasant relief awaited for them ahead.
The Ton Pliw Waterfall.
After a nice cooling down it was time to head back to camp.
Every night the students gathered around for a student group presentation and for a brief discussion for the next day. Some evenings even the Serbian students helped out with the presentations.
The next morning the students left for Haad Chao Mai Natural Park, for Sea grass, Sandy beach and Rocky shore studies. There they conducted various measurements, analyses and observations. 
The same evening a special night study was organised. The students were split up into different groups. Some went to set up traps for the bats, some to examine amphibians in the stream.
After having spent the whole evening out in the field, the students returned to the camp  and went to sleep, wrapping up yet another day.
In the next few days, all until their return to the University,  the students were doing all kinds of research including reptiles, amphibians, insects, plant community and bird watching.
The last night, the hosts organised a farewell party, where the participants had time to share their stories and experiences, relax and chat.
After 7 days spent in the Khao Chong Research Centre, it was time to leave and with the gathered data, return to the Prince of Sonkla University in Hat Yai, where they would analyse the data, and prepare a presentation on it.
On their way back, they stopped at famous places, like the Tonenga Chang Waterfall,
The lake Talenoi,
The hot springs,
And the Le Khakob Cave, that gave them quite an adrenaline rush.
Hat Yai is a beautiful energetic city, full of places to discover and see.
It is the third largest metropolitan area of the country. Even by night the city is full of energy and offers a wide variety of interesting places to visit and experience.
Aside from being the largest business centre in the area, Hat Yai also houses one of the top universities in Thailand.
The Prince of Songkla University. It is the oldest and the biggest University in southern Thailand, having the main campus near Hat Yai downtown.
During their stay in the campus, they learned to work as a team on mini projects, analise data and prepare the final presentation to sum up their findings.
During their last days of their trip, they had time to visit the capital city, Bangkok. The largest urban area and primary city of Thailand. 
They visited many famous historical places,
Such as the Grand Palace,
And the Wat Pho,
Which is the home to more than 1000 Buddha images, as well as one of the largest single Buddha image, the reclining Buddha.
After weeks of exploration,
Getting to know the Thai culture better,
Tasting new foods,
Making new everlasting friendships,
Exchanging experiences,
Trying out new things,
Gaining precious scientific knowledge,
Visiting fascinating places,
And many many other wonderful things,
it was time to leave and fly home to Serbia. For the students and professors visiting Thailand will always remain in their memory as a country of an an exciting mixture of unique cultural experience, undreamed of visual images, exotic tropical recreation and polite, smiling people and friends.