Make a "Summer in the Park" Quilt Using Jelly Rolls

Uploaded by MissouriQuiltCo on 12.01.2010

Hi, Iím Natalie, from the Missouri Star Quilt Company, and today I have a fun new project
for you. Many of you have seen the tutorials that weíve done using tube quilting, and
I thought it would be fun if we added a Moda Basic to that, and then did two strips on
the other side instead of yardage. So, what weíre going to do today is weíre going to
use this Design Roll from Westminster. Itís Jennifer Paginelli, Pretty Please fabric,
and weíre going to add to that a Jelly Roll basic. Iím going to use this white.
So, weíve got these ones over here that are opened up. So, what weíre going to do is,
weíre going to take a white strip and weíre going to run a colored strip on either side
of it. You can just mix and match. You can pick which ever ones you want, and weíre
going to do one set of these and then the other set is going to have one solid down
the center with two white strips on either side. So, letís go on over to the sewing
machine and weíll sew these together. We have our two strips. Weíre going to put them
right sides together. Now Modaís are pinked and Westminsterís
are not so what I do to make sure that Iíve got it right is I put the Moda strip on top
because then the pinked edges are just inside the fabric. See how that lines up and you
can see the colored fabric just barely on the edge. So, weíre going to go ahead and
sew our ºî seam all the way down to the end of the strip and then weíll add another
white strip on the other side. OK, so we have our strip sets done. We have the two colors
with the white and then the whites with the one in the middle. Weíve pressed them flat,
and so now, what weíre going to do is weíre going to set these directly on top of each
other. Theyíll match up so thereís no other kinds of cutting that youíll need to do,
and weíre going to take this over to the sewing machine and sew ºî on both sides.
So, come with me. I wanted to show you how, on the edges here, because all of the fabric
lines are not exactly the same, theyíre not quite perfect. That doesnít really matter.
Youíre going to be cutting that edge off anyways. What you want to do is make sure
that your side seams are perfect, because thatís the seam that youíre going to be
lining up and cutting on. So, weíre going to go ahead and do our ºî right here, along
both sides.
OK, so we finished sewing that seam. Weíre going to flip it around, and I want to remind
you that Iíve got my white strips along the edges of the design roll, because itís easier
for me to see how to match them up that way. The white pinked edges just show the tiniest
little bit of that blue. Can you see that? So, Iím going to go ahead and finish this
side and then we will take it over and Iíll show you how to cut. OK, so we have our strip
sets sewn on both sides. Now weíre going to take our square ruler, and weíre going
to line it up on the seam just like we did for our other tube quilting, and Iíve discovered
that really you can make these as big as you want as long as you have a ruler that will
fit that. So, we cut both sides, and weíre going to need four to make a block weíll
have two left over, and weíll probably try and work those ones in around the borders,
because I think that makes a fun scrappy border to go around the edge of a quilt like this.
OK, weíre going to take them over and press them open. Make sure and set our seam, and
press all these blocks nice and flat. It helps them to fit together better that way. OK,
so we have our blocks. Theyíre all ironed, and pressed, and what weíre going to do is
alternate them. So, we have the double hourglass effect, but this white is going to make a
really cool box.
Youíll see this is going to be a darling, darling quilt when weíre all done. We have
some other ones here weíre going to join up with it, and these ones. So, see how the
whites will X through and O, and then you have this little hourglass in the middle.
I just think itís the cutest thing, and letís see if we can move this up a little bit, so,
you can see a lot more of the quilt. I canít wait to sew this whole thing together. I think
itís going to be so cute! All right, so youíll have these white boxes in the middle, theyíll
alternate. So, weíll show you this quilt as soon as itís all sewn together.