Horizon 2067: the Plan for Canada's Capital -- Halifax

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Welcome to our “Capital Conversation”!
The National Capital Commission wants to hear your ideas on how to create a vibrant and inspiring national capital.
We’re talking to Canadians here in Halifax! We want to put more Halifax in Canada’s Capital!
The Capital should try to represent the country in its diversity more, and not just token representation from every province.
More about the depth that we have in this country, as far as immigration and Aboriginals.
I’d like to see our nation’s capital a bit more arts-orientated, more opportunity for artists; grants, funding, places to showcase work.
A bit more of a push behind our young artists coming up, in developing their skills and giving them a platform to stand on.
Here in Halifax, a dynamic group of experts shared their views on how to create a more vibrant, and inclusive capital. A capital that all Canadians can be proud of.
Buildings must be built more green, with a focus on materials and energy consumption.
On the scale of the neighbourhood, where neighbourhoods must be walkable and beautiful, and places where people really want to be, and where they can walk to the grocery store and to schools, rather than rely on automobiles.
And at the scale of the city or region where we must direct growth to areas that can actually benefit from it and accommodate it, and not to areas of ecological sensitivity.
And, of course, we must be able to connect all of the areas within our region with credible and usable transportation options other than single-occupant vehicles.
So it’s important if the model is about creating a model city for Canada and for the world, and it’s a different kind of weight that you’re putting on it.
You’re taking away a lot of the weight in saying: “We are going to agree that Ottawa should be allowed to experiment with new models of sustainability, new models of community building, new models of street building, of public development building, that may be a model for the world.”
There has to be recognition that, alongside the First Nations, the British and the French peoples that built this country, stood people of African descent.
Why don’t we make Ottawa a real beacon in the peace-building arena? Thank you.
We all have different stories and we’ve come to this country in different ways and we’ve had different experiences.
So we want that to be valued by all of our fellow countrymen, and so the Capital should reflect that. It should reflect the myriad of wonderful peoples that they have in this country.
And it should be a place where every citizen feels welcome. When we come to the Capital we want to feel like we’ve come home.
Share your ideas, and join the conversation at Horizon 2067.ca