2012-13 Charlotte 49ers Men's Basketball Preview

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Hi fans, welcome to our Charlotte 49ers men's basketball preview. Ryan Rose with you
and of course that means we've got the head coach Alan Major back
and we've got a youth movement in here today but a couple of guys have played thirty minutes a
game last year so
fire tested I would say
sophomore Pierria Henry
we've got junior Demario Mayfield here with us
coach let's talk about uh...
this coming season but to do that let's kind of do a real quick rewind
three games lost by one point so that's something that you figure
you build the flip side of that a couple of tough losses but some
really big wins sprinkled in last year and a lot of guys that played
significant minutes coming back so that's gotta be some positives as you look
forward to this season did you learn some things about some of these guys
last year that you didn't know and what kind of things have you guys been
doing in the off season to kind of
get this thing moving towards the way you want it to go. Yeah I think especially
with these two they showed a level of toughness for really been in their
years of college competition, you know you've got Pierria right out of high school
and Demario's situation is unique you know a lot of people don't know
freshman year at Georgia you really don't play a whole lot
not so much in their rotation and then he sits out a year
due to the transfer rule
so you almost have a guy, you've got one guy right out of high school, fresh
and then you've got one guy that's literally
sat for almost two years
coming right into the mix so
they showed me a level of toughness that uh... I thought they had but they showed more
than that and so I was really proud of these two for logging the minutes that they logged
and getting thrown into the fire right away is going to be nothing but help
in terms of our team when you're close like that we took a step last year and we got better
I want to take a couple more steps but when you go through the fire like
that shows you that you're not as far away as you think you are and now this year
we want to take that next step and get over the hump
on those nights where you're right there and so
a big part of the off season has just been skill improvement, each guy
individually developing his game
clearly the summer structure you know with weights and conditioning
and then we were fortunate enough to have an overseas trip where we got to have ten
extra practices and a couple more games.
Good with a kind of a younger core of guys to get away and and just
focus on basketball with you guys away. Let's talk about your off seasons
and Demario we'll start with you.
What things have you done to kind of improve your game in ways that you
think you may be able to contribute to the team cause this year.
My biggest concern
that I took into the spring like after the season was
working on my free throws you know I had a bad shooting free throws last year
you know also I've been working on being more of a leader
communicating with guys a whole lot better
and I've also been working on
being more of a consistent mid-range shooter
Alright, some things we will look for
from his game.
Pierria a whole lot of steals last year one of those guys and uh... as a freshman you
know dishing it out
what are some things that we may see from your game that are better from last
Just decision making
making sure that my team
gets the best shot every possesion
I remember growing up my high school coach he told me
if you don't do anything
play everytime every game every second every play
like it's your last
and every time you do that
the best should fall in
and take care of the rest
so really just
having faith in my team and being a point guard controlling
you know the offense and then on the defensive end just trying to
lead by example and hopefully you know
I believe that my team will fall in handy
they'll fight with me.
You're the guy that gets in a lot of passing
for point guard to be that involved in the defense is pretty impressive
and we haven't talked about Braz your thousand point scorer
along with the court who played basically thirty minutes again last year
what bright things for you guys this year perhaps
yeah I think you got these two guys you know you've got your point guard a wing
and a big that were all heavy minute guys and so you got three experienced
guys at your three key positions you know point guard a wing guy
and then the post so
even though they've been through it and they've got experience we still
want to continue to drive them to improve
and beat the nail on the head in terms of
us continuing to be that
this team that gets a great shot every time down the floor
and I don't think this year we can be just a good defensive team I
think we have the potential
to be a great defense team
now with that corps of guys obviously you've got some guys back from from injury and
let's talk about your depth little bit the guys that you've brought in here
as you start to build towards this year, how happy are you with the way this team
is put together at this point I like our depth and what that
number is I don't know is it nine guys a night is it ten
I wanna play as many as we can to keep our intensity level up from
you know
tip to buzzer for the whole forty minutes
so uh... Terrence Williams has had a terrific summer
E. Victor has really improved
I think Mike is ready now off of red shirt year to have a role
and contribute
I have seen the freshman class Denzel Ingram, Willy Clayton
Darion Clark
Ivan Benkovich
a three-point shooter
Shawn Lester unfortunately won't be with us this year everybody knows that but we're
happy that he is here and still as much a part of our team
as he can be without being able to compete
and obviously JT Thompson on a one year
transfer you know a guy that's got a degree he gives some maturity as a senior
and Ilija came on
with a stretch last year and played really well in our last game against Saint Joe's so
every night
it could be multiple guys to make a contribution so that's the beauty
of this early part of practice you know you let guys duke it out
Mr. Mayfield
you had to sit a year when you transferred and I know we've got guys
we've got Mike Thorne redshirted
Mr. Lester is going to have to sit out a little bit what do you get
being around the guys the year that you transfer and the year that you have to
sit out does it kind of help you in the
way your game matures and learning system here the way the
49ers do it? Most definitely
it was rough I wasn't able to compete you know my family the coaching staff
all kept me positive also my teammates also so
sit out year was a blessing for me you know I actually had a chance to work on my game
got a lot closer
with my teammates in practice
practice was my games
so by me going hard everyday
and improving my game myself
also helped my teammates
so you know
that was the biggest thing you know just getting better every day. And we hope
that support exists for the young guys in here that may have to sit or that
don't as get much playing time
Pierria let's talk a little about the trip to the Bahamas
A chance for the court to kinda get away from campus and really bond and get to know
each other
I have scores of one twelve seventy four eighty eight sixty three
but more importantly you guys got a chance to work together on the court and kinda get
a taste of what this team this year might be like talk a little about that
experience and
some of these guys that are going to be out there with you this year.
For one it was a blessing
you know
just to be able to get out of
here and seeing the Bahamas
I didn't ever think a day in my life I'd see blue water. It's pretty blue isn't it?
I just thank God for that but just, secondly it just
it brought our team closer
you know
I can say that it
it showed that
everybody on the team is willing to win
everybody on this team is willing to work hard and go out of the way for each other
I mean if you really into those numbers it goes all the way on to our walk-ons
they were dropping buckets
and you know
Colby man I love that man he's got the biggest heart I've seen
and for him to just be able to actually get some playing time and show how hard he
works because I mean
for me
when we're running and conditioning
he's one of the guys that's really pushing me
I haven't beat him yet in long distance but it just showed how competitive
how much time we put in together as a team as a family and we're willing
to go that extra
road for
each other and the Bahamas man it just
it was just a nice vacation.
Good to see you guys kinda get paid off too because you know
we see the the seven to nine
rotation but the rest of the bench is all part of putting these guys in the
best positions to win is kind of a good lesson to learn.
Without a lot of people knowing that guys like Colby Lewis in his own way
way are the backbone
has become a backbone of our team because
you know what you're going to get from him every single day.
Now you go from Bahamas to now in season you're going up to Alaska that's
quite a difference in weather
and experience right but
another chance to take the team away play in a tournament style setting I know its
good for young guys to play back-to-back nights and do that sort of thing
where they get used to it because
the A-10 tournament comes
it's the fire you going to get thrown in, your thoughts on scheduling something like that
you know we
we got a two-for-one with this deal because
we thought we could go the bahamas and use that as like a training camp type of a deal for us
knowing full well that we had Alaska coming down the pipe
it's a chance for us to practice how we travel
how we you know have meals and how do all the little things we do on the road
and then you have the competition
setting as well
and we thought let's take them somewhere warm
you know when we're getting warmed up
and then you know obviously Alaska is a long way away it's more of a mental thing
we will be a long way away but we'll still be together
that's the most important thing
and we've got a chance to play three games in three days it's a nice tournament feel but
you know if we're
continuing to improve and play to the level that I think we can play at by that time
I like our chances.
And lastly we get to this schedule couple of new teams in the A-10
you're going to play both of them VCU and Butler
The schedule's laid out for you don't have a whole lot of time away as far as
long stretches but
boy, a challenging schedule laid out for you this year. Yeah but you know what
me, I can't wait
because this crew has put it together a lot of time from the the day our
Saint Joe's game ended
we gave them a little bit of time off we got right back at it in the spring
the guys had a terrific summer both on the floor off the floor academically with
summer school
and so it's as you'd try to build this to where we want it it's not
just ball it's how you handle yourself both as a student
as a man and guys are starting to understand
when you do that all that's going to translate into being successful
and with a the schedule like this
clearly it's the toughest one we've had in three years but
you know I want to find out
you know any team has got a competitive part to it you want to know
where you stand and the beauty of it is it's still five on five at the end of
they day so they can't play
eight guys against our five
so if we play to the level that we're capable of on both sides of the
anything can happen with this crew I think the sky's the limit for them
and it will be so much fun to watch these guys play I can't wait I mean I know
you guys are chomping at the bit to get out on the court but
there's a rowdy crowd waiting in Halton
Arena to watch you guys play it will be a lot of fun
I appreciate your time today guys good luck this season best of health to you guys
I know it's going to be a whole lot of fun we need Halton Arena rocking again
fans we'd like to thank head coach Alan Major two of the core of this unit
the 2012-2013 season Pierria Henry,
Demario Mayfield thank you you guys we really appreciate it.
That is our segment for the Men's Basketball preview show thanks for
watching and we will see you in Halton Arena. Go Niners!