Princess Ja Myung Go ep 4

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Cry loud enough and save your life
Ja myung
From now on, I'll call you Ja Myung
Since I can't save you, baby Just like your name cry loud enough save your self
Ja myung ah!
Ja myung ah!
Ja myung?
If this child can survive by crying, her fate wouldn't be stabbed by me
But if she gets lucky, fishermen can save her or she might not go far enough
That is possible
Please baby cry loud so loud that someone can hear you
Go follow this river
See if a fishermen spots them
Go and find the baby.
Ah! that is a good idea, you want me to go and save baby Ja Myung?
As long as the baby survive, bring the baby back?
Tell those thugs to just kill them regardless
My lady
Make sure the baby is not breathing
I know she's going to try save her daughter
So we should be one step ahead, so hurry
Ma'am I don't want to... are very scary
What did you say?
For my baby's sake and your baby's sake I didn't have a choice but
Do we have to go this far?
Do you want to die by my hands?
You already know my inner most thoughts, do you think I will let you live?
My lady,
This is why a slave must be whipped into obedience not through kindness
When you open your mouth, all I want to hear is "yes, I hear you".
Who told you to think and judge.
You just need to move your hands and feet not your head.
Do you wish to die here?
Please, let me live, my lady.
Don't defy me again.
I thought she died, but look like she didn't
Should we fetch her back here?
We need to make sure she is dead
She was sent down the river on this very cold day
How will she survive?
I guess,
I will try trust you.
Let's go!
Yes, sir.
Why are you here.?
Your daughter is also my daughter.
I came to offer my condolences and to console the first wife.
So you came all the way here by yourself?
Because you won't bring me here.
Let's go together, I wish to hold the first wife.
To comfort her, your hug is not necessary.
Do you know what it is for a woman to bare a child?
Your body quakes, your bones twist and flesh tear,
Can you imagine what was going through my mind for me to, only a day after giving birth, rode a horse to get here.
I don't believe you to be such a caring person.
Then why do you think I came here?
At a minimum, You did open a crack in my heart.
You said you came on horse back by yourself, I trust you will be able to return the same way.
Don't cry.
Please don't cry...
Please don't cry...
Compared to your suffering, my sadness is no suffering at all.
My sadness or your sadness.
Stay as you are.
For the sake of my daughter, Ja Myung, You threw yourself and the life of your child away,
How can words express my gratitude.
Thank you, my lord.
The wind river is cold.
No matter how cold the wind river is, can it be colder than the water itself?
You are recovering from giving birth.
If I am recovering from giving birth I would have a baby,
Drinking my milk and safe in my arms.
Leave me so I can die here just as I am.
I can't leave my child here by the river to freeze to death.
You can hate me at home.
My lady !
So you had that kind of anger in you after all.
You promised, you promised to save Ja Myung.
You said we would take Ja Myung and leave this horrible land.
Even without Ja Shil, I would not have kept that promise.
Were you that kind of man,
A man who does not keep his word?
I was shaken for a moment by your heart braking tears, but
but in the end, the end.... I would have killed Ja Myung with my own hands.
Are you so afraid of Yu Yun?
I can not give up my ambition to be the leader.
I have no confidence.
How can I live with you in the future?
How can I live as you wife when I cannot forget Ja Myung cries.
Please let me leave.
Mo HaSo,
I won't give up hope that Ja Myung is alive,
so I won't end my own life.
Just let me leave your side.
Mo HaSo, I could not let you live as the mother of JaMyung,
But I will make you the mother of the land of Nak Lang.
What are you.........
You, were you and my brother going to ruin Yu Yoon?
I promise to kill Yu Yoon and make you the mother of the people.
That is right.. I want you to be the mother of the people
For a pound of flesh tossed into the river, you are earning a great deal.
You rode here by yourself, so you can return by yourself , right?
Does love last 10 years or will it last 100 years?
It will change through the years.
Ok Mo Ha So, you have Chae Lee's heart.
and I will take his status.
Well done.
It's fine.
Go back up and step down.
I can do it on my own.
So you think I don't know that?
Ha To, Put Ho Tong back on the horse
My honor, my king.
Go back up.
Why do I have to go back up?
Don't make me repeat myself.
What does it mean to be the king?
To be a king means to rule the people
What about the people?
They are the kings strength and his root.
I learn it from the tutor but I think........
I was correct, was I not ??
The King is the one giving the food
and the people are the ones asking endlessly for more.
Asking for water, asking for more and more.
Scraping the bottom of their bowls
If the king cannot fulfill their hunger,
They will turn the country upside down, kill the king
and place a new king.
I'm afraid.
Yes, you can not trust the people.
A country's strength comes from food
and the king's strength comes from the sword.
The king's sword is used against his enemy but also
Sometimes it's required to against his people.
Listen wisely.
I don't understand it.
What don't you understand?
Why the king want to against his people ?
Do you want to be a good person?
Then you can not be a king.
I want to be a good king.
A king can not be good or bad.
How can that be?
Whether a king is good or bad is not who he is but what he chooses.
Father, You are the king so you can choose what you want
That choice is not up to you or me.
If a king can not choose then who does?
Circumstances choose for us.
Ho Dong can not be king?
Mae Goo heard it clearly.
I'm too uneducated to understand.
My lady, that must hurt. it's not even white,
why pull a black hair out ?
When one gets old, even 1 stand is said to be precious.
It is said, this is the distance between heaven and earth,
Could the distance between 2 people be more?
I will hang my hope on this distance
and I must squeeze in.
Let's go.. His majesty is waiting.
To be translated
We will bring back the supplies to safely get through to the next year.
If he doesn't give it to us, he's a thief.
Is it too excessive, General ?
Oh, you have really sharp ears.
To be translated
To be translated
Yes, your highness.
The spies report they are all Han descendant,
and the 3000 led by Chae Lee are all Chosun descendant.
Something is up...
If there is sign of a rebellion, make sure to bring back the rice, wheat and salt.
Teacher, return to us safely.
Continue to study hard.
What are you teaching my son ?
Prince Ho Dong.
Please tell me what was my wrong doing
You made Ho Dong weak,
In order to protect the people, one must fill their stomachs
and that is why one must be strong.
He must be a formidable king.
To conquer Buyeo, Nak Lang and YoDong.
This is the next step Ho Dong must accomplish for Goguryeo
That is why Ho Dong need a teacher who will teach him the reality of the present day politics.
General Unaro!
Yes, your Majesty!
From this day onwards, teach Him the strength of the sword.
I will accept your order.
Soo Bal So,
Yes, your Majesty.
As soon as you return from Nak Lang, Teach Ho Dong how cruel politics can be
How wretched a king without strength can be,
Teach him the cold reality of politics.
I will embrace my works, your majesty.
I don't want Ho dong to be a frog who does not know the sea,
nor a summer bug who does not know winter,
Need translation
The kings word were not wrong, but it was not all correct either.
But my concerns are....
The queen will.....
If one wait too long , on the way to the bathroom, one can soil his pants.
Prince Ho Dong can be lonely,
The late queen was from Buryeo and can't be of strength to him,
No sibling for him to lean on.
The king is on his side.
Please protect prince Ho Dong.
Ja Bo,
Then he should not be the king of Goguryeo.
Was your outing with Prince Ho dong enjoyable?
Did you come here to say that?
There isn't a place in the palace the queen can not go to.
Goguryeo women,...
Yes, my Queen.
I wish to learn more swordsmanship from auntie.
If you wish to learn swordsmanship from a woman, learn from your mother.
The Queen?
YeoRang's swordsmanship is skillful and good but she can not beat your mother
That's not the case,
Thank you for your complement.
You must be tired from the trip.
Do you go to bed now ?
Yes, Mother
Now that you've kicked Ho Dong out. say what you have got to say
The night of your outing was my chamber visitation night.
Oh! So come tonight?
Think of it as a woman's loneliness.
Let's make it so. I owe you so I must pay.
I greatly anticipate how the queen will please me
I will try my best
My Queen! My Queen.
Why are you making such a ruckus?
Go Choo Gop has arrived.
My father?
You are the father-in-law of the king
Why do you come dressed as a common government official?
Since the queen has no power it is only natural for her father to be a laughingstock
I will inform the king you are here.
MyuHool and I are not on good terms, don't bother.
Ho Dong will be soon named as the crown prince
How can it be Ho Dong!!!
Think wisely.
Time does not wait and a man is not patient forever
Are you dead?
It must hurt.
Did you die from the pain?
You're alive.
I'll stop the pain.
So noisy, stop crying.
You must be hungry, you're a baby so you need milk.
You need a mommy. mommy, mommy....
You can't make a mistake.
Mistake, what mistake ?
All I need to do is turn the boat over and drown the 2 kids.
It's easier than drinking cold soup.
You need to verify that they died.
More than a couple of people died asking the same question.
They should be dead already, your work is cleaning up work, that's all you need to know.
Brother, hurry and get on the boat.
OK, I got it.
eww, the water is a little salty.
I'm not a mother,
I'm just a kid. I'm so scared I feel like dying.
Does it taste good? It tickles, it tickles.
Let it go!
Brother isn't that it?
What? Where?
Yes, I expected to reach here.
What's going on? all of a sudden?
What is that?
Why is Lahee like this? Why won't she latch on?
You try.
She won't latch on to me either.
Then why is she like this?
Are you threatening me?
If you're going to hate someone, hate them not me.
Right now, I hate myself on my own.
But I can't forgive you either.
Lahee is your daughter too.
She won't latch on,
It may be OK for a couple of days, but if it continues, she won't survive.
Losing Ja Myung was sufficient.
Don't grieve your father.
Find another wet nurse, whether it take 10 or a 100.
For Lahee sake you must win.
When your father return, you must be healthy.
She awoke for a brief time, drank her medicine and went back to sleep.
Lahee is my daughter too.
We will begin.
There no need for that. Just do it.
Yes, general.
This wretched snow, it's endless.
Please go inside, the queen is waiting.
Another endless work.
The king is here.
You came.
The queen said to come, so I came.
I'll do it.
Yes, my lady.
Have a pleasant evening.
Let's go to sleep.
One moment please.
It's wild strawberry wine.
It's fragrant and sweet, it will help you sleep.
Where ever I go, It's all the same,
whether it's the queen's maids or the queen,
the makeup, the incenses,
including the perfume from your body.
It's boring, so boring.
The smell of this room is suffocating.
Your majesty,
There, I drank it, now let's go to sleep.
Why are you being like this princess?
I can't accept you as the better swordsman.
I taught Ho Dong.
Why do you say your crude swordsmanship is better than mine.
Crude or not, a sword is a sword,
Its purpose is to cut off heads.
Grab your sword.
No, I won't.
I'll make you grab it.
If I lift a sword, I have to see it till the end.
Only at the sight of Blood, I'll stop.
Whether to its end or the sight of blood, let's see what happens.
Have you ever beaten me?
How can I beat the princess.
Even if I beat the whole world, I can not beat the princess.
Quickly draw your sword.
Let's count it as my loss. I lost.
Tonight is our One room night, How can we think of living and dying.
Stop where you stand!
What is the advantage of becoming a widow?
Do you have a new man you want to get married to?
What? What did you say?
How dare you make fun of me?
I will kill you.
I told you, I'm bored of this.
Your majesty,
Do you really desire this aging body?
Yes, I want it.
What are we to do. I have no desire of you.
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I am growing old as a virgin.
You come here twice a month. You don't lay a finger on me and leave before morning,
Am I the queen? Is this the life of a queen?
What are you so greedy?
Having the highest position as a woman, You should be satisfied.
I rather throw away my queen title
If this betrayal is the reward.
At one time, you were young and beautiful.
It was difficult for me as a man to control my lust.
If you wanted to live as my woman and not as the queen,
You should have given up your greed.
Not wanting to die a virgin, is that greed?
When you put it that way, you look pitiful.
Look here my queen..
Let me ask you a question.
What is it?
Do you have to bare a son..
and kill Ho Dong?
Must my own flesh and blood have to kill and be killed?
What kind of horrible thing......
Your majesty,
Hold you head and without deceit, answer my question.
That day, on the fields of Ho Jung Gan, were you going to kill Ho Dong?
Song MaeSulSoo, answer me.
Were you going to kill my one and only son?
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