FaheMni Anti Diabetes Campaign In Egypt | حملة فهمني ضد مرض السكر

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I came to ask about your status on the awareness of diabetes.
I want to participate with you.
Why? Because diabetes is a dangerous disease and has serious consequences
And we want people to avoid getting this dangerous disease.
How old are you?
I'm over 70 years old.
Some who got infected and lost their eyesight although they were still young.
And some who had to amputate their hands and legs and all of that because of the diabetes.
So we have to avoid it and take care of ourselves and manage our lifestyle
To avoid its riskiness.
Salam Alikom
- How are you? - I'm fine, Praise be to Allah.
First, what is your name?
Samira Younus Sawda
From Alexandria?
Yes, raised in Alexandria but I'm originally from Upper Egypt.
- I feel that my mouth is dry. - Yes
Very very much.
- We just want direct and indirect support, you can give awareness to your relatives, friends ...
-......my neighbors, all my family and all the people I know.
Of course we will aware them on how to manage their lifestyle so they can avoid this dangerous disease.
- I just wanted to ask you a few questions.
- How much do you weigh? - What?
- Your weight? - I'm 70 kilos.
- And your height? - I'm 180 cm.
- Do you sometimes feel that your mouth is dry? - Yes.
- Even if you just drinked ? - The day we eat meat for supper, I get very thirsty.
- (Chuckles) -I'm seriously talking.
You’re asking me a scientific question.
- Do you sometimes feel lack of hunger? - No, food is what makes my day.
-Are you diabetic? - Yes, But I take care of myself.
I take care of what I eat.
In other words, I follow all the instructions on how to avoid diabetes.
Whenever it gets high, I take pills to get it normal again.
So I don't get the complications of the disease.
- Where do you live ? - In Ameriyah.
- How old are you ? - I'm 45 years old.
- Do you know how much you weigh ? - No, Sorry.
- Do you know your hieght ? - Also, no.
- Neither my weight nor my hieght. - OK.
- Is there anybody in your family with diabetes ? - No, just me.
- What's your name sweetheart ? - Wafaa Saeed
- How much do you weigh ? - (nodding)
come on look at me !
-Did you try standing on the scale before ? - (nodding)
- Did you ever feel very thirsty ? - (nodding)
- Only in the Summer or the Winter too ? - In the Summer.
-Do you like to eat alot ? - (nodding)
Salam Alikom
- Are you diabetec ? - My mother was diabetec.
-And is she treating from it ? - No, she is deceased.
God bless her soul.
Can you share with us what you know about diabetes ?
(Diabetes quote) "Respect it and it respects you."
There is a high rate of people who are diabetic in Egypt.
- Is there someone you know who is diabetic ? - I have alot of relatives, because it is Inherited.
Alot of relatives in my family are diabetic.
- Is there complications that happened ?
Yes, there are who died because of it.
In Shaa Allah we will start our campaign at the first of Ramadan,
- And In Shaa Allah.....
-..........we will aware people of it, and let them be able to takecare of themselves, and be able to manage their lifestyle to avoid it.
شاركنا بنشر الوعي بخطورة مرض السكري