Santa Mónica, mãe de Santo Agostinho Bispo

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Moment of Reflection
Born in Tagaste (Africa) in the year 331, a Christian family.
Still very young, was given in marriage to a man named Patrick.
Had several children, among whom Augustine
by whose conversion shed many tears and entreated God.
Example of truly holy mother,
nourished his faith with a life of intense prayer and enriched it with his virtues.
He died in Ostia (near Rome) in the year 387.
When her son Augustine, pagan and still involved in a sinful life,
fled to Milan, his mother, who has both cried and prayed for his conversion,
followed him and had the joy of seeing it converted and receive Baptism by St. Ambrose.
Listen to what he wrote S. Augustine in his "Confessions."
"When approaching the day when she would depart this life - You conhecíeis day,
but we ignored it - succeeded, I believe,
by secret disposal of your designs, we are alone,
me and her, leaning against a window,
whose views overlooking the inner garden of the house we staying in Ostia, away from the crowds,
after the fatigue of a long journey, retemperávamos forces before embarking for Africa.
We talked very softly alone and forgetting the past and turning to the future,
interrogávamo one another in the light of this truth, what art thou,
what is the Eternal Life of Saints
that neither eye has seen nor ear heard nor ever passed by the thought of man.
But our hearts longed for heavenly current that flows from your source, the source of life that is in you.
So I spoke, though not by this way or by these words;
But you well know, the Lord, the world and its pleasures vis seemed like that day when we talked.
My mother added:
"My son, as for me, give me like nothing has in this life.
Not sure what to do here yet, because I hope nothing of this world.
There was only one reason I wanted to prolong this life a little more:
see you Catholic Christian before I die.
God granted me this grace so superabundant,
For I see that now despise earthly happiness to serve the Lord.
What am I still here? '.
I can not remember what you said about these words.
However, after five days or so she fell sick with a fever.
In those days of his illness, and lost consciousness for a short time the agreement did not give gifts.
Acorremos soon and quickly regained consciousness.
Seeing us standing beside her, me and my brother told us how those seeking something:
"Where was I? '. After seeing us stunned with grief, said: "Sepultareis here your mother."
I was silent and tried to hold back tears.
My brother, however, uttered a few words,
showing a preference that she did not die in a foreign country, but in their homeland.
Hearing this, fixed him a look full of anguish,
rebuking him for thinking so, and then looking at me, said:
"Look at what he says."
And then said to both:
«Bury this body anywhere and do not worry about it.
I ask only that you remember me at the altar of the Lord wherever you are. "
Having made this recommendation with the words he could, he fell silent.
However the illness grew worse and suffering was prolonged.
Finally on the ninth day of his illness, at fifty-six years old and in the thirty-third of my life,
that pious and holy soul freed from the body. "
Dear mothers, who often weep for the misbehavior of a son or your daughter,
imitate the holy mother of St. Augustine who wept much and prayed for the conversion of this son,
who lived for many years in a sinful life. Do not lose heart!
Your tears and prayers,
full of confidence in the Lord's mercy and your exemplary frequency of the Sacraments
obtain the salvation of your child. Trust! Trust!
(The Liturgy of the Hours)
+ The Blessing of God Almighty, Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
descend upon you and your children and stay forever. -Amen.