Black Jack TV - Full Episode 31 (Official & HQ with subtitles)

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As I stand in the wind on a hill by a port town,
my head feels unusually empty.
I was watching the town from the south side of the shore.
And so I sunk my unsteady passion into the depths of the sea.
This surging power...
It's something hidden in everyone, everywhere.
Day after day, everyone tries their best.
But people get annoyed when I mention it.
It makes me glad...
that I found my place here.
I searched for the reason
why we can believe in the same air
as long as we're alive.
He weaves the thread of life with his miraculous control of a scalpel.
The genius surgeon who lives on a cape.
His name is Black Jack.
Kocher clamp.
Here you go.
Another one.
what's wrong?
You're not acting normal today.
No, it's nothing.
Give me another one.
And a scalpel.
Implication of the Twentieth Year
Originally "Implication of the Twentieth Year" by Tezuka Osamu
Come on, Doc!
Sit down!
Wow, Pinoko...
I'm not running a fever!
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
Stop fussing!
Then I'll take your blood pressure.
Stop it, Pinoko.
I'm not running a fever, and my blood pressure is perfectly normal.
Then why were you spacing out somewhat back there?
I thought you might not be feeling well.
I thought...
I thought my fingers had quit working.
Your fingers quit working?
I just felt that way.
Oh, my goodness!
Your fingers quit working?! Why?!
Tell me!
Don't worry about it.
I must be tired from performing some very intensive operations.
Huh?! Your fingers?!
And my fingers froze during the operation today.
That's a big problem.
Did you take any X-rays?
Besides X-rays of my fingers, I also took an MRI of my brain.
However, I couldn't find any abnormalities.
Then what could it...
Except for this one thing... It's my imagination, but...
My fingers were detached once when I was a kid.
Because of that accident?
"Danger: Undetonated Bombs"
After the accident, Dr. Honma performed reconstruction surgery on me.
That's the only thing I can think of.
But Dr. Honma's operations were always perfect.
He would never make a mistake.
Actually, that just might be the cause.
The operation itself might have been mistake-free,
but your nerves might not have been able to withstand the stress.
And now that twenty years have passed, they're getting weak.
My nerves?
Anyway, not being able to move your fingers is a big deal.
For any surgeon, it's a life and...
You're right.
Is this the end of the genius surgeon, Black Jack?
Don't take this lightly!
This is terrible.
We must do something!
We'll find the best surgeon out there and have him take a look.
Stop it!
There are no surgeons better than Dr. Honma.
The only one who might be would be yourself.
It's truly a Catch-22.
Black Jack!
My nerves couldn't withstand the stress, huh?
It's not definite yet...
Hey, wasn't he...
I just remembered.
There was a doctor who worked with Dr. Honma.
With Dr. Honma?
Maybe we'll find out something if we ask him how that operation went.
He's a psychiatrist named Dr. Asakusa.
Why don't you go visit him?
A psychiatrist, huh?
Let's go do that.
I'll go call him!
Maybe he can psychoanalyze me too.
"University Hospital"
Black Jack.
I even hear about your notorious practices around psychiatric circles.
It's finally time for you to give up your profession, huh?
Well, but...
I've been friends with him for a long time, and...
Well, have a seat.
I was surprised when Tezuka told me about you.
So you are the kid from that operation.
Twenty years ago,
when you were brought in, it was very unlikely that you could be saved,
and everyone lost all hope,
except for Honma, of course.
I remember that very well.
He never gave up.
He performed a splendid operation.
I also remember that I told him a complete recovery would be impossible.
And that boy is Black Jack, huh?
In any case, you are now my patient.
Would you wait outside?
Yes, doctor.
Do as he says.
Thank you, Doctor.
I'm going to hypnotize you.
All right?
You're going to hypnotize me?
I only came here to ask you about the operation twenty years ago.
There have been cases where physical impairments,
for which the cause was unknown, ultimately were found to be caused by psychological reasons.
I'm going to explore that possibility using hypnosis.
Now, close your eyes slowly while looking at this.
What's the matter?
Can't you trust me?
I can.
You may be a highly-skilled surgeon,
but right now, you are my patient, and I'm the doctor treating you.
Don't you want your hands to get better?
All right.
You feel very relaxed and are getting sleepy.
You will fall into a deep sleep at the count of three.
One. Two.
You are traveling back in time.
Back to twenty years ago.
What do you see?
Dr. Honma...
Is he saying anything?
It's all right.
You will recover.
Dr. Honma is cheering me up with a smile.
And then?
Dr. Honma is talking with someone in the hallway.
With whom and what is he talking about?
I don't know.
It's fading away.
Fading away?
What's going on?
Oh, Dr. Honma is rushing back into the room.
Now what?!
What happened?!
I don't know.
His condition suddenly got worse.
Doctor, his brain waves are...
My brain waves suddenly get weaker,
and Dr. Honma and the others are frantically working on me.
Why did your brain waves suddenly get weaker?
You were doing so well!
Please don't disappoint me!
Doctor, his brain waves are getting even weaker.
Hang in there!
Now remember the time right before Honma came back.
Hey! Black Jack!
I can't.
This is the important part!
What happened then?!
I don't remember.
Very well.
Wake up at the count of three.
One. Two. Three.
Doctor, what happened to me?
I couldn't figure out the most critical point.
The most critical point?
You were recovering well.
But at one point, your brain waves started getting weaker and then fall into a critical condition.
But it seems the specific memory that should reveal the cause was blocked for some reason.
The reason why your fingers quit working may be hidden within it.
All done!
Here is the dinner I made especially for Doc so he'll feel better!
Oh! He's back!
Welcome home, Doc!
We have a special dinner tonight.
I have work to do.
Please don't bother me.
Are you OK?
Please leave me alone.
Why won't they move like they should?
What's going to happen to my career?
This is hard.
This is harder than dying.
The reason why your fingers quit working may be hidden within it.
What happened back then?
What is the reason?
Somebody tell me!
Shut up!
Hey, is this really the right place?
Hey, is anyone here?
Who are you guys?
We have a patient in critical condition.
He needs to see the doctor right now.
Hurry up!
Yes, sir.
We're coming in.
Doc's busy right now!
You can't come in!
Don't give me that crap!
Who do you think this is?!
Go get the doctor right now!
What's going on here?
Take the patient to the examination room.
How is he?
Do something!
It's a case of acute cardiac infarction.
We don't have much time.
Then work on him right now!
If anything goes wrong, we'll make it so you can never pick up your scalpel again!
I'd have helped him even without your threats.
this operation will cost you ¥100,000,000.
Are you crazy?
I'll pay!
I'll pay anything, so please!
Pinoko, prepare for an emergency operation.
Come in.
Excuse me.
Dr. Asakusa!
This room is still full of these.
What brings you here?
Are you OK, Doc?
I'll get this done for the sake of my pride.
If I need to, I'll even tie the scalpel to my hand.
your hands are shaking.
Don't push yourself too much.
cutting means everything to me.
What would be left if it was taken from me?
You see?
Let's get started.
Doc, please stop this!
It's impossible!
I hate doctors!
Shut up!
Be quiet, Pinoko.
Pinoko, I...
Please stop, Doc!
It's impossible!
You can't do this!
Quit saying the word "impossible" so many times!
It will actually implicate the meaning of it!
In only twenty years, your work will...
Your visit surprised me.
I was concerned about Black Jack.
Isn't there any cure for him?
I think the reason is hidden within the partial memory loss he's experiencing.
I don't know.
He's the only one who would know.
Black Jack?!
What's the rush?
You're in the middle of an operation?!
He said he learned you were visiting me when he called the hospital.
He asked you to come to his place right away.
What happened?
Who are you?
We're busy here.
Come again later.
This will affect the patient's life!
Let us through!
Shut up!
Get lost now.
Let me handle this.
What in the world?
Want a piece of this?
Let's go.
Dr. Asakusa.
Black Jack, what are you...
Doctor, there's something I want you to remember.
I believe you discussed something with Dr. Honma...
after the surgery on me was complete, in front of the operating room.
Remember what you said then.
I discussed something with Dr. Honma?
Something about what would happen to his operation in twenty years...
Twenty years?
Dang! I can't remember anything else from that point!
There must be some hint to why it's blocked in the words that followed after that.
Please remember!
My words?
Wait a minute.
With Honma-kun...
Could it be?!
When I ran into Honma in the hallway...
Hey, Dr. Asakusa.
How's the boy doing, Dr. Honma?
Take a look.
You were opposed to the operation, but he's recovering well.
To be honest, at that moment I became jealous of Honma's splendid talent and skills.
Your operation was a failure!
Different parts of his body,
like his hands or his fingers, will probably stop working in twenty years.
Yes, that's it!
And I became despondent after hearing that.
So the reason your brain waves weakened was because of that too.
And because of the enormous fear I felt,
I blocked both those words and my memory of that moment.
That's it!
You must have gotten back on the road to recovery after you blocked it.
But those words are still intimidating me now, preventing my fingers from working properly.
You were intimidated by my words.
So now that we know...
Black Jack!
The feeling in my hands...
is back!
Time to resume the operation.
Pinoko, scalpel.
Your fingers really stopped working after twenty years...
The human psyche and well-being are very closely intertwined.
I fell into the trap because, somewhere in my mind, I had some doubt about Dr. Honma's abilities.
I'm terribly sorry, Doctor.
No, it's all my fault.
I almost ruined Dr. Honma's masterpiece with my careless words.
I'm sorry.
It's OK.
It's a good reminder that we can't cure people with skill alone.
We can't cure people with skill alone...
Dr. Honma...
I want to capture your heart with my silly smile.
Only look straight at me.
Being kind isn't good enough.
I want to get in touch with your true heart,
deep within the you that nobody else sees.
Being in the gentle sunlight,
I wish on the clover that plays the melody of dreams,
and I search for a ray of hope beyond the blue skies,
because I want to stay by your side forever.
The promise we made long ago in a far away place...
is finally coming to a realization, overcoming the incredible distance,
just as it was led by the light.
Is it...
Want to fight?!
He's underestimating the terror of the sea.
He may die in it.
Are all fishermen chickens like you?
Don't make fun of fishermen!
We need an operation.
But I've never performed an operation like this before.
I haven't given up yet.
The sea is the same as always, but...
Am I done for?
Don't die!
Next Karte - The Terror of the Azure Sea.
Shut up!
Oh? Huh?