iShieldz Installation Video

Uploaded by ishieldz on 28.10.2011

Thank you for choosing the iShieldz brand screen protection system.
The original patented screen protection system for electronic devices.
In this video we will take you step by step through the installation process of
the iShieldz product. We will show you how to properly and easily install our
protective film to your device so that it will be protected against dings
nicks smudges and scratches.
It is recommended that you watch the entire video before attempting to apply
your iShieldz film to your device.
First start by picking a clean flat well lit install area that is free of
lint or dust and away from any fans or breezy areas.
Remove your device from any phone case that it may be in and check to make
sure there is no other type of protective film that needs to be removed.
Wash your hands to remove any dirt oils or lotions.
Let's begin
We'll be using an iPhone 4 for this video to install our iShieldz screen protection
system on to.
First begin by powering down your device or if possible remove your battery.
This step is very important.
Next remove the contents from your iShieldz packaging and place them in
front of you. Inside the front pocket of the flap you'll find the warranty card
remove this as well as the squeegee and the iShieldz solution bottle
from the opposite side of the packaging.
Now that you have removed all of the items, you may place the box aside.
Open your warranty card and remove your iShieldz film and microfiber cloth.
Installation instructions are also printed inside the warranty card in
three languages: English, French and Spanish.
You will need to keep this card in order to register your iShieldz
product online which activates your warranty.
Your phone must be cleaned before installation to remove any lint, dirt
oil or makeup.
Having a clean surface is extremely important.
Any residue left on the screen will be visibly trapped under the film once it's
To clean your device screen simply spray a small amount of solution to the corner
of your microfiber cloth as shown and wipe down the surface of the device
which you'll be applying the film to.
Make sure to remove all residue and fingerprints because once again
any fingerprints or residue left on your device screen
will be visible through the iShieldz film.
Check for any lint that may have been attracted to you device and remove it.
You can check by tilting your device towards light and viewing it from an
Once you are satisfied that your device is clean,
you're ready for the next step.
Now pick up your iShieldz film in your hand and place your device in front of
you in the same direction you're holding your film.
Make sure the cut outs on your film are facing the same direction as the
openings on your device.
Next, spray the iShieldz solution onto your fingertips and onto the upper right
corner of the film as shown.
From the wet corner,
peel the film back and into your hands with the adhesive side facing up,
being very careful not to touch the adhesive side of the film as this may leave
fingerprints. While holding the film in your hand,
spray an even amount of solution to the film
making sure to cover the entire area without spraying so much solution that it
is dripping off of the film.
Now it's time to lay the film onto your device.
Do not try to line the film up to your device while holding the film in the air
over your device. The solution dries quickly and holding it too long will
cause the solution to evaporate.
The correct way is to simply lay the film onto the screen and adjust its
positioning then.
Once you have laid your film onto your device, if it is not aligned properly
do not lift the film back up and try again.
The entire purpose of the solution is to allow you to adjust the positioning of
the film once it's laid down.
You will have plenty of time to align the film properly.
Make sure to evenly align the speaker and button openings on your device
as well as evenly spacing the film from the edges of your device as shown.
Next, lay your device on its side and tilt it at a slight angle.
With one hand,
gently hold your device so that you are securing a small section of the film as
well with your fingertips.
Using medium pressure, begin the squeegee the bottom half of the film
making sure to work away from any speaker or button openings.
If solution does enter these areas
simply dry it with your microfiber cloth or lightly blow into the wet
area to remove any solution.
Then, flip your device on the opposite side and repeat this process.
After you've finished squeegeeing you can again tilt your phone at an angle into
the light and look for areas that you may have missed.
Small solution bubbles are common and will dry on their own. However if you
see bubbles the size of small seeds you can remove these. To remove any solution
simply squeegee the areas again, as shown.
Remember to use medium pressure. Using too much pressure will cause your film
to stretch and peel up.
Do not be concerned with removing every tiny bubble
as these will all disappear during the drying process.
Once you're finished squeegeeing, you may wipe down your device with your
microfiber cloth.
Again be sure to use only light pressure because your install is still fresh
and the solution is not yet dry.
Now you may turn your device back on. Your device may now be used normally.
However, we strongly advise that you do not put it into any cases, pockets or
purse. We recommend you wait at least 24 hours
so that the solution has a chance to dry completely and the film adhesive can
set properly.
Thank you for choosing the iShieldz brand screen protection system! Your
device is now protected against dings, nicks, smudges and scratches!