How to Repair an iPhone 5 Screen Fix-It Guide and Teardown Tutorial

Uploaded by iPhoneShopUSA on 22.09.2012

iPhone 5 repair glass assembly
for this project you'll need
Screen suction cup tool
Pentalobe Screwdriver
Printable Screw organizer sheet
start by turning off your iPhone 5
remove the bottom screws using a pentalobe screw driver
we are going to separate the screen assembly
from the chassis
place the suction cup and pull upward
just enough so that there is a gap in between the frame
and the screen assembly
use you case opener tool and work around the gap
until it's loose
pull the screen back
there are still cables attached underneath
remove these next three screws
including two shields that
hold down the battery connector
remove these next three screw
and the shield
disconnect the battery
disconnect the LCD
front facing camera assembly cables
we can now safely remove the
screen assembly
remove these next two screws that hold down ear speaker and the front camera assembly
remove this small plastic washer
using a case opener tools carefully
remove the front camera assembly
it's held in place by some adhesive
remove these next few screws holding down
the LCD shielding plate
remove these next 2 screws that hold down the ribbon cable
gently pry up the home button cable
it's still attached by some adhesive
we are ready to replace the old
front screen assembly with a new
place the home button into the new assembly
reinstall the home button ribbon
over the home button
don't forget to secure it
by pressing on the end contacts
where there is adhesive
reinstall the LCD shielding plate
reinstall the front camera assembly
reinstall the small plastic washer
re-install the front camera assembly
carefully reinstall the screen assembly
reattach the 3 cables
make sure they snap into place
reinstall the shield cover
we can now
secure the front screen assembly to the frame
make sure the top is flush
and then work your way down
pushing down towards the bottom
until the screen is flush
with the frame
once the screen is flush
reinstall the
pentalobe screws at the bottom
iPhone 5 screen repair complete!