Don Was - Jill Sobule - Dance Party I

Uploaded by MyDamnChannel on Sep 20, 2007


DON WAS: Thank you everybody.
Thank you.
And welcome to the Wasmopolitan Dance Party,
broadcasting live today from the grand showroom of our
sponsor, the Furniture Outlet, located right here at 13054
Sherman Way in the heart of North Hollywood.
If you're in the neighborhood, come on over. 'Cause Jack's
got some great deals on sofas and love seats, six piece
dinettes and bedroom sets.
And if that's not enough to motivate you, we've also got
some great music today from our special guest, one of
America's greatest living singer-songwriters, give it up
for Jill Sobule.
JILL SOBULE: Thank you, Don.


JILL SOBULE: Thank you.

DON WAS: OK, I'm here with Jeff, the owner
operator of the store.
How long you had Furniture Outlet here?
JEFF: I've been here around 21 years.
DON WAS: That's a long time.
JEFF: Exactly.
21 years.
DON WAS: So you, you have a reputation here for uh--
JEFF: Yeah, we have a lot of customers.
DON WAS: That's great.
I was looking around before we started.
This is, this is a nice dining room set.
Tell me, tell me about this one.
If I was buying--
JEFF: This beautiful set is, uh, includes six side chairs
and a table that has a leaf.
It's two tone.
It's wide and natural.
Right now is a special for $650.
DON WAS: See, I, I actually thought it was $6,500, and I
thought that was a good price, so you know.
JEFF: That's why we are an outlet.
DON WAS: That's fantastic.
Jill, what do you think?
JILL SOBULE: These seats are so comfortable.
I'm liking it.
DON WAS: Well, I think we ought to sit right here,
pretend we're your uncles, and sing a song to us right across
the dining room table or something, Jill.
Here, have a seat, J.

Do, do you a pick?
DON WAS: Does anyone have a guitar pick?
JILL SOBULE: Thank you.
So this is a song that um--
sort of about my life in, in the record industry, maybe.
I wrote this when I was, uh, after surgery.
And right in the hospital room, and I was on the
morphine pump, and wrote this on a napkin.
And I'm not sure it's that good, but
we're going to do it.

DON WAS: Jill Sobule, everybody.
Jill Sobule.
JILL SOBULE: Thank you.
DON WAS: And, and thank you, Jeff.
This is great here.
We're at the Furniture Outlet on 13054 Sherman Way in North
Hollywood, California.
Come on down for some great bargains and
great music, right?
OK, we'll be right back.