Loquendo GTA 4 San Andreas (on rage engine) Cap 1 HD

Uploaded by YOMARTINPRODUCTIONS on 11.03.2012

Ah fuck, how did i got here? Oh i have a headache
aah my dick is stand up, i can't waaalk!
Come on, Niko, do you remember how did you got here, right?
Lets enter here, Jacob, here are sexy chicks
Stop there!
Damn, i did nothing yet,
Oh, im with the gun on my hands xD
Come on, bitch, dance for me. Shit, i will do it by myself.
Ooohhh yeah every one dance! Don't you know the shotgun's dance?
1 step here, and 1 step there, and then sig-sag, sig-sag, sig-sag...
Oh my god, this will be the last time i go to a strip club with jacob,
and the motherfucker left before we enter :(
It may be good if i phone him to insult him because i'm a very good friend
"Hey, you called me but im not there,
leave your tone after the message,
wait thats not right, nonono don't record that fuuuuuu....
What a shitty answering has Jacob, i will go to his house
"Photos and videos of Yomartinproductions's 400 subs party"
Girl: Insert text here. Man: I will insert you something better than a text!
So, expelled? Can you tell me what's going on?
Well, there is not much explication to tell you,
Everytime we went to the strip club we left without paying,
So we have a extremely big debt, enough big for go to jail, that's all.
"Not much explication"? Jacob, you dont understand, i cant go to jail,
People would realize that i made a lot of murders,
You must understand that kill 50% of the city can make me go to jail for some years
Hehe, bad luck being Niko bellic.
Listen Jacob, can you do me a favour?
One of those really really big favours?
Sure, my no-hypocrite Niko.
Would you go to jail for me?
With your orang-outang face and your idiocy you will be free pretty much faster than me
Sure, that's what friends do.
And where are we going?
I will make you lose your memory by a funny method.
What? No, Niko wait aaaaaaaaaaaaa.... -aaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Haha i survided but what happened? Who am i?
Remember: Your name is Niko Bellic.... don't forget that.
Oh my god im late for go out to do nothing, its saturday.
I really can't remember nothing,
i thing i made a party of something that rhyme with drivers (suscribers)
Damn i have a big headache, it may be better drink something on the refrigerator
What do we got here?
This smells horrible, it might be better go outside for walk
I must remember what happened but no one tell me anything.
What a nice relief, i feel better, but i still without.... -Look is the disguised bitch!
-Let's laugh at him hahahahahahaha.... -What the....?
Hi asshole, do you remember me? What about a dick for refresh your memory?
You motherfucker! No one can insult me!
Don't laugh! I must kick your asses till you shut up, take this, and this and shut uuuuuuuuuuuuuup!
All my friends in CJ's house!
Guys, be honest: What happened last night?
Hahahaha, better: what you DIDN'T do last night
Thenenejunior is right, i never thought that you can lose your common sense last night.
Now i understand why so much fuss out there.
Indeed, they won't leave you alone, the party was a really big fuss.
I know, but what can i do?
Don't worry, we have the answer.
I saw a commercial doing psychic zapping, because we do not have remote control:
"Are you tired of your city, and tired of your shitty people, with a lot of conflics and no privacy?
Then stop suffer, because we have a nice answer:
Spend a holiday on San Andreas, with no people, and pretty better city quality without being ruined by people like YOU.
The requirements are easy, you only must hate all living thing, enough to be a "Forever Alone" xD.
I have fulfilled my dream, is the real paradise spend a good time there.
For more information go to Rodeo zone, Los Santos."
Don't you think is a fake commercial? I don't think that place exist.
Then we must go to that building, ok?
Sounds good, let's go
Stop the fucking car, driver!
I don't want, sir, im not stupid
Well, i made what i want, i went to the airport.
Jacob told me that it may be better move to another city, so people don't realize that i sent my best friend to jail,
well, he wanted xD
But i have a question:
If i have to move to another city: which is the better? I don't have much money
So, Los Santos?
And it's very cheap, i will see.
Get in the car, i wanna get out of here quickly, heheheh...
Ok but i wanna go on the front that i wanna down the window.
Shit, i wanted to go in the front.
Too late.
Shit, CJ, you drive like a shit, haven't you already finished the driving school?
You must know that i've finishe it many years ago,
and i like to drive with style and good cameras.
Damn, CJ, learn to drive well or we won't arrive.
That's because you can't see the style when you see it.
But we do know the shit when we see it,
we will have a penal servitude for life because of driving with a maniac.
Damn pole, appeared from nowhere, that was not my fault.
What a nice drift! xD
Can we get out now?
NO. Enjoy the travel and the music.
But we don't like the music.
There is no other chance, the radio does not work.
We're almost there. Shit
Here we are, there were several accidents but here we are.
Save my sweater, here is hot. I will go alone.
What a curious laboratory room they have here. Buy, why?
Hello, my name is Carl Johnson,
and i heard here is where... -Where you can go to the other San Andreas, right?
I can see that you paid attention to our comercial, follow me.
And why its this a laboratory? I thought this is a travel agency.
Nothing at all, sir, it's pretty much complicated, it's nothing about a simple travel to another place
What are you talking about?
Just wait, please.
Dear workers: here is somebody who wants to participate in our experiment.
-Very well, its fantastic. -What a good new, i'm glad.
Everything is ready. The machines are working, we can do the favour to the sir to pass to another dimension.
Another dimension? What kind of joke is this?
Is not a joke. We found a new dimension created since 2007. We call it R.A.G.E. Engine.
This dimension is beautiful, we can appreciate San Andreas in a more pure and pretty state.
And the city is a little bigger certainly.
We have on our power an artifact maden by thousands of portions of elements which helps us for,
when we press that button, we can go from the old dimension (this one) to the new and vice verca.
That's why this is a laboratory. Going to the point, it's another dimension.
So, do you wanna do us the honor?
If i wanna? Where i sign? Weeeee!!!
Thank you very much for your cooperation, sir.
Take, put it against the wall, press it, and have fun and enjoy.
Thank you
Move guys move, because i wanna go quickly to my house. Weeee!!!
What? Well, move up because i wanna see whats going on with CJ.
Ok i think it's ready, i just have to push it.
Im only asking: will you come back?
Sure i will, this thing can make me come and back whenever i want.
Well, i say goodbye for a couple of days or maybe months.
I hope you don't destroy the house meanwhile im not here, don't dissapoint me like in my date with denise, please.
It won't be a problem, enjoy being alone!
Ok, now is the time, here i go.
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This is the house
My god, the trip was extremely long and i haven't slept. I need to sit down for a minute.
Oh, what a relief.
It looks like who was living here couldn't put the curtains.
Great, this place is sensational, no people, without pressions, Nobody who laughs at my face.
It's the paradise, i wonder why doesn't the people who were working on this awesome thing didn't stayed here.
It's a great place to go on vacations, and maybe to don't come back, hehehe
But now i'm tired for now, maybe i'll go to my 2.0 house, to sleep on my 2.0 bed. xD
Wait a moment, i haven't parked that car there, so that means that somebody else lives here, i wil take a look out to see who is there.
Wait, i hear really heavy steps, that's impossible, i thought no one was living here.
I must go to see.
What the hell?
Shit, now that cj have gone what will we do?
I don't know, what about if we look for a job, it won't be so hard.
Good, but who will give us a job so easily?
We will have to ask.
Hey, do you have any work for us?
Go and get a street-swepper work, motherfuckers!
Damn, i give up, this is harder than i thought.
Maybe i can help you
Wow, they appeared from nowhere.
Don't say bullshits, i and my my friend we can offer you a great job. Just sign at this contract and we will care about the rest.
Give it to me, because this game is not designed to read.
I ... I know you.
Well, i did not expected this, i heard about this guy,
i think he was working for a corrupt police, damn, he may has relation with the motherfucker of Tempenny, i will kick his ass.
This guy was collaborating for the boss of a mafia, probably the mafia who killed Kate, my girlfriend, he will pay for that.
Lets make his life impossible.
You can run, but you can't hide
Shit, im very high but i can shoot him.
Hell, he shot me, take my 9mm.
Sign here, here and here.
Ok, its done, now what?
Let me show you something.
But what the hell?
You are arrested, you are mine now.
Shit, we are unarmed, and CJ is not here.
We do know that CJ is not here, and that he is busy at the moment.
-Zas, Zas Zas, die you fool. -Surprise, a gun.
Wait, that is not correct.
Fuck, this doesn't ends, take this, son of a thousand of bitches.
Looks like you are not so strong, right? You'll pay for help to the polices associated with Tempenny.
I'm not associated with nobody, you're mistaken, you fucking mafia guy.
Well, it looks like you have the wrong information as well, im not working for the mafia.
Let's do a pact, we can be friends.
Ok, but if you shoot me, you will pay for it.
Thank you for get up me.
No problem. Now i wanna go to my house for a while because i miss the people in the street, xD.
Ok, go, i will stay here because i need to be away from others, really. I'll tell you later.
-Good bye. -Good bye.
I was already missing this stairs, hehehe. What is that on the table?
Wow, this is full of planes, texts, it says something about the F.B.I. "Last advances", "Closing Megaupload", "Arrest of 3 subnormals", etc.
Oh, my god, what have i missed being absent? and...
... im sorrounded.