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My God, why not tell people only...
...what will causes them no fear!
Vakula's adventure after "The night before christmas" by Nikolai Gogol But nowhere, probabably, was as much curiosity after such stories...
as in the evenings of our village near Dikanka.
But whatever is the cause we love to take such spooky stories at hand:
Here is such a story:
Once upon a time there lived ...
a blacksmith called Vakula on a farm in our village.
(Writing:)hut of Blacksmith Vakula" a blacksmith called Vakula on a farm in our village.
(Writing:)hut of Blacksmith Vakula"
He was a big and strong fellow! (Writing:)hut of Blacksmith Vakula"
He was a big and strong fellow!
In his freetime he painted pictures for the church.
and was known as the best painter in the region.
The devil disliked Vakula's art,
And decided to play him a trick the night before christmas.
"Hut of cossack Chub" "Hut of Blacksmith Vakula"
The devil knew that the rich Cossack Chub "Hut of cossack Chub" "Hut of Blacksmith Vakula"
The devil knew that the rich Cossack Chub
was invited to a Christmas Eve party at the sacristan’s.
Chub usually got home late and drunk with wodka, on such occasions,except for moonless nights, when he couldn't find his way around outside.
The village beauty, his daughter, Oksana, would stay at home.
Knowing Chub would be out late, Vakula for sure would sneak over to her.
The devil speculated that if it would remain dark, lazy Chub wouldn't have the courage to pull himself off the stove,
So when the blacksmith would come to Oksana, Chub, vigilant as he was,
wouldn't take long to start an unpleasant scene for Vakula.
In this house lived the plump Solokha -
Vakula's mother.
Sometimes it was said by older women, especially when they had a bit much to drink,
that Solokha was a witch.
Maybe they were right.
But only the mayor, allways stroking his mustache when she passed, dared to say it, elbowing his neighbour:
Well, what a fine woman is that, this devil-woman! "
It so happened that because of an unexpected accident the diabolical scheme failed to come out as it was planned
The sacristan
The sacristan The sacristan, going out because nobody came over, thought....
...that maybe Solokha would be sitting in her house...a bit alone.
I should say that Solokha was friendly with everyone,
but the sacristan had a special place at her bosom.
"You know what, blacksmith?" - Said the cheerful beauty to her suitor-
"Get me the slippers off the Tsaritse’s feet...
...and here is my word for it...
...I will marry you at once!
"She makes fun of me!"
"No, she loves me! "- Saddened the smith didn't know what to think..
"Tomorrow is a holiday" - the smith thought - "and our home looks like a pile of rubbish with all these sacks".
Let me take them to the forge!
"Don't forget how much I count on you..." - mocked the beautifull Oxana Vakula -
" get me the slippers worn by the Tsaritse?"
"Oh no, I will not let you go, you spawn of Satan, until you help me get the slippers worn by the tsaritse!"
- the blacksmith said - , and immediately he found himself travelling through the air.
"What luxery!" - Whispered the smith to himself.
"So many decorations!"
"What wonderful work!"
"This chandeleer must at least have cost fifty rubles!"
"Ask her! Ask for her slippers! "- Whispered the little devil out of his pocket.
"Your Majesty, please don't put me to death for intruding, but grant me a request!"
"Please tell me who made the slippers on your feet!"
"My God, how appalling to desire for such slippers!"
"To be honest, I like this kind of simplicity" - murmured the tsaritse.
"What beautiful jewelry is stiched on them!" - He cried joyfully, and becoming bolder,
he wanted to ask the queen:
"Is it true that tsars only eat honey, and the like...
- but before it was too late...
"No, no, I really don't need slippers! I can do without ... "
Then she broke off crying and blushed.
"My, my, what peculiar bags some people leave on the road!"
"Who knows if there is something edible in them!"
"Maybe this is pork, and there could be buckwheat pancakes, or some loaves of bread."
- thought the Cossack.
So this is the kind of stories we tell eachother in the evenings,
in the village near Dikanka.
Some not only tell such stories, but even write them down!
written by N. Len directed by Yevgeny Sivokon art director Henry Umanskyn
music Ya. Lapinsky cameramen Anatoly Gavrilov, Alexander Mukhin sound Igor Pogon
animators: Nina Churilova, V. Vrublevsky, Alexander Viken, I. Borodavko
Michael Titov, Konstantin Chikin, Alexander Tatarsky,
assistents V. Rjabkina, A. Savchyk, O Derjazjiaja, S. Myratova, I.Cergejeva
Subs by OolYaKoo & Eus
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