Losing Weight over 40: a Get Start Guide

Uploaded by wbmfit on 19.11.2012

Hi this is Wes Murray of essentially Fit and if youre over 40 and you are embarking on
an exercise program and changing your lifestyle habits and eating habits, there's certain
things that you want to be thinking about when embarking on this this new journey in
your life,
One of the things that you need to be thinking about is if you are over 40 and you are just
getting started things are a little bit different now than say when you were just coming out
of college.
There are a lot of things that you should be aware of and there should also be some
things that you may not even be thinking of that you can actually use to your advantage.
The first thing you want to do is if you are getting started is you want to find out where
you are at right now. So many people embark on an exercise program thinking that they
can just jump into it in like they could in the past. And there are certain changes in
the body that can take place.
with that being said you should not let these changes in your body be a reason for putting
limitations on yourself. One of things that you want to be thinking about is your Bones
your bone structure your joints you know. As you get older you lose flexibility in your
joints and there certain things that you used to be able to do with no problem like jumping
and the making high jumps and then going from sitting to sprinting without warming up your
Your body isn't as flexible as it used to be. Your bones are not as flexible as they
used to be. So you want to make sure that you keep that in mind. start slowly when you're
beginning of part one exercise program. If after a few weeks or a few months you begin
to notice that you can handle more of a challenge and by challenging I mean plyometrics explosive
type of training not then by all means do so because the older that you are if you don't
use it.
So the next thing you want to be aware of when you're getting started is that there
you may have muscle imbalances at in your body that have been caused by repeated movement.
Things such as sitting for long periods of time or doing things in the repetitive movement
sort of way. For example if you're a woman and you've been wearing high heels your
entire life, You've been Pretty much standing on you tippy toes when you walk and your calves
have Always Been in the Contract State.
What Happens Is If You Do That for Long Enough Even When You're Not Wearing Your High Heel
Shoes Your calves could Still Be Contracting and That Can Have an Impact on your knees,
Which You knees can have an Impact on Your Hips with your Hips Can have an Impact on
Your Spine and your spine and back can Have an Impact on Your Shoulders and Your neck
so It's All Connected.
So You Want to Make Sure That When You Getting Started You want to Find out Where Your Muscle
Imbalances Are Happening You May Need to Seek the Help of a Professional to Find out.
For instance if You've Been Sitting for Long, if Have You've Had a Job That You've
Been Sitting for Long Periods of Time You're Almost Guaranteed to Have Some Imbalances
in an Area Which Would Have an Impact on Your Posture which would Have an Impact on Your
Risk of Injury for Certain Exercises.
You won't Know until You Actually Have an assessment to Find out What Imbalances That
You Have and Where They Are. Chances Are You Probably Have It Because Most of Us do.
Another Thing You Want to Be Making Taking a Look at Is Your Bad Habits Your Habits.
You Coming into This with Many Many Years of a Way of Being and a Way of Acting and
essentially You're Taking on a New Lifestyle so you are going to be Taking on New Habits.
In Order for You to Bring in New Habits You Will Have To Get Rid of Some Bad Habits some
old habits AND Incorporate a New Way of Being and for Most People That Is the Probably the
Most Challenging Aspect of Embarking on a Physical New Lifestyle Changes. Not so Much
Taking on New Things but Really Giving up the Old Way of Being, the Old Mentality so
You Make Sure That For Example For Example We Develop Ways of Eating That Could Be Considered
Bad Habits so You Know the " Sweet Tooth"
If You Want to Live a Healthier Life or if Fat Loss Especially if Fat Loss is Your Goal,
You're gonna Have To Be viligent As to tHe Amount of Sugar That You're Taking or sugar
That You Eating in Carbohydrate that you are Eating in Order to Set Your Body up so That
It Burns fat in it's Most Optimal Way Possible.
And there are Other Habits Such As When You Go to Sleep. Think about the Time That You
How Many Hours Do Devote to going to sleep. How Many Hours Do You Devote to certain activities
That Take You Away from Your Goal Such As Something As Simple As Watching TV.
If You Are the Type of Person Who Prefers to Go Home and Sit down and Then watch the
Telly Instead of Going to the Gym and in Putting in an Hour of Exercise. Well That's Something
That You're gonna Have To Take a Look you're gonna have to take a look at Your Habits.
Remember This Is Not Just a Change in What You Do but Is Also a Change in How You Think.
It Is a Change in How You View Yourself
So When You Are Getting Started and Embarking on a New Lifestyle Change and Exercise Program,
Make Sure You Find out Where You Are at Right Now.