Paint Our Beautiful Dream: Mesty Ariotedjo at TEDxITT

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Good afternoon everyone
Let me introduce myself, my name is Dwi Lestari Pramesty or people called me Mesty Ariotedjo.
Many people asking, is that really your name ?
Suddenly, it's written Mesty Ariotedjo everywhere.
Because when I was a child, my nick name is Mesty
and everytime I write my own name as dwi. People called me "Dwi dwi dwi dwi" ,
and I'm a bit lazy to explain it again one by one.
So, I often write my name Mesty,–Ariotedjo is my family name.
Ok, this is my childhood photos.
This is me in FK UI, I happened to graduate in Faculty of Medicine in University of Indonesia.
well it's just self-introduction, I play harp, flute and also modelling
So I was full time medical student, part time musician, model and everything else
that's because I want to do a lot of things, so it had to be like this
Ok, maybe I'm not going to talk about something serious
I just wanna share because I feel that I have not yet getting a great achievement that I am really proud
there is nothing I can be proud
So I would like to share about what I think because I'm a thinker.
So the first thing in my mind is "God is good" , "God is great" and "So, we have to be Grateful".
Yes. This is a picture of me when I was in Junior High School.
I weighed 70 kg and this is my height by now.
So sometimes there is a sense of inferiority
but when I was in elementary school, I don't care about what I look
the most important things is I care, I love learning, I like school, and I want to be a teacher.
But after junior high school, during puberty. And I was thinking
I want to be slim, it's also more healthy
And I'm sure every people have their own happiness and sadness
all the problem had been counted by God fairly in which we have to be grateful of it
Well then, I believe that every person must possess their own passion respectively,
anyone here who do not have any Passion? There's definitely no one here.
I think that passion is a blessing and gift from the God that we should turn into something good for us and for others.
Well here I want to explain
that my deep passion when I was a child is music.
Well the song is already played, it is Chopin; Nocturn Number 9.
This is a song that represent my personality
because I am very melancholy and romantic person.
And through the music itself. I think, I will get a lot of things from it.
And from this music, I can learn about life philosophy.
For example, I practice harp, with my practice, practice, and practice.
And finally I could playing a song very well.
Likewise, in life, if we keep practicing I can finally do something useful.
Besides if I there is any concert
and then I am rushing my training only two days because there is no time
and what happen is a mess and my fingers were hurt, so I believe that in life nothing is instant.
In addition, music teach me to be able to vent emotions I felt.
Where the music can represent feelings that I experienced
such feelings of sadness, and now I will play my sad feelings.
I really like this song. It's from Chrisye.
It had some broken strings so it should be adjusted first. * Clap * * Clap *
Then from the harp as well, for example, I'm feel happy and I'm in love,
I can play songs that describe my love, I am ashamed, please wait * Clap *
That's for example, I'm a little bit nervous
Yeah so, I think of the music that we're not just playing music
a lot of things we can get from the music such as lessons of life
then we can even share music with others
I created a beautiful song named "Lukis Indah Mimpi"
where this song tells us about youth generation and their passion
We must have a dream, because life is like
if we had a goals we will know its purpose
but if we live without purpose, there is no ending of it
and how much time will we waste just to find the road
Now therefore, for the youth here, let us build the dream towards a more better direction
so that we can build our country better
and I always believe that in this life even its just a straight path, it's already complicated,
especially if we turn as much as possible. so we have to live better.
Ok, then its about Lukis Indah Mimpi itself
Actually a real dream when I was a child is too plain, too boring for people who heard it.
my dream its just want to give the benefit to others.
when I was a child I want to be a teacher. Why a teacher?
because by being a teacher, that time I want to be a teacher in elementary school.
being a teacher, we can instill good values ​​to our students
which in turn formed a better person
and also I feel there is a certain satisfaction after teaching others
and finally why I became a doctor? it's because, if I become a doctor I would give anything significant
I've definitely treat other people,
and all I could feel the doctor is the right job for me
from doctors themselves we can see how varied human life in Indonesia
how doctors are very smart
are helpless when people are poor and uninsured
Jamkesmas actually is a very good program,
but it still does not meet the target so there is often miss one of the target
so I will fix it in the next days
There were my photo in the hospital, and because of my interest in the medical field and music
I finally was named as an ambassador for the heart foundation
and the ambassador of Indonesian literary music foundation
nah from that I think
what is the point to be ambassador, ambassador, ambassador,
its work is just talk, talk, and talk but where is the application ?
I finally thought, and thank God that I eventually formed schools named "Children in Harmony"
where I give classical music lessons there for those who are less able
why classical music? because it is based on research conducted
that classical music can increase IQ by 7 points, and in addition it will balance the left and right brain
so the emotion, intelligence, and personality will be balanced
so in my opinion, whatever the passion that we all have, no matter how small steps that we are doing
if we have the passion, surely we can do something for someone else
this the quote from Mother Theresa that I like
"If you can not feed everyone, feed just one"
so no matter how great a scale that helped,
but at least we have to get used to help people since we are young
This is actually an additional, the modeling itself is actually just as a hobby or extra, it's not a priority
but I realize why I don't take this opportunity ?
I also believe that if we are known, people would be able to hear us, it will facilitated me
I talked to promote the health and classical music
and even to make our Nation better, from people known about me
ok so, what I powered on and what I have learned to share with us all is
first we must always be grateful, because grateful is the beginning of happiness
and we must continue to dream, because in our dream
we will produce something to motivate us to better
and we must be passionate and patient and also be consistent and commitment
and the last one is that we must continue to learn
because learning is a continuous process which occurs and knowledge is constantly changing
I learned that when I was in medical school, why?
honestly, I'm not the smartest student in medicine,
even I'm very often join 'remedial' (re-test)
but I'm sure something great came from something difficult
if great was easy, then everyone can, it means that its not great anymore
yes and that's the point, so we have to paint our beautiful dream,
and go ahead for a better Indonesia. so thank you * clap *
This may be for the last, I will play my song,
actually there is a lyric, made by me
but the management has not approved the lyrics that I made, so sad
but you can check it on my website,
in essence, the song is about pursuing our dream,
to learn more vigorous, and keep growing * Clap *