Everyone hates Michael Cera - Superbad Extra Content [Subtitles: ENG / GER]

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What is your sort of--?
What's gonna be your favourite Memory from what you've done so far7.
I don't know. Nothing specific comes to mind...
...but hanging around with the guys, you know, on set...
...has been really great.
And, you know, hanging around with--
Not only, like, you know, I mean hanging around with Jonah every day...
...and Bill and Seth and Evan, and--
But yeah, it just feels like hanging around...
...with kind of your friends in school, you know, like, just milling about...
...and there's a lot of set-up time...
...and you just kind of get to hang out and eat all this free food...
...and talk and stuff.
So, you know, that's been the most fun part for me so far.
l'm so happy you came to visit, man. How's the soup?
-Really good. -Oh, what are you guys talking about?
-We gotta go act, you guys. -Oh, yeah.
What are you guys talking about? I haven't seen you in forever.
Can you not touch me?
Any surprises? Not really. I mean....
It's just, everyone's really cool on the crew, and--
We can do this the easy way, or we can do it the hard way.
You know what I mean?
I guess we're doing it the hard way.
These are the sound guys. They--
You guys make it so that people can hear what l'm saying.
-Nothing. -What'd he say?
That noise is just so funny on its own.
You getting-- Putting makeup on?
Getting my makeup done.
What were you saying? What was the joke?
-What's that? -I missed the first part.
-That's so-- -What?
I love that red jacket on you, Jonah.
It's so poignant, for the-- Especially for this evening's work.
The thing about Cera is...
...l didn't see any of this coming at the audition.
He just-- You know, I thought:. "Oh, he's a sweet kid. He's 17, turning 18."
But Jesus. l've been around a long time, this is the most irritating guy...
...l've ever worked with. And l've worked with them all.
Oh, there's Judd.
You know, Judd?
J-U-D-D. Very unique name.
-Hold on, hold on. -Here comes the airplane hand.
Were you at all worried about fitting into that, or--?
Not really, no. I mean, they're all really welcoming.
So it makes it really easy to fit in...
...and feel, you know, like you're a part of the team.
You can tell when you're doing good work with good people.
I love Evan. Yeah, Evan's good, Seth is good.
We got Evan.
-Always running for the job. -What's going on?
Can you just hang out and talk to him for a second?
-And there's Jonah. Jonah Hill. -Hey.
-My favourite co-star, and Evan. -Oh, Jonah.
-Hey, can I talk to you for a sec? -Will you hold this?
-Yeah, yeah. -Because Judd wanted something.
Oh, man. Check out the high-tech level of--
Jonah, did you get your--? Did you get your starter's gift for the movie?
That's so-- They treat you right here, huh?
What was yours?
What did you get?
Yeah, well, I mean, me and Jonah knew each other before this.
We both have a-- We're both friends with this guy Max...
...so we've kind of hung out a few times.
And-- But yeah, I mean, you know...
...we got to know each other a Iot better, you know, hanging out, and--
We do this sometimes, look. It's a fun game.
When I go like...
Lot of fun.
Hey, man, catch.
You love-- This guy eats bananas.
Oh, my God. I got you one.
Thank you. l'm doing actually a video diary right now, so--
If you see Nick, l--
I did the same thing I did in there.
And plus these people have all, you know, worked together before.
So they all are kind of--
You know, they know how to work with one another...
...and when someone's got an idea they know how to work with it...
...and roll with it, so--
We're at work so don't talk to me like--
Seriously, we're at work, don't talk to me like a fucking child, okay?
Get your fucking shit together...
...stop breathing down my neck every fucking take...
...and just fucking do your job, okay?
-How's that, Greg? -Good.
Just do your fucking job, Michael. Shut the fuck up.
And act--
l've reached my breaking point. I don't know if I can talk to you anymore.
Stop filming.
Fuck off! Seriously. Fuck off. Stop. Fuck you, okay?
You're an asshole. An asshole and everybody knows it.
Everybody fucking knows it, Michael.
Fuck you!
Goddamn it, Michael.
Fucking ass.
I can't really talk, Michael Cera's here.
If you'd left, i could speak from there.
I could do impressions too. I do Chris, like:.
Hey, yo, that's so tight, you guys.
I can't believe-- I got my shirt, and have my glasses--
-Don't touch me-- No, no. -Let me wear your glasses.
-Yeah, let me do it. Let me wear them. -No, no, no.
And what about-- Shauna's here every day, and--
Yeah, Shauna's always around...
...and she's got some really good ideas too, for scenes, you know?
It seems like whenever she chimes in...
...it's something really funny and useful for the scene.
Michael Cera?
Never gonna work with him again.
I mean, like, we run a pretty mellow set but he's so neurotic.
He's, like, so difficult to work with.
Stop looking at me, okay?
-lt really freaks me out. -Put my makeup on, Kim.
I don't really even wanna waste my time talking about him.
Get-- You--
Everything but you. Please go away, man. I really hate you.
Don't say that to him. He's gonna think you mean it.
-I love this guy. How could you not-- -I've known Jonah for years.
Me too, I love him.
Hey, Michael, can you seriously just fuck off for a second?
It's just, like, this look on his face.
This little, like...
You just wanna punch him in the fucking face.
-Fairly attractive-- -Asshole.
Fucking dick, Michael.
You didn't have to--
Chris Mintz-Plasse--
Let go of my fucking-- Let go of my fucking neck. And don't--
The fuck are you doing? Let go of my fucking neck.
Dude, I have a fucking serious back problem.
You know a lot of it is pretending or acting...
...as, you know, you might wanna call it.
But, yeah, it's just like, why let that ruin my day, you know?
Why let that affect my life? So....
No point.