Beth responds to LIVE comments! - 7/30/12 (Full Ep)

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BETH HOYT: OK, guys.
A moment of silence for Jordyn Wieber.
She deserves it.

Do you know what I'm talking about?
Look it up.
Oh gosh, I just feel so bad for her.
Hi, everyone.
Welcome to My Damn Channel LIVE.
I'm Beth Hoyt.
And today, I want to get all up in your comments.
Get all up in your comments.
Get up, get up in your comments.
Did you guys play the theme song we made?
You played that over that, right?
We just made a theme song.
That would be really embarrassing if you didn't
actually play it and they heard me.
That would've sucked.
OK, cool, thanks.
Did you guys have a good weekend?
I hope so.
I hope you're relaxed and you're back into your work but
you're not so much so that you're not taking a break to
watch this show.
Are you at work?
Oh no.
Should I just-- is that your boss?
Is she gone?
OK, phew, all right, cool.
Just in case any of you are wondering from Friday how my
cleanse went this past weekend, just know that it's
hard to watch the Olympics for hours on end at a bar and not
at some point have three glasses of bad white wine and
pulled pork sliders.
It's just difficult.
Let's start with your comments.
Here's a comment.
And this is from ryoko7916.
"Is it weird that every time I see Michael Phelps on TV, I
tell him to give back Wheezywaiter's whale, even
though I'm sure he can't hear me?" And then I just was told
this is a face.
It's like an owl face, so it's like--
I think that's it.
Now I forgot even what the comment was
because of that face.
Oh, Michael Phelps.
Wheezywaiter's missing whale--
you guys know Wheezywaiter was here on the show last Tuesday.
His whale is in London.
He thinks Michael Phelps took it.
There's that exposition.
And for me, when I see Michael Phelps on TV, I just say out
loud, honey, honey, what cereal do you want?
Is that a thing?
Is that a thing, that you see his face and you get hungry
for cereal?
Is that just me?
Because I do.
I see his face, and I'm telling you--
I crave the cereal bars, like they used to have at
basketball camp, when you could pour all the different
cereals in one bowl.
I want that right now.
When I see his face, I also feel a marital
thing come over me.
So it's like, honey, can I--
that all happens.
Is that just me?
So you see how that works?
You send me a comment, and then I'll let you go inside
this thing.
Anyway, we'll be pulling some of your live comments, too.
So write with intention, you guys.
And I'll give you some time to do so.
And I'll entertain you with a brand new video.
This premiere is from the Product Displacement series.
And I think it's placed perfectly right now.
Here it is.
It's called Muntson.

-All right.

-Oh, Muntson.
NARRATOR: Television's longest running show is finally
available in your own home.
Relive all your favorite Muntson moments.
-Due to his horrible football injury, Muntson will never
walk again.

NARRATOR: All 790 episodes, all 70 made-for-TV movies, and
new bonus interviews with the cast and the crew.
-I would describe it simply as a show about--
-He was a detective, right?
There were magic powers involved.
I think.
-Come on, Muntson.
Hang on.
Don't let go of me.
No, Muntson!
NARRATOR: Order now, and we'll throw in every Christmas
special, including the Emmy award winning, "It's Beginning
to Look a Lot Like Muntson."
-It won't be Christmas without you.
You can't go, Muntson.
-He has to.

NARRATOR: Special features include the first ever
exclusive interview with the show's creator, Jim Gym Spitz.
NARRATOR: Over 1 million hours of groundbreaking
entertainment can be yours today.
Order now.
Wait, what the fuck is this show about?

BETH HOYT: Well, I know what I'm doing this weekend and the
next three years of weekends.
OK, so we're back.
Let's hang out.
And since I'm here and you're there, a good way for us to do
that is to look at your comments.
So let's do that.
First comment is from YouTube.
And this is from theninjaofawesome360.
"Yay, my first time viewing a live show!" Hooray!
Everyone jingle your bells for the newbie.
Congratulations, welcome to the club!
Doesn't it feel good?
How do you feel?
Are you OK?
Do you need water?
You have to get it yourself.
That's how it works.
But welcome.
I'm so excited to hear you're here.
Next comment is from YouTube.
This is from ThePhoenixfire97.
"You guy's studio is F-star-king
awesome." Isn't it?
It's so cool.
There's a lot of toys.
I like to touch all of them and mess everything up.
This is all my team.
This is my Olympic team, with the head guy,
Wheezywaiter over here.
All my toys.
I've eaten some of this on the show before.
I'm not going to do it again because I learn lessons.
And this guy--
you can't see his horns, but you will at some point--
he's my friend.
Next comment.
Thank you for that.
I agree.
Infringinator, "Marry me, Bethany." Get my name right,
and maybe you stand a better shot, all right?
How 'bout that, OK?
So next proposal--
next comment is from YouTube, BlackmagerVlogs.
"Please explain to us how you did that--
bundle bow thingamabobers on the right side of your head."
I will tell you, I don't know.
I was just playing with it, and I
thought, should I do this?
And I put one bobby pin right there.
And it stuck, and no one in the studio said, maybe you
should rethink that.
So I just went with it.
So maybe you're a fan, maybe you're not.
I don't know.
But one bobby pin and a little bit of luck
and not much foresight.
Another comment from YouTube is from xXTheShnTubexX.
"Beth, favorite YouTuber besides yourself?"
Oh, I have a few.
I like a lot of my friends.
Well, Franchesca Ramsey, Chescaleigh, I've known her
since college.
I've known her since college.
She hosted the show once.
I really like her videos, and I like her.
I think she's hilarious.
Coffey Chat, Shannon Coffey.
I mean, it helps when you know the person personally.
The person personally.
They're my friends, so I like watching their videos.
also Community Channel is, I think, hilarious.
And I've never met her.
So there is that.
Next comment is from YouTube, CosmicCaprice.
"Beth Hoyt, you have a good voice for morning shows in
radio." Do you think?
I think it's because it's low, right?
So, let's give this a whirl.
Good morning listeners.
You're listening to KWGBX on Morning New York Radio.
And the traffic-- oh, you shouldn't be looking at me.
You should just be hearing me.
The traffic on the BQE is extremely, extremely crowded.
There's been an accident.
So good luck getting to the airport.
You're probably going to be late.
And other than that, it is sunny.
And you're going to wish you weren't flying on a plane
today because you're stuck in traffic.
Up next is Casey Kasem.
Is that what happens on the radio?
Thanks, though.
That's a second career for me.
What's happening now?
Do we have another comment?
A comment from YouTube.
"Boobs." Where?
You didn't tell me where they were.
We'll get more of those soon, more of your comments.
But I want to show you something.
It's a little something from our awesome new series, Save
the Supers.
It's to help you get in the mood for their brand-new
episode on Wednesday.
And one of the supers, Fleet Foot--
his attempt to save his job, he got Tay Zonday to do this.

-Fleet Foot, the world's fastest man.
A true team player.
Father of six.
Friend of Merman.
Best friend to Tay Zonday.
Faster than a Facebook poke.
Able to traverse continents without breaking a sweat.
More quicker than a grammar check.
Fleet Foot.
Years ago, exhausted from working multiple jobs to
support his family, he drank an off-market energy drink
called Speed-Up while installing a car battery in a
Lightening struck, creating a superhero unlike any the world
has ever seen.
You know who I'm talking 'bout--
Fleet Foot.
Fleet Foot holds the Guinness Book World Record for the
fastest super-villain apprehension.
He caught the Javelineer in an unprecedented 3.2 seconds.
Otherwise the Seattle Space Needle would have been thrown
into the moon.
Fleet Foot!
It's impossible to imagine the Super Force
without Fleet Foot.
In fact, do not imagine that.
Don't put that traumatic strain on your brain.
Jump on the Fleet Foot train.
Last stop, Awesome Town.
Toot, toot.

BETH HOYT: Awesome.
New episode of Save the Supers will be on Wednesday.
OK, so let's look at some more things that you say to me.
This is from LegitCookie07.
"Beth, do you like my name?" I do.
I hope all cookies are legit--
a hope from the bottom of my heart. "I like yours.
Can you ring the bell for me?" LegitCookie.

Next comment.
Bogdan Lakotiy.
I butchered that.
Bogdan Lakotiy.
"Sing 'Baby' by JB." That's Justin Bieber, right?
"Baby." I watched Never Say Never this weekend,
so I know this one.
So he's moonwalking, right?
And imagine I'm wearing purple and white and I have hearts.
I'm gonna channel, I'm gonna get there.
It's like, oh yeah.
Baby, baby, baby, oooh, baby.
And he's all like, psh, like that.
He's smooth.
He is smooth.
I was impressed by that documentary.
It's a good one.
Next comment is from Cyriacx.
I'm sorry, you guys.
I'm just having a hard time reading letters that aren't
forming correct words.
"I love Natalie Tran, too!
She was one of my first subscribers
when I made my account.
fantastic, too." Awesome.
Well then I'll check you out, so then we have that all in
common and we can be a little circular like, but I was fans
of you and then you were fans of me, and then we all
And that's how the YouTube community works.
One more comment is from Jessica Foster. "Beth, explain
the meaning of life." Wow.
That's a doozy.
So basically the meaning of life--
if you don't know what my description of the meaning of
life is, then you haven't experienced Monday at 4
o'clock, being put on the spot to give the meaning of life on
a live show.
Which basically, I just want to tell you that, it's a
really important-- oh.
And that's what it means to me.
And I hope that that's a similar
feeling that you have--
basically happiness and joy and friendship.
Next comment is from YouTube, and that is from Thesunreport.
"There was a young lady called Beth whose name it was hard to
find rhymes for.
Writing her limericks was hard, for the
above mentioned reasons.
And in that way, the limerick sort of petered out at the
end, in an arrhythmical sort of word soup.
Have a great weekend." And then--
Listen, thank you.
A for effort on that comment.
A full poem is amazing.
Thank you for doing that.
It did not peter out at the end.
I think it powered through.
And I want to tell you this.
Beth does rhyme with something.
Remember Garbage Pail Kids?
So there was Seth.
Seth's card was Bad Breath Seth, which is not fortunate.
But they all were kind of ucky names.
Beth's card was the death person with a scythe, and it
was Beth Death.
For a young girl, I'm looking for my card through the deck
of cards, and it was Beth Death.
That was not a fun thing to share with my friends.
And that's a word that rhymes with Beth.
And it would have been better to have Bad Breath Beth,
because that would've been consonance.
So that would've been a better alliteration.
So if we can all start a petition for the Garbage Pail
Kids to change that, that would be fantastic.
And that will do it.
And that does it.
Now you've done it!
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to yell.
Tomorrow, as we will be doing the next few weeks, we have a
very special Olympic themed show.
Competitions, medals, tears.
And on Wednesday, it's My Damn Channel's fifth birthday.
Cake, presents, tears.
So be sure to subscribe so you don't miss anything.
I care for you deeply.
And thanks for your awesome comments.
I'll see you tomorrow.