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Welcome to Investment and Development Today we will approach the topic:
Youth Entrepreneurial Spirit and for that we are accompanied to my left by Manal Massis, she
is president of the Association of Young Entrepreneurs of Guatemala AJE, also we are accompanied by Patricio Rodriguez.
He is the president of the Iberoamerican Association of Young Entrepreneurs FIJE and Arturo Matheu.
He is the president of Junior Achievement of Guatemala. Thanks for joining us in Investment and Development.
Why it's important for countries, that young people get involved into the labor sector, Patricio?
It is very important that young people make the choice of setting up their businesses as an employment option,
basically as a way of finding work. We are also in a continent where
youth is a high percentage of the population and the more young people establish up companies,
more wealth will be generated for their countries and their environment. Then, encouraging young people to put their companies
is positive. At the end, around the world the people that create employment and generation of wealth are entrepreneurs and youth
whose percentage of this population is very high, those who establish these companies are very positive
for each of our countries.
Mr. Matheu currently, what is the level of potential and entrepreneurship that young people in Guatemala have
and how we can canalize it in order to concrete in MIPYMES, what we call: The Micro, Small
and Medium enterprises in Guatemala?
First of all thank you very much for the opportunity. I think it is very important to have this contact with youth.
The development of entrepreneurial spirit is something that all have inside, it's almost like love.
We all bring an inner love that we have to wake up and have to carry it with a purpose.
The development of entrepreneurial spirit is achieved in youth, well, depending on the circumstances of the home,
the circumstances of the school or college since when they are attending from small and the incentives that they have
for their education and that level they can achieve propositively in a positive way.
It's successively but many things must be motivated and encouraged with some programs, some
courses that promote and help in order to have that entrepreneurial spirit.
Miss Massis, why education is fundamental in youth to create an entrepreneurial culture in them?
Education is a vital issue in the field of entrepreneurship. I think it is essential to have a full academic formation,
the financial formation is essential and important in academic preparation.
It's to reduce costs and learning time in the intrepreneurship journey,
because between a better formation we have, both in life and academic
as of market, we must be autodidacts. Then we need to be well prepared
so that we can have our first profitable company sooner than other people
that have a deficient formation or that don't pay adequate attention to their formation.
Mr. Rodriguez, how does Iberoamerican Federation of Young Entrepreneurs FIJE started
and what are the objectives that are at an Iberoamerican level?
The Iberoamerican Federation of Young Entrepreneurs was born in summer of 2,008 in Argentina
where we got together all the Young Entrepreneurs Associations of Iberoamerica and we decided to build a federation
where it involves all of us, AJE Guatemala is one of the founding associations and the objectives
of this association is to replicate in the American area, Latin American. The objectives of each of our associations
in our countries of origin, basically the promotion and encouragement that young people start their enterprises.
Sure, they are also part of the youth polictics that are promoting through the congress.
Exactly, it's a valorization beside it supported by the Iberoamerican General Secretarial SEGIP
and by the Iberoamerican Youth Organization with which all policies or all actions
that are being developed, then it can be converted in public policies for youth support
in all Iberoamerican area.
Mr. Matheu, how Junior Achievement helps in the formation of the entrepreneurial culture
in childhood and how it strengthens it in youth?
Junior Achievement was born in Guatemala 21 years ago but Junior Achievement which is the organization at worldwide level
which we belong. It was born in 1919 in the United States of America and has presence in more than 100 countries around the world.
With more than 25 educational programs that starts from 8 years to 25 and there is where I think it complements
these associations of young or older entrepreneurs, but this is always a beneficial association
because of the approachment and balance the interests of youth, it's very important. That learning of youth
and to participate each one arm to arm ,enriches it, makes it greater and to have a additional spirit
strengthening by heart.
Miss Massis, how the part of the technification and training plays a fundamental role
in the development of entrepreneur spirit in youth in Guatemala?
It is very important, in fact, part of the functions of us as Young Entrepreneurs Association
is to make alliances with other institutions, a clear example is the first meeting of Young Entrepreneurs
we had on Saturday October 29, where the MINECO for the first time opens the doors
to several associations, including Junior Achievement and AJE Guatemala so it can reach youth
and give that technical training that's not often found in the universities pensum
and that's vital to bring these skills of entrepreneurship to youth that is indispensable for the country's development.
Tell us more about what contents were carried out during the meeting of Young Entrepreneurs
that took place a few days ago?
Well the event was very rewarding. Our colleague Patrick gave a speech about
"Entrepreneurs Dreams" we had enriching workshops where youth had available
topics such as mediation and negotiation, an important subject at the time of operating our businesses.
We are negotiating all the time and we have to learn how to deal with such situations day by day.
We also had an essential workshop in these issues on how to make an effective business plan.
On how to actually be able to capture our idea so we can sell our company. Whether to obtain financing
or to make it grow.
Mr. Rodriguez, what was your participation and experience during the meeting of Young Entrepreneurs in Guatemala,
and how do you see now that great potential that we can channel through the meeting that took place?
Actually the meeting was very well, I was quite surprised, I participated with a speech
about Entrepreneurship and Dreams", slightly telling what the organization does and the importance of these organizations
and what I have contrasted is the enormous support and the huge concientization that there is
in Guatemala for these issues. The support of the government in the areas of entrepreneurship is critical, because
we should never forget that as much as the businesses organizations or social organizations
do and participate, there are issues where governments have an important role to lead and promote
that, here in Guatemala. I've seen it in AJE Guatemala, it has the strength and ability to reach young people.
Incredible, as well as other associations or other groups. The truth is that I was very pleasantly surprised
and wish AJE Guatemala and Guatemalan Young Entrepreneurs to go ahead with this work.
I think that's the way and in some years we will see major results, that there are so many young people in this country
that decide to create their companies, some of them that already have, will make bigger companies.
Even some of them can even become transnational and this is and will be very important for the country.
We are going to a break and then we will continue with Investment and Development.
We continue with Investment and Development, Mr. Matheu, Junior Achievement has several projects that are being implemented
in the interior of the country, we can see that it's very important to develop rural areas, what we must work
for example in foundations, the projects that you perform as civil society, entrepreneurs
and also the government so that we can develop more that dormant potential that we have in Guatemala?
I think it's very important to point out that there are 5 pillars that we really need to take into consideration
1. Parents. 2. Are the youth and children, they'll have training. 3. Teaching sector
to say teachers. 4. The business sector that's where the funds can come from to strengthen
that education and then also the business sector can transmit and do a joint venture, a chain
with their experience to transmit to young people and they can facilitate, not only to put a company,
to develop an idea, a business plan, but also try to eliminate through that route the mistake
those, that could be considered the errors that begins in the development of the project
of the one that is being established, that could have. Then these 5 pillars are very important and obviously
the strengthening in the educational process, through government policy, it will give the support
so that in those parts of the country where it is needed that education, could be reached with the necessary financing.
We can clearly see the role that is being played by the governments such as public policy not of short term,
but must be of medium and long term accompanied by the different sectors mentioned
so that the country be more competitive in this case.
That is one of the most important things, education can't never be considerated as an immediate effect.
Education is a process that comes from since we are born and is a training also to be able to reach
to have a level and a way of thinking, but all these procedure takes a generation before you reach
to be able to demonstrate at 25 years, at least in the first generation of education, if you'll be successful or not.
Let me tell you that the first most important company
is the company "The Family" the mom has to learn to manage in any sector where she is
a household budget and from then on comes the other businesses.
Now Miss Massis, what role are playing the incentives such as the part of micro credits
also what you call the "Business Angels" for young people to develop their business projects?
That part is very important, as AJE Guatemala we count on with a platform
of "Business Angels" in Spanish would be "Angeles Inversionistas" We try to be the link or connection between these young people
with brilliant ideas of business and that for financial reasons can't be carried out and we join them with these investors
that have risk capital and don't know where to invest it. Then they reach to a platform
where they agree. They reach to agreements among themselves and make all these businesses a reality. It is also important
and in fact was one of the pillars of the meeting, it was the presentation of the Ministry of Economy.
The issue of micro credits and programs of internationalization of companies that the Vice Ministry
of MIPYME, where many Guatemalans don't know that they can approach the MIPYME
and be able to have a non-refundable seed capital financing from $5,000 up to $ 30,000.
Then they are existing platforms, they are resources that are there and many times because of lack of attention
or by lack of research by young entrepreneurs, we don't reach those access to credit.
So that's one of the most important tasks we are doing at this time.
MINECO is supporting us greatly in that sense and we hope to have the results we want,
that is to have more and better companies for our country.
Mr. Rodriguez, what role are you playing in the advising for a Business Plan
so that young people can execute their projects?
It is essential that before starting a business you should have a Business Plan, it's really where you shape
not only the idea, but also the numbers of what you're going to do, I mean it's the roadmap which is so popular.
It's the roadmap by which you will guide your company through your career
and also it's the basic instrument, besides the entrepreneur and himself to get financing
from a "Business Angel" or government financing, at the end you'll have a role where
you'll put what you want to do, how you'll do it, with what funds, with which expected incomes, etc.
What all entrepreneurs should have clear is that they must be very flexible.
You must have clear and well written what you want to do, if you see the situation at some point
it's not going as you thought, you must have the flexibility to rewrite the Business Plan and readjust
the new situations. That's one of the great advantages of small companies that tend to be very flexible
at the time of adapting to market conditions or to a crisis as the one that happened a few months ago and
in recent years that nobody expected and that suddenly has changed many companies in
their objectives and circumstances, but it's essential to have a Business Plan well developed, well thought
and is also crucial to have organizations for example as AJE Guatemala, where any entrepreneur
that wants to see if it's well done, see if they have the correct items, they can be given advise
and can be told, "hey, that's good or you look you are lack of this or add this or remove the other!"
Mr. Matheu, what can we do so that more young people get involve into the undertaking part
to encourage them and to see that it's a great opportunity for them to be not only employees but also employers
in the country and be able to carry out productive projects and that this lead to rural development.
First of all I think it's very important to have that entrepreneurial spirit, the desire to do something more in life
either to start a business or be a good employee because it's the 2 things, one has to do
there's not many other things. Either you work or work for youself or for someone else but has to be done well .
The second term, I think, have a good idea, a good concept of what will be done.
Depends, if you don't have that ability, then go to whom has the expertise or the experience, knowledge
of the best way possible. It's approaching to whom knows and has the experience it's of the most important things.
Then, the preparation of the Business Plan is essential because there you can analyze what will be done
together with that will be seen the needs of capital, of resource of money that will be invested and will produced
and afterwards from where I'm going to get it because that's another very important issue.
Miss Massis, what role is being played in the innovation and technology part for that impulse of the
MIPYMES in Guatemala?
The issue of innovation and technology these days I believe it's essential, I think that a high percentage
of all enterprise projects, that are now emerging in the market are technology products.
I think the issue of innovation is very important since we are in a changing market where
the access to information is becoming faster, all the time it's more immediate then we have to keep up
at the forefront all the time, always be aware of what's new, what's coming later and one as an entrepreneur
always have to anticipate situations, anticipate to market and have that flexibility that Patricio mentioned
just a moment ago. We have to be flexible since that flexibility is synonymous of innovation.
We are going to a break then we will continue with Investment and Development.
We continue with Investment and Development, Mr. Rodriguez in Guatemala we have great challenges
for example we have what we call the 2 Guatemalas, the Guatemala that's developed
from Puebla, Mexico to Colombia, which is the leader in the region, but we also have a Guatemala
in the interior that has up to 150 years of delay. How youth factor and entrepreneurship
can make the change in our country?
What you are telling me about the 2 Guatemalas is something that I from when I became president of the American Federation
keep seeing throughout Latin America, or to say that, that gap is repeated in many Latin American countries
and youth is key there, because they are the ones that are going to make those changes, reducing the gap that you say
of the 150 years delay and there I think the key is the actions of the government as well of the civil society in this case.
The organizations have to be very active in those areas and there education is the key.
The issue of whether entrepreneurship can be one of the important tools so that the gap
reduce absolutely in all the areas. The youth awareness via education
that we must reduce the distance between each other, approach and the key instrument there is education.
Then through access to new technologies. As just mentioned is access to this information
allows in very little time. There are key examples in the continent, for example in Brazil
where in 4 years or 6 years, the former President Lula reduced the distance between the 2 Brazils
thanks in between other things to the access of other technologies, so the access to that information
greatly facilitates and there are programs of contrasted success in the continent so that these populations
have access to that information, to that education and immediately the gap. That of course
must be supported by actions in infrastructure, and so on. Where public support hand in hand with private companies
not only allow access to that education but then also to the possibilities
so that businesses develop as I said through infrastructure.
Mr. Matheu, what will be the next programs that will be executed through the Junior Achievement
to empower youth in Guatemala and the entrepreneurship spirit?
Very soon will be the International Forum of Entrepreneurs which is the FIE, it has been realized for more than 12 years consecutively
in Guatemala, this will be its thirteenth year, it's a week of living together of young men and women
that are within the age of 16 to 20 years, it takes place in IRTRA Retalhuleu.
There it's shared with a lot of experiences, from didactics parts, masterly conferences
and experiences that are specifically to potentiate entrepreneurship spirit and other tools
will help young people to share and to learn to make better businesses.
Apart from that because of the school year, had to finish before because of the elections, but next year
we will come with a heavy amount of courses and programs. Obviously access to that is relatively easy to do
for those who can register and want to do it, looking at the website or by calling
so that information be given. The young people in this case, as is the case of events that you have already had
before, communication with youth is important and no activity removes one from the other.
All that is always being done for education and in favor of youth, each one has a different stage
we don't compete because there is enough market in which we can all work. Moreover we must do it together
with many more organizations.
It's ultimately complementary at the end the support that can be given with that synergy to provide that development.
Of course, as I mentioned previously the pillars of development, one of those the educational part
and the association and also of what they have to achieve, one, that strengthening with the financial sector
in order to be able to concrete businesses forward.
Miss Massis, how Guatemala participate in the Iberoamerican Congress of Young Entrepreneurs
and what role will be played for 2,012?
Guatemala in this case will be forming important part of this conference, we are going together
with the Ministry of Economy and an important delegation, since we will host this event next year
with the theme of 2,012. It will be a very important event for our country, there will be about 2,500
entrepreneurs at Ibero American level, we hope to have the assistance of many Guatemalans since it's an event
very rewarding and an opportunity to meet many business contact at international level.
I think that's a very valuable Networking Platform, so we're very excited.
I think AJE Guatemala is in a very important moment where we want to invite all young people
to have their enterprises or have a company project, to come to us
because I believe that the more partners we have in the association we will be able to have better achievements next year.
Mr. Rodriguez as how we can see at Iberoamerican level we have a great potential and that there are emerging economies
and great potencials as you mentioned "The case of Brazil" which are factors that we have to strengthen
as a regional level?
Latin America has a horizon within the coming years, the slogan of the Congress in Guadalajara
"From here to 2,025." I think that's perfectly applicable for the entire continent, there are many challenges ahead.
Also there are many possibilities and then above all has a huge advantage over U.S.A.
For example Europe and it's high the percentage of younth that is in the continent, that if it's achieved and of that there are examples
as you said, right now in Brazil, integrate that youth and strengthen them, give the tools to
succeed in all that is Latin America. In Latin America there is a very promising future ahead, the
new technologies are key factors and will be a guide in the future as commented a minute ago.
The issue of access to information, education which we have mentioned, it's a very important guide
so that countries develop and move forward. You see right now and in Mexico in the Congress we will see it
that leading companies in technology issues where you said I never imagined that one of the leading companies
for example, is a real case and the issue of planes unmanned, is a Mexican company of Guadalajara.
You would have never thought about it. From where does that companies come from? You would think that from the United States or from Israel
or from some country of those, you would never think of Mexico and less Guadalajara. It's a company established in an incubator at the University
in Guadalajara and is one of the largest companies in the world, it's assisting to international fairs
and is having great success and that can be done and is being replicated in many other companies
across the continent. The boom of raw materials and wealth that is being generated should be and there is the intelligence
of the governments that at the end are those that generate these resources are the ones that place the priorities.
Lula's case is paradigmatic, in taking advantage of that wealth that is being generated in recent years
for the benefit of society, for the benefit of entrepreneurs and in the end what was said at the beginning.
The more entrepreneurs there are, more wealth is generated. More employment is generated, better conditions the countries will all
of Iberoamerica.
As we clearly see the successful stories of Mexico, emerging economies. Then what we can clearly see
that are paradigms that are actually there in front and aren't barriers are the reality.
We must see that there are great potentials and as we mentioned that youth is a important component
that we have above the other regions as a competitive advantage that we must exploit
to generate the needed development needed in our region.
Thank you very much for joining us in Investment and Development.
This week we will take a great decision that will take the course of development of our country.
Remember that a conscious vote, will make a different Guatemala.
See you next week with an interesting program as the one of today.