Foot Pain Relief: Yoga Tune Up® - Ankle Circles/Barbie Doll Feet Pose

Uploaded by yogatuneupvideos on 25.04.2010

We’ll begin in sitting
Squeeze your inner legs together
keeping your feet and ankles connected
Begin making circles with both feet at once
The two feet act as a propeller
Each circle that they make larger than the one preceding it
Big scooping circles
Go ahead and reverse the directions of your ankles
Be also careful here that it’s not your legs are moving
but your actual ankles and feet are making the biggest circles
that they possibly can
You want to feel a dull ache
Around the ankles here getting into muscles that are often neglected
Next sit with both toes, both feet
Flexed pointing back toward your knees
Keep your toes pulling back toward your knees And then
press the big toe mound
I call this Barbie doll foot Because the foot almost looks like a Barbie Doll
And then finally point all ten toes forward
Pull your ten toes back
Barbie Doll foot Ankle pulls back into dorsi flextion And then again
Press the big toe mound forward
Ten toes forward Ten toes back
Ankle back
Foot forward
Toes forward
ankle back
Few more times like that
This action helps us articulate through the bones and joints of the foot
Many many joints and bones here To get clear movement
Last time good