MasterChef US Season 3 Episode 12

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Previously on Masterchef.
Oh, my God.
(Announcer) Felix won the mystery box and took control...
Oh, my God.
(Announcer) Of the elimination challenge.
And with only one target...
Monti's going home.
Sorry, Felix, but she did nail it.
Better luck next time.
(Announcer) But in the end, Tali was sunk.
It's Masterchef, not masturbate.
(Announcer) Tonight...
The home cooks kick up their spurs
and rustle up grub for a posse of cowboys.
Oh, my God.
That's a lot of freakin' cowboys.
(Announcer) Egos clash...
If this fails, it's on her.
They are big-time bitches.
(Announcer) And Christine's station...
(Announcer) Goes up in flames.
Can you help me? [Bleep].
Oh, my God.
(Announcer) One team faces the pressure test
with a heartbreaking finish... Wow.
(Announcer) As one more Masterchef hopeful
ends their journey.
Your time is done.
[Bird squawking]
(Announcer) 60 miles East of the Masterchef kitchen,
the remaining eight home cooks
have been brought to Norco, horsetown USA,
where they'll face off in a team challenge
of epic proportions.
I don't know where we are.
But there is an intense smell of cow manure.
Here comes Gordon and Joe,
riding up all smooth and suave on two horses.
Oh, they're so cute.
Chef Ramsay looks really sexy on a horse.
[Cheers and applause]
Come on, big boy.
[Laughter and cheering]
Whoa. Whoa.
[Cheers and applause]
All: Howdy, chef.
In 1 1/2 hours from now,
101 hungry cowboys will be galloping up here,
and your job is to feed them.
Oh, my God.
I can tell you what cowboys like to eat: Beef.
(Graham) In those wagons, you'll find amazing
USDA choice New York strip and rib eye steaks,
as well as fresh produce, all from Walmart.
You'll be split into two teams.
Each team will cook 101 thick steaks, plus two sides.
Each cowboy will eat some grub
from the Red Team and the Blue Team.
Then they'll hang a horseshoe
for the team that served them their favorite meal.
The first team to 51 votes will win.
The losing team will face
the dreaded Masterchef pressure test.
Frank and Monti, the two of you
had the best dishes in the last elimination test.
So, obviously you'll be team captains today.
Time to pick your posses.
I'm gonna be the best team Captain
Masterchef has ever seen.
Frank, you had the best dish of the elimination challenge,
so you get to pick first.
Well, the first person, she's my biggest competition.
So I like to have that on my team, Becky.
(Gordon) Becky, wow. Come over.
Excellent. Monti.
(Monti) I want a team of underdogs.
I relate to the underdogs.
I am an underdog.
And I feel like underdogs have fight.
I admire this person's creativity in the kitchen.
I'd like to choose Stacey.
(Gordon) Stacey, wow. Wow.
The next person is gonna be Josh.
Whoo. (Gordon) Josh, wow.
Monti, next pick.
David Martinez.
Wow. Wow.
Look at you.
Frank, I mean, this pick,
you're picking for both teams.
(Christine) I'm not surprised that I'm near the bottom pick.
Obviously since I'm blind, it's difficult
for me to get around,
and that's definitely frustrating for me.
Uh, I have to come down to one, it's just because
I've worked with her on a team before.
It's gotta be Felix.
(Gordon) Felix.
Christine? Yes, chef?
Last pick again.
On a personal front,
you, for flavor profile, would be my first pick.
Thank you, chef.
At this point, I want to prove myself
to the entire team that I'm more than capable
of being out in the field and...
And cooking alongside the rest of them.
(Gordon) Blue Team, captained by Monti.
Red Team, captained by Frank.
(Frank) My team is literally the dream team today.
They are people that are able to share ideas
and work together as a team.
Since the very beginning, we told you
that Masterchef would be full of twists and turns,
and here comes another one.
In the real world, great chefs have to adapt and focus
on delivering great dishes, even when
they're working with people
they don't necessarily have confidence in.
Frank and Monti,
both of you, please take a step forward.
Take off your aprons.
Ugh. Aww.
Now switch them.
Oh, my God. I knew it.
And go and join your new teams.
Wow. Aww.
Get the [Bleep] out of here right now, man.
I just picked the best team,
and he's switching it off.
All right. Whoo!
I think my new team probably just hates the fact
they got stuck with me as a team Captain.
You've got 90 minutes to prep.
And then one hour to serve 101 cowboys.
Treat these gorgeous steaks with the respect they deserve.
Your time starts... Now.
Good luck.
(Announcer) Both teams have just 90 minutes
before 101 cowboys arrive.
The Red Team has decided to cook a rib eye steak.
But now they need to agree on their two sides.
I have a sweet potato that I would like to mash.
(Josh) Monti said she wants to cook sweet potatoes.
And I'm thinking, "no, it just too much time
"having to peel, chop, and cook
all those damn potatoes for 101 people."
And then I need ideas for the other side.
I think baked beans would be good.
I wanna do barbecue baked beans.
I can make a huge pot of it,
we can put it on the heat and that's good.
That's easily 100 portions.
We don't have to overthink it,
and it'll be really great with steak.
No, is there Green beans? Nah, no salad.
Yeah, there's Green beans. Let's good look.
We got Green beans right here too.
Let's do Green beans, in a spicy sauce,
in a hot sauce.
We can use maybe the chilis.
I just don't think this reads cowboy enough.
(Announcer) Despite concerns from her teammates,
Monti has decided that the Red Team
will be serving their steak
with sweet potato mash and spicy Green beans.
(Becky) She has chosen this menu.
If this fails, it's on her.
(Announcer) While not everyone on Captain Monti's Red Team
likes her vision for their dish,
over on the Blue Team,
Frank is taking a more collaborative approach.
Who knows how to make a sauce? I can make a delicious
barbecue sauce. Okay, you're good.
I can make an awesome garlic mash.
(Frank) Okay, now vegetables, what do we think?
(Stacey) I'm thinking corn.
Awesome. Sounds good.
(Announcer) The Blue Team has decided on a New York strip steak
with garlic mashed potatoes, corn on the cob,
and Stacey's barbecue sauce.
So a key to the good barbecue sauce that I make
is that it's sweet, smoky, and hot.
(Graham) So when you're looking at a steak,
what exactly are you looking for?
Oh, when I looked at those steaks, they were perfect.
That ruby red intense color, the marbling.
They were perfectly thick.
These are some real, real, primo steaks.
(Gordon) Those steaks are 16 ounce thick.
So, you know, they've gotta be cooked properly.
You give a cowboy a rare, almost raw steak,
then they're gonna kick up a stink.
Made a dry rub, and I'm rubbing down these steaks.
They're gonna be nice and savory and spicy.
I really wanna make those cowboys come down
to their knees when they bite into this.
[Horse neighing]
(Announcer) The cowboys are just one hour away.
On the Blue Team, Captain Frank
has begun the task of pre-searing the steaks.
But on the Red Team, Captain Monti
has delegated this crucial task to Becky.
Becky? Yes?
What's going on? Uh...
Did you just take control?
Did you take Monti's job as Captain?
No, absolutely not. You're manning the grill.
You're front and center. She's back there cutting beans.
Looks like that's what happened.
She chose me to man the grill.
I asked her if she wanted to do it.
She wanted me to do it. So I said,
"you know, whatever you want."
But you agree that, you know, manning the grill
is like pole position, right? That's what I thought.
That's her choice. If she wants to cut vegetables
and then put one of her team members
on the most important station on the entire
freakin' challenge, then by all means.
(Announcer) As Becky sears off the steaks for the Red Team,
Frank has assigned Christine
to grill the corn.
But she's left the dry outer husks on.
The grill is on fire, guys.
I don't know why it's on fire.
There's fire. Fire!
Can someone turn this corn, please?
(Gordon) Come on then, don't stand there.
You guys gotta move a little bit.
(Christine) Can you help me? [Bleep].
If we lose because of this,
it's totally coming down on me.
[Horse neighing]
The grill is on fire, guys.
(David) I got it. I got it.
I'm helping you out, Christine.
(Announcer) With just 50 minutes remaining
before the cowboys arrive for their Masterchef cookout,
the Blue Team is scrambling to put out the fire
from Christine's corn.
(David) I put the blind girl on the grill.
I can't believe I did that.
(Christine) I didn't know the grill was so damn hot.
(Frank) It's kind of a bump in the road,
but we're getting over it.
(Christine) Sorry, guys. Fire's out.
Fire's out. (Christine) Thanks.
(Gordon) Guys, 45 minutes to go.
(Announcer) As the Blue Team tries to salvage Christine's corn,
over on the Red Team, Becky is struggling
with the grill.
What are you going for here?
These are already medium.
I'm not trying to get 'em to medium.
These are medium, though.
I can tell you that right now.
Monti, these steaks are all overcooked.
They're all already medium to medium-well.
(Monti) I don't know what the misunderstanding is,
but Becky starts cooking the steaks,
not just searing them.
(Joe) All overcooked.
Josh, I need you to get on the grill, please.
We're only given 105 steaks.
1/4 of our steaks are overdone.
We're [Bleep].
(Joe) Big problem on the Red Team.
All the steaks are overcooked.
Monti's called Josh over,
but it might be too late, I don't know
what kind of damage Becky did over here.
(Gordon) By the time they've rested, they'll be well-done.
They're well-done. And then, heated up again.
(Gordon) Like you don't want to eat a well-done steak,
which is crazy.
(Joe) Look at the rhythm of the Blue Team
compared to the Red Team.
I think Frank's leadership
is really coming to bear. David.
He's in control.
And they're taking a cue
from his confidence and his cool.
And it's permeating the whole team. Amazing.
(Gordon) 60 minutes gone. 30 minutes to go.
You see, this is gonna be your problem.
Quick, take these out. Look what's on the bottom.
(Announcer) While Joe has acknowledged Frank's leadership,
he's concerned with the way
the Blue Team is resting their steaks.
You can't stack up steaks... I mean, look at this.
Those steaks on the bottom are, like,
submerged in, like, an aquarium of blood.
See the heat coming off? Yeah.
They're basically poaching.
They're, like, going from medium-rare to medium.
Yeah, all the juices are just coming out.
I mean, look at this. Yeah.
I just... I don't know where else to put it, Joe.
You know what I mean? You gotta spread 'em out.
Look what the Red Team's doing.
They got steaks all over the place.
What was before was crispy and caramelized
is now kinda gooey, dude.
You gotta really be careful with this.
(Announcer) As Frank tries to rescue his steaks,
on the Red Team, Monti is concerned
they won't have enough of one of their side dishes.
Well, this is not 100 servings.
(Becky) Do you see how small that plate is
and how huge our steak is?
Trust me, I was serving last time
for that military challenge.
We need more potatoes.
It's gonna be tough getting the potatoes done,
but I know that we can do it.
[Horses galloping]
Frank? Yes?
(Gordon) Have a look at the hill.
Then you guess.
That's a lot of freakin' cowboys.
Oh, my God.
(Gordon) Those cowboys will be arriving any minute now, guys.
Careful, chef, top of the left one's super hot.
David, my name's [Bleep] Ramsay, not Martinez.
We need more steaks out here.
Do we have another board for steaks?
That sauce is delicious. Thank you.
Kickin' ass and takin' names.
Let's go, guys. Five minutes to go.
(Becky) Ahh, look at that butter sauce, baby.
Best whiskey butter sauce I've ever made
in my entire life.
Two minutes to go, guys.
The cowboys are coming, guys.
And my God, they look hungry.
Son of a gun!
[Horses neighing]
(Gordon) Here we go, guys.
Welcome, cowboys.
Seeing this line of 101 cowboys,
it's intimidating. Whoo!
(Becky) Looks like a picturesque Western scene.
But it's also very daunting.
Like, "oh, that's a lot of people to feed."
Throw on some more steaks. Coming in.
(Gordon) Okay, Red Team, Blue Team,
your one hour service begins.
Let's go.
Both: Howdy.
How we doing? How are you?
(Announcer) The cowboy cookout has begun.
Good to see you.
(Announcer) The 101 cowboys and cowgirls will chow down
on dishes from each team and vote for their favorite.
(Becky) Cowboy rib eye today with a little Kentucky whiskey butter.
Thank you. There you go.
Have a good one. Thanks so much.
(Announcer) The Red Team is serving a rib eye,
sweet potato mash, and spicy Green beans.
Hey, how's it going?
We have a sweet, smoky barbecue sauce here.
There you go. Thank you.
(Stacey) Yes, vote team blue.
(Announcer) The Blue Team is serving a New York strip steak
with Stacey's sweet and smoky barbecue sauce,
garlic mashed potatoes, and grilled corn on the cob.
How you doing, cowboys?
You have a good ride in? Oh, yeah.
Red Team or Blue Team?
At the moment, I'm gonna have to go with the steak
on the, uh, Red Team. For you?
So far, I think I'm going Blue Team.
Here you go, enjoy. Thank you.
These steaks are so tender.
I can't believe you can get things like this at Walmart.
The blue plate, the steak is incredible.
I love it. The sauce is awesome. Is killer.
I'm a sweet potato girl. I love sweet potatoes.
And these are really good.
More potatoes, please.
More sweet potato. Where are the sweet potatoes?
That's all we got. (Gordon) Are they cooked?
Are they cooked?
No, they are not cooked.
Ah, [Bleep]. Here we go.
(Announcer) It's less than five minutes into service
and despite making two batches of sweet potato mash,
the Red Team is about to run out.
We need more sweet potatoes, please.
(Monti) How do you go through a whole hotel pan
of potatoes in five minutes?
I'm [Bleep].
We need more sweet potatoes immediately.
Oh, my God.
My dream of being the greatest team leader alive
is plummeting quicker than I can say, "holy [Bleep]."
This is not possible.
(Monti) We are out of sweet potatoes for right now, ladies.
Oh, my God.
This is not possible.
(Announcer) For this team challenge,
the red and blue teams are each serving steaks
with two side dishes for 101 cowboys.
It's five minutes into service, and already
the Red Team has run out of sweet potato mash.
Red Team, come here. Come here, come here, come here.
Yeah, that means you as well, Becky.
Come here.
We've served 25 cowboys.
We've run out of sweet potatoes.
I just find it embarrassing.
'Cause we all look so [Bleep] stupid.
None of you know what's going on.
We're gonna make it work.
Whatever sweet potatoes we can get,
we're gonna get out, immediately.
Monti's main job from the very beginning
was sweet potatoes.
That was the job that she set for herself.
What the hell happened?
Please explain to them, Becky and Felix,
that we have no starch.
We have no starch right now.
We ran out of our sweet potatoes.
No sweet potato? No, I'm so sorry.
Guys, 45 minutes to go.
(Announcer) As the Red Team scrambles to make more sweet potato mash,
the judges check in on the cowboys and girls
to see whose food they're liking better so far.
So, ladies, you like the Blue Team or the Red Team's?
I like the blue with the sauce.
(Joe) The barbecue sauce you liked?
Blue or red? I pick this one.
(Graham) Really, red? Yeah, mm-hmm.
Blue, blue? This sauce is amazing.
(Joe) What is about the blue sauce?
Everyone's talking about the blue sauce.
I wanted to put it on both steaks. Oh, right on.
Thank you, man.
I'd say one out of three of those cowboys
asked me for my recipe.
They wanna buy it. They wanted more.
California girls know how to make barbecue sauce.
[Horse neighing]
(Announcer) It's halfway through service, and the Red Team
is still frantically working
on a new batch of sweet potato mash,
as the 101 cowboys begin casting their votes.
The first team to 51 votes wins.
Just pick up a horseshoe and please come up and vote.
Is it the Red Team or the Blue Team?
Go blue! Go blue! Go blue!
(Gordon) Start at number one.
One vote to the blue.
(Frank) All right, blue! Whoo!
(Gordon) Number two. Wow, that's two.
We ran out of our starch today,
but hopefully our steak will win you over.
I'm going blue.
(Gordon) And lucky number three. Blue on the way.
Please, please, please. [Sighs]
Blue again! That's what I'm talking about.
(Becky) People are just going up and it's, like,
blue, blue, blue.
And every single time, it's just like
a shot to my heart.
(Gordon) Eight to the blue.
Zero to the red.
Where are you going?
You're crankin' the red. One to the red, finally.
God bless you.
(Gordon) Another one for the blue. Blue Team!
(Monti) I don't know what the Blue Team is serving.
Apparently it came with a side of gold,
because the cowboys loved it.
Come on, Red Team, do not give up.
Oh, red, fantastic.
Whoo! That's it.
(Gordon) Blue again.
(David) Is this really happening, man?
Are we really this far ahead?
12, 29. Yes!
What happened over there?
What the [Bleep] did they cook?
I'm so sorry that we ran out
of our sweet potato puree, you guys.
Comin' with the potatoes. Coming in.
(Becky) Whoo, love it.
(Announcer) With plenty of cowboys left the serve,
the Red Team finally has more sweet potato mash
while Joe discovers that the Blue Team's popularity is slipping.
'Cause blue may be a little bit too overcooked, yeah.
The blue plate, you know, I like it to be less cooked.
That's how I like it, so...
Here you go. There you go.
Thank you so much.
Funny enough Frank, the only complaint
I'm getting is on your station.
The steaks are overcooked.
I'm doing the best I can, Joe.
(Joe) Well, you better do better.
Not happy people.
I've never cooked so many steaks in my life.
It's overwhelming to sit there in front of a grill
and have 40 steaks going at once.
So now I'm a little bit worried about that.
Nobody likes an overcooked steak, man.
If I ruin the steaks, I [Bleep] us.
What are you feeling? Reds versus blues.
This just really hits home,
and the Green beans are fabulous too.
So all three at this table are going red?
Yeah. Beautiful.
Yeah! Let's go, baby.
(Gordon) Another for the Red Team.
Yeah, thank you!
I'm gonna go with the red plate.
Whoa, red again, yes!
Damn it.
We're at 40 and then, red starts getting a comeback.
They're, like 20, 25, 30.
What the [Bleep] is going on?
Comeback! We're the comeback kids!
(Announcer) It's the final minutes of the cowboy cookout,
and all plates are out.
Now both teams wait anxiously for the final votes.
It's still up for grabs, guys. Let's go.
So service ends, and it's kind of like
blue, blue, blue, blue, red, red, blue, blue, blue, red, red.
They have a significant lead on us,
but I'm absolutely not giving up.
(Gordon) 36 for the Red Team, and 49 for the Blue Team.
Come on, two more, two more.
(Announcer) The Blue Team needs just two more votes
to win the team challenge.
Can the Red Team make one last dramatic comeback?
Cowboy, where are we going?
Blue! Blue!
Blue! Go, Blue Team! Blue!
One more vote for the Blue Team,
and Frank will have led his team to victory.
Where you going, sir?
Go, red!
Another one for the Red Team.
Thank you, sir.
(Gordon) Here we go.
Cowgirl, if you vote Blue Team,
the Red Team will be facing a pressure test
where one of them will be leaving Masterchef.
Come on. Please, please, please.
Red Team or Blue Team?
Blue Team, congratulations.
(David) I really couldn't do it without the team.
Everybody brought their "a" game.
Everybody made something that they have passion for.
That's the reason why we won.
Red Team, unfortunately you must face
the dreaded pressure test.
(Josh) I think we would've won if Frank was the leader,
because Frank clearly had the better idea.
His menu was ten times better than Monti's.
Yeah, a one in four chance of going home and that...
Ugh, God.
It makes my stomach hurt even thinking about it.
[Horse neighing]
(Announcer) After winning the team challenge,
the home cooks from the blue team take to the balcony,
while the losing Red Team awaits a pressure test
where one contestant will be sent home.
(Monti) Going into the pressure test,
I feel like I deserve it.
I have absolutely put together
the worst performance of leadership
in the history of Masterchef.
(Gordon) Come down and stand in front, please.
Thank you.
We lost, but I busted my ass.
I did not question my leader.
I'm not at fault, you know?
(Joe) It's now time for you to compete
in another pressure test.
And when it's done, at least one of you
will be eliminated from Masterchef.
There are four of you.
But only three of you will be fighting out
in the pressure test.
The choice of who gets immunity
is up to you four.
[Whispering] Oh, my God.
The four of you are gonna head into the wine room now.
And you're gonna come out here with one name,
the one person that you feel
that does not deserve
to face this intense pressure test.
Got it? Got it, chef.
Let's go.
So immediately, I'm taking myself out of the equation.
I feel like Felix performed the best yesterday,
and I would like her to have safety.
(Josh) I disagree.
Felix, what did you actually do?
I rubbed down the steaks.
I peeled and cut potatoes.
Okay, I had my hands in everything.
I started the butter for the butter sauce.
I seasoned, I tasted.
I asked what needed to be done.
She really did try to fill in the gaps.
I think we all did a little bit though.
You guys, I feel responsible for this.
I think all of us made mistakes yesterday,
but I think Felix made the least.
I disagree.
Felix isn't really saying much,
because she knows deep down in her heart
that she didn't do [Bleep]
And she shouldn't have that immunity.
Becky, who do you think should have immunity?
I'm gonna say myself, just because I think
that I did everything that I could.
Becky, you cooked off 25 steaks well-done.
You didn't temp them, and I had to switch you out
with Josh because you couldn't handle it.
I don't think we switched out because I couldn't handle it.
We switched out because it was 100 steaks.
Let's go.
We need a name.
Would the person you have all agreed
that should be safe please step forward?
Okay, Felix, you are safe.
Please join the gallery.
I'm sorry, you guys.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Josh. It's all good.
I feel like I was the workhorse of the group
and I really helped keep the team together.
Felix, she wasn't a critical part of our team.
Under this cloche will be
one of your undoing...
The simplest of ingredients.
(Gordon) That's right.
We're giving you each six amazing, delicious eggs.
And you're gonna give us
one perfect soft-boiled egg,
one impeccable sunny-side up fried egg,
one stunning, perfect poached egg,
and then one absolutely phenomenal
three-egg omelet.
Got it?
Yes. Yes, chef.
Cooking a perfect egg is culinary school 101.
But cooking six in four different preparations,
all timed to perfection?
That's the kind of skill that's required of a Masterchef.
Take a deep breath and head back to your stations.
Here's the thing about eggs.
They are big-time bitches.
You can overcook an egg in five seconds.
You have to time it to the second,
or you are going home.
In just over 20 minutes, one of you
will be leaving the Masterchef kitchen.
Six eggs, no extras, no backups.
Your time starts...
(Announcer) All three home cooks now just have 20 minutes
to prepare one sunny-side up egg,
one poached egg, one soft-boiled egg,
and a three-egg omelet.
This is a tough one. This really is tough.
20 minutes, six eggs, no room for error.
Every day I come into this kitchen,
I gotta put everything I have.
And that's what I'm gonna do today.
I don't believe I deserve to be in this pressure test,
but it is what it is.
You gotta do what you gotta do.
(Gordon) Who do you think's gonna be the most competent here?
I think, you know, Josh.
I just imagine, you know, yeah,
that he's got some breakfast skills.
I think that Becky has the inherent skill,
but she's very angry.
If she lets that anger control her cooking technique,
it might be jeopardy.
All right, Josh, how are you feeling?
Feeling great, chef. Which egg are you
most worried about?
The poached egg.
I've never poached an egg.
I love my eggs sunny-side up, so...
(Gordon) You sound down, deflated.
Come on, keep it up, yeah? Yes, chef.
Just coming up to five minutes gone.
Come on, Monti.
Hello. How are you?
I'm doing okay. I'm a little nervous.
I don't usually eat sunny-side up eggs.
I just like over easy eggs.
Who do you want to go home?
Monti, because I think she's my biggest competition right now.
Good luck.
(Joe) You just put that in? Yes, sir.
Which egg are you most worried about?
I'm worried about my soft-boil.
Think you could be going home?
No, sir, I'm not going home today, no, sir.
Last ten minutes. Here we go.
The perfect poached egg...
You get the water, you season it lightly,
a touch of vinegar in there.
Crack the egg into a ramekin,
and then drop the egg into the water.
As it rolls around, it forms almost like
a sort of mozzarella ball.
Becky, trimming it up.
Gentle, gentle, gentle.
Good lookin' egg, Josh.
She just put the egg in boiling water.
You gotta start those cold.
(Gordon) Just coming up to five minutes to go.
The risk for a home cook is, like, look around,
see who's got the flames up the highest.
That's gonna be the person who's gonna lose,
because the loser in this game is high heat.
Monti's got all her burners on full blast.
(Gordon) The last two minutes. Two minutes to go.
(Monti) The time is going by so fast.
I still don't have any eggs cooked.
(Gordon) 90 seconds to go.
I'm not going home on an egg, dude.
I'm not going home on an egg.
(announcer) In this pressure test, three of the four
home cooks from the losing team
are cooking six eggs four different ways
in just 20 minutes
to see who stays and who leaves
the Masterchef kitchen.
30 seconds to go.
Looks good, Becky.
Come on, Monti.
She should be taking the egg out of the pan now.
What's Monti doing?
(Gordon) Ten, nine, eight,
seven, six, five,
four, three, two, one,
and stop.
Hands in the air.
(David) Good job, guys.
And bring your eggs to the front bench, please.
I know I have two beautiful eggs,
one disgusting looking omelet,
and one beautiful looking sunny-side up egg
with raw egg whites on it.
Salmonella. That's what I wanna give the judges today.
Monti? Yes, sir?
So the sunny-side up,
let's start with that one, shall we?
It's got this rawness to the top.
How come it's still raw?
It didn't cook long enough.
It's a shame, tastes nice.
But you've got some unwanted goo, all right?
Yes, sir.
Yes, man, please.
I hope everything else is just as raw as that one.
Omelet... That looks very flat.
It looks more like a sort of crepe from here.
Tastes nice.
It's just a little bit too flat.
Poached egg, how long'd you poach it for?
(Monti) Three minutes. Mm-hmm.
So I'm expecting that to sort of just
open up and almost spill.
I hope so, sir.
(Gordon) It's beautiful.
Yep, nicely seasoned.
Tastes nice.
Soft-boiled egg.
Beautiful. Perfectly executed,
and timed to perfection.
Good job. Thank you, sir.
The, uh, poached was done beautifully.
The soft-boiled egg, that was perfect.
Hi, Becky.
So, the sunny-side up, the fried egg.
The first thing I'm looking at is the yolk.
Sunny-side up, right?
I mean, it should look like a beautiful sunny day.
And, you know, it looks like a cloudy day.
It's absolutely fried.
The egg is shrunk up.
You know, the whites have seized.
Great flavor, but definitely chewy
due to the cook.
The omelet looks like it would
come out of any four-star kitchen.
It's beautiful.
Yeah, that's... that's like sex on a plate.
That creamy texture, it's wonderful.
Beautiful omelet.
All right, so the poached.
Should be able to pierce it and see it explode.
That's got a definite wow factor.
[Exhales] Awesome.
You can almost take the egg and...
It's a great poached egg.
The soft-boiled, it all rests on this now.
I think that the worst thing would be
is if I served them a hard-boiled egg
instead of a soft-boiled egg.
That soft-boiled egg,
that could be what keeps me here or sends me home.
It really could. It's such a wild card.
It's almost an unboiled egg, not a soft-boiled egg.
That's a shame. Jeez.
That's embarrassing. The omelet was incredible.
Yes, and even if you don't eat soft-boiled eggs,
at this point, you need to know how to cook one.
(Graham) You need to know.
Okay, Josh, which of the eggs
are you most proud of?
I would have to say the omelet.
What do you think of your fried egg?
I'm pretty satisfied with it.
(Joe) How often do you make fried eggs?
Pretty often.
Do you think the yolk will be completely runny
in the middle when I cut it?
(Joe) And right you are.
That is a perfectly cooked sunny-side egg.
It's delicious.
The omelet.
Think we're gonna fluffiness in the middle,
or am I gonna see, like, a dense custardy omelet?
It will be fluffy.
That's a fluffy omelet.
This is fried custard.
And it tastes like fried custard.
Damn, man.
I hope these other two eggs are cooked just right.
Right now, it's anybody's game.
So when I cut through the poached,
I should see runny yolk
and then the white should be soft,
but not like a hard-boiled egg.
I'd love to have a little bit more delicacy.
The egg white here looks pretty violently boiled.
For me, the whole process is basically
30 to 45 seconds
gone too far.
Okay, to the boiled.
We've had one perfect soft-boiled,
one raw soft-boil.
I'm feeling nervous.
I'm just hoping the soft-boiled egg
is cooked through, because that's probably
my only saving grace right now.
What's happening inside this egg
could determine who wins $1/4 million.
(Becky) I'm petrified.
If that egg is bad, I think I might have a chance.
But if his egg is perfect,
I'm gonna be going home.
(Announcer) The judges have tasted all the eggs but one
in this pressure test.
Josh's soft boiled egg could decide
which contestant is sent home.
What's happening inside this egg will determine
who wins $1/4 million.
[Suspenseful music]

The yolk is raw cold.
The white is not even cooked at all.
If you like cold egg yolks
and undercooked egg whites, maybe.
But for the rest of us, it's raw.
Sunny-side was very nice.
My only solace right now
is that maybe Josh screwed up his eggs
worse than I did.
Highs and lows.
I'm nowhere near ready to go home,
but this last egg may have just
been my ticket home.
Monti, step forward, please.
Those last 20 minutes in that pressure test
showed us great flair,
great composure.
Upstairs to the balcony.
Well done. Thank you.
Great job. Good job.
I'm so relieved to be safe but, you know,
I never had good news feel so awful.
I led these people into a disaster of a situation,
and now somebody's going home.
Everybody in this competition
feels that you are a threat,
a serious contender for the top three...
Perhaps even the final.
We are shocked that an egg has got the better of you.
The level of knowledge that you have
for a 24-year-old
cannot be matched in a top flight kitchen,
yet you're an amateur.
please take a step forward.
That was a tough 20 minutes.
It was the hardest 20 minutes of my life, chef.
This is my dream.
There's nothing else that I want more right now,
and I made an error in this pressure test,
and I let the pressure get to me,
and that will not ever, ever happen again.
Please take your apron...
Thank you so much.
Listen, let me tell you something.
That has been... A very tough
and bloody horrible decision to make.
'Cause you've blown us away. You know that.
I don't care what it is you want from me,
but you've got me the minute you walk out that door.
Whether it's time in my kitchen,
whether it's help, or even for ideas...
You give me a call.
You deserve it.
Truly appreciate that.
Well done.
Good job.
I'm proud of my performance,
proud of everything I did so far in this competition,
and, um, I have no reason to hang my head.
Yes, it's hard. Yes, it's bloody awkward.
But who's gonna win Masterchef?
Uh, honestly, I can't wait to try Christine's cookbook.
I feel like my food knowledge and my skills and abilities
have increased tremendously being here.
It's a huge opportunity to be able to learn
directly from the major chefs and restauranteurs.
Just because I'm leaving Masterchef today
doesn't mean that I'm not gonna pursue my dream
and doesn't mean I'm gonna stop cooking.
Still gonna be myself and cook my ass off.
It gets harder and harder and harder.
(Announcer) Tomorrow night on Masterchef...
Shut your mouth!
The mystery box reveals a mystery guest...
(Gordon) Paula Deen! Hey, y'all.
(Announcer) As the queen of the culinary world
becomes judge for the day. Hi, Paula.
Puts the South in your mouth.
(Announcer) But then it's all-out war
in a chaotic tag-team challenge.
Check on the temp. No, no, no, it's on your left.
Where, where? Oh, my God.
And another home cook leaves the Masterchef kitchen.
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