Philips Hue Customizable LED Lights Unboxing (con subtitulos en español).

Uploaded by VentanaMedia on 30.10.2012

Hi, this is Rob with VentanaMedia, I´m going to unbox the Philips Hue LED Lights Starter
The Philips Hue is a Smart LED Light Bulb that is fully customizable through your iOS
App or through the Philips website.
Currently these Smart Light Bulbs are sold exclusively in Apple Stores or on the Apple
online Store.
What you can purchase through Apple are individual Philip Hue Light Bulbs for $59 each or a starter
kit for $199.
I´m going to unbox the starter kit and show you what is inside.
The starter kit comes in a nice presentation box with a front flap that opens up easily.
Right away you see the three light bulbs that come with each starter kit and the round thing
on the bottom is a called a bridge. The bridge is connected to your WiFi router and will
communicate with each of the light bulbs. By using your smartphone app you can control
the color of each bulb individually. In fact you can control up to 50 different light bulbs
and choose up to 16 million colors.
Lets see what else we get. To open the rest of the box, just cut along here.
Now open up this flap. And open up this top little box. It is the power cord for the bridge.
Mine looks a little funny because I am in Europe.
Now open up this longer box on the lower left. It is the cable that connects the bridge to
your WiFi router.
The bridge, very light weight. If you look on the back, there is a slot where you can
hang this on a wall.
The Philips Hue LED light bulbs. The bulbs fit in a standard socket. They are 600 lumen
or 50 watt equivalent. The bulbs use 80 percent less power than a traditional bulb and last
up to 15 years or 15,000 burning hours.
And finally, a quick start guide and a 2 year warranty.
Thats everything in the Starter Kit. To see my video on how to connect everything, click
on the video in the upper left or in the description below.
To see how to use the smartphone app with the Philips Hue, click on the video in the
lower right or in the description below.
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