Backstage Tour on Melodifestivalen 2011 with Eric Saade & Danny Saucedo

Uploaded by EricSaadeorg on 13.07.2011

Hello everyone!
I want to take you around here at the arena.
Oh, here we have my lounge: Eric Saade, Sara Varga and Swingfly.
I think we can start with Swingfly... come with me!
Here we can see what's on the table. For example, a lot of cookies!
Like what are they doing?
I have trained so hard in the past 3 months so I can do my performance...
and they are sitting and eating cookies!
Life is unfair!
I know, we can go into my lounge directly.
Here we have my fantastic... dirty lounge! Isn't it beautiful?
I don't need lots of things in my lounge. I can leave them here too...
they can stay there!
I don't need lots of things in my lounge...
I feel like I need some water, some... glasses there,
a toilet bag with like... I have to shave, that's an advantage
if you want to look beautiful!
No, most of the time I sing and dance,
I don't site in my lounge eating cookies... like someone else!
There are more lounges we can get into.
Keep in mind that mine was pretty boring, and I'm pretty simple.
Here we have Brolle and... Danny!
You know... everybody says he's my big competition and stuff like that...
so I thought we could destroy something of his stuff.
Now I'm mad!
Danny squeezed my nipple!
What do you want?
I have Eric Saade here who puts a camera right on my face
and distracts me and thinks that I'm talking some tactics...
What are you doing?
I want to disturb you in your preparations so...
You are talking to Mix here...
Oh Jesus!
Say hey!
Hey, I have to disturb Danny a bit now, or otherwise he wins
and that's terrible!
yeah... yeah... he's dangerous, yes...
I have to go... watch my lounge!
We'll take care of him later... just watch this!
Let's see...
Nobody here, perfect!
Let's see...
In-ears ....
Clothes, right!
Now I know, this still hurts... and now we have to do something in return.
These are the pants Danny is going to wear on stage.
And If I hide them... then we can hope he stands only with
his underwear on stage! That would be cool!
He would probably win, but...
Here you go, Danny!
Let's go!