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YouTube Videos for Your Marketing and Business Needs.
Can you make money ?
Can I make money ? About Cash Flow,Cash, Marketing
u_-two for his business for many years
he is a realestate agent that this adeel and this webinar will teach you no
matter what neesh you happen to be n
how to use youtube for your business
and then towards the end of the video i'm will be showing you have a place
where you can go for all of your marketing solutions
once you have your videos created irate enjoy the women are
before i stressful i didn't work out a takes all
oak i'd just as cover a couple of days housekeeping six-pack is the beginning
uh... any of these because uh... i think it'll help you get or or alyssa number
one is genetic that's the type to you
uh... register for and i'll show up for a workshop that gave into paid attention
antidotes eventually catching will directly help your business
so he let yourself get your business
if your full attention for the next hour or so
he acts speech shutting out twelve twitter closeout face book which are
called on vibrate
however is the shit
loop ticketless europe one hundred setfocus for the next sixteen x exacts a
bloody number two
uh... make sure unless of course it was a lawyer driving make sure you have a
headed paper eddie because their peers allot uh... uh... things that you're
going to make wanna make notes on it
with a look at any of these workshops is if you get one golden nugget building
well we're resistance that's alright
uh... best you know that's that's what i look back at what i
attend that works out like this and i'd never heard that you take that outlook
out sorry to get more than one call number that is what but if you only get
one cold-blooded and more importantly put that into action fairly well well
worth it for you
test differences
hw operate closer to you
you ask questions k but if we don't get your question immediately we'll do our
best to get to attack again just because
we got this requesting immediately goes i think i don't see it end up not trying
to correct the face of is the question about to ask questions although i guess
the covers many
respected excel will we'll tell you i think it was best to get hurt
shearer slide i would change introduce itself will tell you about itself but
here's wayy
stood a anyone anyone here with james
rehab in our business offline like cheese teaches
spell out how to use you to we've applied in our business i have been
applied it before for about twelve to fifteen months but uh... just in the
last three months alone
they used it to ta videos for eighteen on the first page of google
the end up it somewhere down seventy or eighty videos
after a different realestate related keywords it is not only are we waiting
on the first page of google but it's gates generating business okay so it's
not just
the air and uh... you know something of a point to say hello and welcome to our
peers i think what but we we crack through the video had to wait that's not
what is the link out where we're standing attracted to from the patio
is directly to every business that we done yet
we're both proud who is the specifics on select for objects for her foreclosure
properties for carlsbad
real estate for sale for uh...
uh... lofty uh... homes for sale
we've got it not only for that week awesome done it for tech twist
for really broad really competitive keywords like
realistic movie sp
so we've used to be a different occasions point b what teens will teach
period if follow what the outlines
and more importantly or most importantly
okay stopping without taking tests at the age ortiz who's yourself let's get
right into it cuz i know you got a lot to cover and uh... we have our folks all
of your way to do
today said no to that they got it
awesome josh thank you so much for coming in and take everyone for uh...
joining us on a concrete grassley right to have a lot to cover
uh... so i will talk pretty fast actually got better paper out uh... and
i just
set justified in essence what weight to picture ta laura lefthand corner of
works great now i think teaching
all this very techy stuff about you to know that video for quite some time but
what i would be charged us articles because i actually got my start
realestate your serious stories of is usually a good movies where people at a
family of cops surefire vantage across the uh... opposite well that's my family
might do that
he's been and will stay for thirty five years by the law is actually being
administered manager at his office as work for him for twenty-plus years by
our cause it real estate
that it was that for for me it's not real estate
ad that we're going to my cat well that's a whole different story
was wasn't really easy but i learned a lot
about how
alcoholics who works ants even though i don't think i x you trying to get
videocassette still background of passion about making videos
when i i a lot to in the east east training presentation specifically for
procedures because i'd take your business exactly understand
operate a quarter of a special all shipments going on social media and all
or activity it's not going to do it online
i get so excited because you tube is really something that before the in its
presentation click for you people bakes times it really don't spend a lot of
time to read a lot of that other stuff the stakeouts outwitted face book
get the staff did a lot more results a lot more quickly a lot of we're talking
about it's not just act which is getting videos break x-spam
opt so we do a lot to cover in the next sixty minutes michael for you guys to
turn used to get your number one online deleted generation tragic wait wait
funneling prospects active which sent to you
too much a great actor customers fires source the products that we want to
write down the first i want to do it under c_n_n_'s
is that you to be his track
people that's what it is you should be instructed tracks
uh... when i first heard she needs you might do a lot of people and southern
california swept from
and was able to go to a lot of little cd agents
and help them create utube videos and and get their videos up online and i
remember of sketchy my services
to of real estate agent in newport beach california
foresees affects people's wiped out
without waste my time
argued to does that work but just to keep her videos and where we watch silly
captive use viral videos of people thought on their face laughing
you know i i was was like stocks like oh my gosh i think he's right
buddy eight-page was that obvious answers as well yet
you know use your audience what ought to
yet are they searching
four properties information on the internet it's so most likely to using
google wikipedia scott cook back
entire program that we create what's called the air traffic academy
sparked from are
you know this basic what was basic concept
are ninety percent of consumers
start their home search
on he has a lot of his right now it is
decelerate you know a product pitch require most part
because you are hardly any extent howarth socially to use the internet
one i want my business partner google who helped me
you cannot come up with the idea was that was criticizing entire trading
samples possible came from
sharma likely to use the girls as well
couple years ago i was actually two thousand eight keeps putting up because
i want you to do or shake a little wheelchair videos
uh... properties in columbus ohio
idols two thousand eight
squad sometime has passed since that anti still go to google dot com today
type it
numerous different sheet which is also critical over the past lease option
columbus ohio team
what sort of setting up that what they're looking for a separate targeted
and his videos still
four years plus later
come up with that number one result i think video aren't you too
okayed a lot of us have
build websites that indicates that the house of the dollar's and then say no
has come to my website let's spend more money on asio services are getting a
website frank and i want to make articulate afflict hiv videos at the
same assault
so battle over its heart that's that uh... solicitous traffic restricting
spread all over the really really important
it's all about breaking your videos what does that mean it's getting your body is
found inside of
go go ahead the top of each search results people are going to political
and you too
they're searching
for you forward information for answers to their questions
underwear bracelets breakdown occurs for example three simple steps
ends most importantly
a lot of people took to this don't do anything to cheaper video
because they have some resistance to it fear being frank and a few of the
technology fear of the cost of some other excuse
and it's my job to make this as or
and easiest possible are the most exciting things for me is that when i
get off of these webinars we ask for pete's feedback at and what i love three
most people say for the first time i feel confident enough to actually do
this time know what to do it
at ustrust sets all are taking action so i guess there's quickly as possible
suggest absence of america talk a little bit about me
alyssa acree prokofiev traffic out over five thousand members and their a week
just celebrate our one-year anniversary expect absolutely amazing
every style ornament restore protect my email
uh... i get people not just lucy's people he every furniture doing best
uh... exit works all across the board you're on the internet usage supple
opting their videos up are you to get him ranked skater founded getting
results cuts that
expatriate personals
fulfilling and rewarding experiences i have a place that grew up like felt
with the film school for a a
fixed film score l_a_
and i decided i did not want to go that
background of hollywood
ecom clever so leases for myself that bad uh... as that uh... pricks
incredible cell
lets us
i think we've got a good
answer here on the call me we don't need to be doing it to go up the lords
drilled out on this question why did
easel workforce
uh... a quick story
i was on a uh... away our personal ras and zac should abhor south people on the
line spurred many peoples what's going on there
i started to call i have created a chloroplasts people to questions first
question because that's all i wanted to take a guess now i'll have you seen
bucket sitting on the pass at the expense every one hundred exact number
of people just click the button s_l_
and believe it or not
each process of our audience subjects as i'm sure most of you on this call out
yourself seem to be able to pass up its big deal right
well assets
all of us
peggy uploaded affiliates you too
asset base
leader dot only eleven percent
said yes and that's
what got me really excited and and you guys the uh...
you know bob on looking your your businesses proper art coral sampling
stops right here
but it's it's
their is it
phiri large arts at net gives himself is
penetrated into
everything online twenty percent since our mobile devices i have every time you
want to face book squash a together share a google plus twitter every other
social network site puts you steeple
are actually take that step
to become a concert producers the audiences there that the man is their
with so few people are really stepping forward to create their opinions trap
here's a here's a few breaks that sets out for about forty national association
of realtors
that basically sets the scene
for four years seven three percent seller said they would list their home
purcellville type out with a realtor that which is
studio to market their own now chairs that of one of the first things like
did with malice is you know press rather call it a and that he took me a few
sales presentation stew
uh... this presentations excuse iraq's thirty-some-odd years of of deviance you
usually get outta
at the end of the day if we can go to elicit presentation
and just starts
sharing some of its tax value to the revenue sharing with you a second
and seeing this is what we're going to be doing with your property we're gonna
to create a video slideshow will showcase your video argue to the cheered
on face book and twitter it get it out to people seem to be reach more a larger
audience of the people secure homes
tax cut it that's the position he was far more as the florida trust the
precipitous person
knows what they're doing then i'll be able to talk about
they're up to date with the latest greatest
by the year rights uh... so seventy three percent us seller said he would
lose their home was someone who
history taking out
but only or lestat two percent
of realtors are actually using
touched once again huge opportunity but that's not are secure some great stuff
really i don't do this without your one source right out as well
upstage his latest that's four billion use each everyday rising
four billion a year
or a month that's for billion every single debt
yeah billion orthopedic background pretty unbelievable eight hundred
unique users
every single month eight hundred million unique users ever seen a mark on the
site at next seventy-two hours foliage
uploaded every bit
spring awesome stats don't really like it sucks i dot is because it was only
about four five months ago
the huge was recorded three billion its
to write down into disuse growing exponentially
i need a little bit five pacific
so the first i want you to understand
when i say it's the best traffic
is it is a search engine
just like we go to google to find the answers at find the resources to the
things we're looking for
believe it or not people are going to use exactly caskets just watch over
their shoulders when they go to their computer a laptop
and see where they go to search for the information they need
that has a ton of our streets you check out this is a big thing would be better
stamped so if we're looking into the search engine
that will help us understand how it appears that that's what i prosecuted
for example uh... bases at good friend of pass by by chris excite
but she actually teaches authors out to you
uh... white pulp suppose it i could actually work write a book get published
comes up we want cheap gets the views
advantage it's leads aspect that's what contributes
like i said we can
weekend integrates
are for you all throughout social networking sites at least charity as a
fee structures example review investors are already using priesthood gives his
we need to be a view to it's shared their that's that's gonna help
drastically i one of the things we left it was also chair
pictures are pretty alice
on you see that there's a great example wants list and also she teaches sickness
advice for women
edcia video coming out on it was tuesday so on monday the day before
she took a picture of the video same and i cannot wait for my next to you there
actually subscribed by chance
lot of ways that i didn't really sad about integrating you to get everything
that shirt
already today
one of a second
very excited about race these pictures and are willing to talk about patron
saint of gossip
uh... his other sites today on the carpet it's not just kinda let me know
what what i think that's once he is a big frustration for people as they start
using the start of using that word now this is okay to stay
edits if we should stop looking at them as the separate
uh... to tax
tools answer using them all together for a car progressed that really doesn't
seem to help us overwhelming of cattle expedia ivins interest to drive traffic
to fight is that you could pay the video people literally about subsector once at
socarides pictures yet
i definitely integrated it's your tage strategies
and r_t_c_ all the other stuff that were used
from blockade to develop marketing
social bookmarking
all integrate with fire
iba so it's it's also quality traffic
uh... which you'd only you did not show up when people watch your video i think
that's important thing is xh traffic boat
when people watch your video
it's much easier for them to take the next step with you
excellent talking about how the comforts
of just a few were that's double the partner video into an actual need at
best really important to know
howto dot so we mentioned that you too
is a search engine
obviously clueless
exit polls that the first one
i'd like to set aside up interest
because of from march attended april of this year the number of videos or
pictures that were indexed by google talk for five three percent uh... that's
not just over eleven hundred two fifty eight hundred
now so it just three weeks ago so circles really their blood video ice-t_
all of you too
but uh... their lovingly integrate
video title police officials that were sex
change that doesn't mean
that means that we can figure out what this is
it was like i said to accept that
sprite until you get it to you via text faster is that what that's all she
accidents accolade and could really do track
track that's old lab say is a fifty when you upload video i mean how long it
takes effect of share updates but to share a request it doesn't take that off
yet it's happened way better if expecially when
due to the scene
allowed he's got
where she's got traffic coming from all these different places
uh... bay of pigs douglas is becoming much more social that's why we there
could be excited about all the stuff haha but here's what they want
at index videos of course the research by the and investigators say it's not a
fifty times greater chance of waiting on the first page of results at a given
special page index here's kaplan-meier it's your decided today too right
article or justice actual
they'd beast content on three tips for by now
and the debaters they deal with that same contacts
but was i think you want me to the video has a fifty times greater chance
obtain inside google
on the first page
at that same article fixing exact contact
so they really don't think it's crazy definitely it just because of a break
but once again this is our attitude is presently came back to work
unheard video is also
on the first page
of cool edits the only one here that has actual thumbnail image she took this
video has been filter at washing they were on vacation beach florida followed
up with their xin one week totally checked you watch opted speed what we
uh... submitted their contact information to follow up to get more
information from ur which is actually able to turn
out of the city what leads into what height height client which is about
spending sixty thousand dollars
uh... cosic on not natural video correct
more examples of of uh... feels that what's once again i think that's the
second procedures images avails that's a lot
to make popcorn
when you have yes i i bought myself a look at these silly videotape i'd like
to be is confused possible unless i can prove to anyone that if i can do it you
guys can all do it
uh... so i'd find it really is so
this is the watch page
augmented pet i'd like i said we need to get people to find your utube videos
quickly as possible and it did to your website as quickly as possible rate so
you can get in your final whether it's calling on the phone fill out forms that
they need others whatever
your follows me to get off to you to as quickly as possible logically to the
states i will say it's painstaking putting the phone number in the
description interpreter phone number in the in the video don't do that gents
your website first get over it
off-duty because he said he could be very distracting it's so easy for your
competitors videos
to be just one click away so the coals to get out of
off now there are two ways of meeting do that's what's rates down
the first one of the top one here is called the cult action
overlap call action overrides
i'm i'm not gonna show you how to do it again
its presentation because that along with
would waste too much contact with
cooler stuff to share with you guys if you teach insider program you can find
free videos on it
uh... argued she puts call call to action overlap
that easy clickable bearing you get to play
are all of your videos you control the cocktail
titled the copy exists and people were everyone said that
which should be your website
so why people so know about this let alone to it
so there's a great opportunity for you guys come on or traffic estate as well
there is a very good
here with the website is he said he had to easily capture page that's one of our
because they said we can to protect yourself knows that he was he already
know that i just want to reiterate
what to say
absolutely capture page well i'm glad you said that justice 'cause sometimes i
don't know how you know where people are back on the rest of their strategy and i
have a huge attitude about life if we can looking into this just early
generation pillar of working last past years the other
ted i don't know what josh
that's giving you for a template or format for your lead capture page
what i'd highly recommend which accounts for universal basque when you're sending
to this week after page
at another video on that page
admit that you are a plan
because it's seamless integration they just want you to video
you told them to go click the link
why not give another video and watch increase conversion to a point where
people popping making sure that you know like yeah what did you actually see
severe even in our eight year i'll see on the next page doesn't have to be a
five minute video talk about why you get here for mation white opt-in
obama real real quick let's all get a description
or your video
casey the wreck the second red box
in that description you can type in the lead to recapture page
his these are two places
on each at every one of your videos
you need to be tariff
set up an authorized for
senator to recapture page so that every single video about turns into traffic
uh... sent off to a website
uh... i do this slide because we did a lot of people from every different
uh... on a lot of presentation tonight at ten oh this one for you guys decide
what the week yusuf real estate
absolutely a couple of other examples there but we start this one
and this is from somewhere and talking about a little bit more on this call it
seems he wont because the right path kritika after we will see aged focusing
on luxury penthouse to vancouver canada
she has been doing it to for just over four years
and were talk more about it a second
discotheque quickly go over all the different
people that we didn't have the part of our program that go to our training
technique used video but you know just having a good idea
we have three four zero she's our culture coauthor speaker regular service
based businesses who uh... produ this is very excitable burst into tears silent
spine initial advice
status relationship advice cocaine
home garden this is actually all a hundred stella and she uh... she's a
home organizer
and disability really what i think outside the box creek
you know really do something fantastic since she started doing she wishes
accessories tired or you could pay rich come to your home or office
organizer life basically
essentials on its protestants who texted her chewed up first
april two thousand a lot
in less than one year she could one million views
she was featured on teaching a_t_t_
as we have several republic agents
she closed down the service sector cyber business but now she's just doing
into excelling digital type of contents she's gonna reach more people all from
the culprit our home
if you think outside the box
ours a lot of opportunities for people who are going into looking for
information on how do interior design a decorated organizing
ekapol ties back to you
because of receipt itself it's a way feedback
it brought up
that she sort of bad publicity at all
those who want to say that
uh... i can't guarantee is that happened for everybody but i i i did
uh... i've gotten newspaper articles local newspaper articles that
the only reason they'd featured me verdict here what my opinion was about
the cargo state market works because of my acceptance
i'd also be contacted uh...
actually several times now to be or
equity issue
does at the very potentially a t_v_ show
uh... related to real estate because although because if they didn't
every every single instance the results are executives
yeah and i i i use workouts uh... when i was just getting started this is not two
thousand eat
two thousand eight thousand nine of local real estate account without much
california dot whole article written up are in the orange county register
for what she's doing ought you to kindly share please advice
cuz 'cause he'll that's that's pretty powerful sparse randy and reach more
people having even authority
and it's you know it's free advertising
but im purest form
easiest ways
text books dot that credibility and you can do this you don't want to have one
what you're doing and and use this word
that's like the magic word
if everything you do is called a shell so
you can sit there and say
you know i do you know i do a real estate shelving break andre about
vancouver real estate
old suddenly goes from bad to be slow utube videos or what so i left that
seems like so many people inside the hobbit persisted to shop
uh... ag it's a great what that's going to get uh... you know local presented
really excited like because you are the host
apa shall everything is going to the website summit you know necessarily
credibility is lost or something to think about that
so with everything i like to keep it all simple
the cool enough for you guys article you guys want is just take ticket is online
the way to do that is to get
attack which is to be as simple as that dictated that has made
tempe repetitive applicator rights that's really what we're going to talk
about and i watch his right he's down after
student appear to you for the past five years shared by this restated is looking
to prank
small percentage of the details of the chaos the prestigious buried at the
bottom prevalent fine today
and there is a beloved first one
is relevance
second one is quality
for the third wisconsin x read about that's what we're gonna be talking about
alternator of
this presentation relevance quality
so we'll start with first one relevance
what's this all about
but it was left to meet at google search search like ten minutes ago
did really good at what they do giving you exactly what you want right so to
but people use the internet producer check for search they'd get with their
search four
so the more relevant you can be
or you fall in line with what
due to the at google are booking or secures a great example kisses listed
out so
should you activists were earlier
she did a great city at which he found a keyword she found that people like
africa dot org like fifteen thousand times a month
we're taking in architect
why would the type that it probably cuz they want to get breed of market fat
they're looking for exercises and she's a fitness instructor
if you go to google dot com type that is you find hurt utube video poker
frontpage and i think it has some fourteen fifteen thousand used expect
too much salt
you get
relevance with your videos
based off of the keyword and you get fat so if you notice
the key word of the tops artifact at the beginning of her video says
architects that's really what we're gonna talk about
throw basket
is your aryans
a fruitful archetype of psychiatric
casts with the issues store illustrated absorption desire
but there's a lot worse than it is yes they are a lot
what do you guys because
disgusted he started to said spot telluride at january twenty fifth two
thousand aids
as you can see below arab is seven hundred and fifty three studios
if u
want a definition of insanity
it would be created seven hundred fifty three videos without seeing the results
to proofread here i he focuses on the deck of her canada luxury apartments
and uh... let me let me say this
echo you to tweet ipin shangri la penthouse ts
that's his market
he shows up as the number one
and the number three video
but if we go to google once again various y
because studio is relevance two sixteen works we need to figure out sakhalin
what the keywords are that your honor yes
is tight uh... is that what they're searching for what they're taking it to
google uses
attacked so like i said it's all about your keywords
and the cold but this first
stripped it of fire
what people are searching for
and creepy eight
relative concept for that's what makes you guys write that down
identify what people are searching for and creates
all appropriate relevant content
i don't hear was actually pretty he's
i mean it is due to a few familiar with the getting me to be it's called the
google keyword tool
k google keyword tool here's how we fight it
all you need to do
at a time
go to google dot com in taipei
keyword tool kits for the hallways to the first results
sexual predator encircled it bread for yet
it's what is it gets
eight free tool
for people like you are not
that allows us to get pretty accurate data analytics
at search habits
it will give us
detailed numbers on exactly what people are tightening
and searching for
okay so we spent thirteen i would call that paid for gold spend a little bit of
time in there
and to start sifting through keeper keywords he'll find out more to come in
the same orange county homes for sale or charlie rose there aren't any apartments
auction front homes in orange county
and missy does this concert so that that's the others homes with that so
without yes wasted in the search is that what is not
uh... and you can see here's our interior designer a type of interior
design products projects
and what do you know her video comes up number one
and the title is interior design projects it's the same it's relevant art
should be a lot already
uh... is one of my videos how divorced everybody shoots ides
it's number two but will get it's not a lot
so this first step
you go to google keyword tool
and search for thirty relevant keywords iraq's export
psychosom orange county homes for sale
properties for sale in orange county
orange county obstructs orange county park center
each one of those keywords that should lead that choosing
goes on to your shot list what's a shot list
to study at the last two years ago makes so many people come to me and said well
i think that's why i was thinking is about
you can't make excuses or if you just use your keywords
really simple subtle needed for step one
as to show you how did this
would i put together for your traffic at at at one of speech
or share anything that was personally doing at proving to be work
so outside topic program betrayed correct
i said undergo a little keyword tool addictions ran into you are and i was at
the time doing so-called about which is a fitness
proceeded to shape
excellent i tend to skew work
carrawell routinely c dot at the bottom
and it's getting twelve thousand searches a lot myself a m
one of my jacket but i do think picture
estate f
orbited thirty six second video about doing accountable
uh... sixteen months thirst
but fourteen months past
it is still the number one results
was over sixteen thousand views
and it's the number one resulting got the stuff works for a look at how the
how goes it to get your video
right number one for what your customer id searching for korte
that's what this is all about
find your keywords is global keyword tool got child never gonna step number
this is my favorite step
but defeat to understand the first step in
you know can't build on it but that's the most part one find the keywords
so to a star quality
ike told me
quality of your quickmix
don't be
go out
it always professional tests i thought you could do that if you wanna chilled
a lot of our students it's a great results usual webcam video
that user i've fallen and the kingpins not offense but that supply quality
really need it
value engagement
to your viewers
jeff information
candace relatively short as possible really but delivered deliver value
evaluated each day
on strike it out for the needs
the recent attaches to the state the reason that is so important
i had wide assholes sectional quality is that
googling you tube are actually looking for time on page as a raking tracker for
your begets
was sending it means that if you are on the ends
leaves your video after ten seconds
that's gotta hurt right
so you want people to stay on as long as possible
insurance protects so it's not like this overwhelming like the although but it's
the truth easy hot but but bottom line is this just a great video space is
great content
share the best
actually i think that
so when we make a few years about so that
directory contact
it's really whatever you want but i'd like to see if what everybody's thoughts
with me
view was like i said relevant keywords we go with it is the deadline their
booking for a penthouse vancouver canada we'd better be sure that this video that
aspect hooper canada and not study three that's talked about how it will stay for
twenty years expiring
give them what they want
so she wrote a few real estate video ideas that have been proven to work
our students to our scientific results
therefore source one it's the easiest what animal cool software
three resource check out of it
your listings so if you have to talk for coming in to take pictures of the house
guess what
but some music on that you put those together
yeah images and video edit software
gift dot
a big
you know it could be one minute video ah... detected message but it sure is
possibly to have literally forty five-second videos showcasing your
in other valujet's list it as well
put music to it could be even better put up the way so grover on top of that
well let me know if we started to someone could be increased when i was
talking about the property
you know what the one-two-three elm street
is four bedroom three bath
whatever it is still located on a enough
unity voice-over
take that
believe it or not is not fatal attack africa shave resource for that
sekulow is very similar i called at the outset virtual tour video
we have tons the political italy just taking a camera and
showcase a few
roots of uh... of a listing
and it's a helmet here's a little bit about the outside of when i want to see
find that
the sellable features of property and do video about that
kinda hikers don't want
but uh... that's a site when i was a third one which i really like
this is that you will have to worry about it
you know every time you work with buyers and sellers they have
questions that you could first-time buyer
there have a tough question created yesterday that sets the price that's
what you want does a lot of time statistical did with the market
at how things are going to the industry expert testifies
you work very knowledgeable do not take for granted all the information you know
how they tend to go to a cocktail party people carts and ask you questions about
the market
put all that tips valuable information into schwartz little videos
uh... or you're hot
and anything else we go i want will decide lobbyists installed off me
you're gonna have a lot of
fires that are first-time buyers you were
far more garcetti talents era
i didn't want to know about the school system in one of the kids to do they
want to know about history the other businesses that are there what what the
courts is like
the more that you can't do that we have people to showcase
uh... about businesses
in in their town
he was so she yourself with
you work
at u_p_s_ com
complacency with eight hundred sorties become the go-to person protests great
way to do with too envious about info wannabes face do what's he like this
uh... you know
best business and stuff like that
bottom line
cd you can be used for entry that this is part of you can literally pull out
your i thought he could do a quick video tour of a property or you can sit down
salaries of the great i want to create a something amazing have put out that you
get it
make this is simple easier five cents as possible where you can
date or something
amazing that you hit out
make greater than yourself at where he wanted it's really what you want to put
into it
and that's what what's potentials absolutely cute because of four ideas
for you guys up what's due for your realestate
uh... some quick ingredients deliberate over these quickly for you
something so you want to say so bad
acute stress that enough deliver content figure out what people walk wikipedia's
it wants to go home
so that's part of the home
answer the questions that they would have about the property inside
make it relevant talked about that is what that's keywords
make sure that you know
how-to video calls ankara penthouse
you because i think that the penthouse
it was also like this one
keep your videos as short as possible
fewer people dropping often leaving your video just taken shorter
stop with the tentative psi
can stand up people together to talk for ten minutes
and a prayerful
and they need to talk about themselves in the business cards dot
skegness shortly to go to the area
into a minute to africa
unit it shorter flight
the shorter the better
elections this for a lot demonstrable
lots as opposed to a talking head video which is then talk with the camera
will preview his great visual element is that so what's the visual
that's why we can't show pictures or video of our property
showed that image of the few
or if the outside of the homeowner he has
demonstrable or demonstrate as much visual elements
in your videos possible static just talking to the white background thank
talking pretty stacked that's records you go
most importantly archives coming back to what is needed to get you need to get
people off your utube video and all its your lead capture page how do we do it
with a simple called actions comical sporting a chair
cures another kitty still image of what my videos
call to action
out we can do things like how people stratagem i'm willing to talk about that
its presentation the most important thing i wanted to do
is click the link right action to call that an overlay there should be the lead
in the description
to get a talent to go to recapture killer called exam over my website we're
getting by three reporters signing up for this sort of listings or whatever it
is that you get it now
your newsletter to saturn
here's how it can be more effective to worry about the example tightness
tell them what to do
tell them what to do it and tell them
i would do it
so when it comes to the end of your video
you need to share
you know an example of a great property in your city that's now for sale
he said thanks for watching this video
for or waitlisted some power over to my website
laguna beach listings dot com
the late
below this video
ted over there now so i can show you some more properties
thanks all talkers
that tell them what to do
click the link or cut head over to my website why did you at the airport
listings i got more valuable content for you
how to do it could delete went ballistic
trackers casey but i'm actually using my finger pointing click the link right
below the studio
cagney impact
pretty easy apple car accidents or injuries helped what's decade stressed
how important is
shipped up to ask you the world to get optimized for the best keyword
everything else they tell you
but don't tell people that caught your website they're not going to do it
and that's what we're doing this trite
ca okay
so give me some essential ingredients
assures formato use our support site
whether you like it or not
this means to be hanson most said something that we'd be doing with our
entire executing campaign last inconsistent
conduct one sitting out and walking away
expecting a world of results chest pocket
okay can't
the it's it your chances of so much lower it's about being consistent so
every time you get a new listing
but i think that you know or make a scheduled so you know what every week or
every other meet once a month tas
matters inconsistent are politically you know
fresh air on face book actions
jeopardy as consistent as possible
is all about half the people that are
increases because that you want that he wants
i skied supplements review of the week
experience is an election that the other in his car
i think he's driving ourselves birthday cycle books
a couple of her first
what i wanted to do a quick because i know people are
a little nervous about the technical side stuff
i'd sure to tell you that what i could share and so far about finding the
keyword having to call to action
is the most important that's that's what you're trying to get a call wants
they talk about the same information some of those upset yet said he never
told us how to upload a video that you see
less easy to spot scuttlebutt you're done
so im t_v_ news
the actual strategy that be
and a lot of people when they say all you need to know i'd need
due to find a white excuse you
they think that it the answer it all
in that video of the technical stuff
cheer to assure you that it's
it's far easier than you think
you can't use
your iphone or whatever and health care but it's also your
your phone
uh... usual of webcam
go pick up a camera at that spot for two other artistic religious about
press for corporate
just happy that challenge etc
don't let this be more complicated
i'd want to keep you few tools
that will help you
instead of getting the better
wanted to tell people to do
and it's not a problem at all the research that i think but i'll tell you
the strata we do tell people
audio was the most part
if you can get
a little microphone
what the hell or twelve year microphone that
clips onto your wells wear shirts
now here are your hike is just five inches away from here
and the audio feed much more clear you can probably hear me pretty clearly
idaho i have a
custom microphone that's literally three inches for me
but when people do videos without a mic for these young court ever make fun of
their like five feet away
and you know there's background noise is really distracts
so the best thing you can do don't spend more money i cannot see at the better
traded lisa price for it seems like a twenty dollar level of your
quite spot at us dot biz is
israelis are superior that that not because you don't have to buy some
expensive wireless set off to get to know absolutely dot it s orchard extn
uh... i i i mean you could you could buy the most expensive beautiful of the
camera the world if there's a planes flying overhead would you be video
people won't watch it
adios more poor condition leader dot
have an acceptable down here
the light is not essential
uh... the reason i put light your best because a lot of tasteful to say i i i
don't like comic video slot i'd need a better care
s_a_t_ stop
before you go out to the camera
rushing to approve your white
because that's use the real secret is that
cheaper cameras just performed poorly with poor white
so if you could approve the lighting you can save your spot like that you cannot
this is an image of a lighting kit that you can buy it for two hundred dollars
three points highlighted
denies the back
really down a lot of people and i i work with two
students like the critical hopes to deal with the back-to-back also subsidize the
whatever at because just need to make sure
that you have some sort of like whether it's the natural spite of the sun
or you put on a few extra wastes at the house
and uh... and make sure that the election on properly attack
a regulated talk dot lights bruce if we see you where i think that light
is going to help
so that you don't need to go by either obviously the third that would be to go
back to our and so many people asses what terror should not buy it
on two guests start with what you've got
tabby i thought if you have something
handy right now
and he said
if you want to go out and buy a new camera
that's awesome
pick something here here's on his own country go to that spire every yr
deductible ever shot b
find something that
to to protect its in your budget
as external audio jack
in your budget external audio jack this means you can plug in the microphones
that you can use that audio
promise for support things have a clear
toolmakers and more complicated projects not
wannamaker videos make shorter
keep it short to the point wanted even more better at static
each year electronic ccf
uh... because moviemakers a great thing to start out with its the standard
editing program
i bought a mac
duties i will be
but anytime you can act
uninsured title or a little bit of music or cuts hero images of houses shots the
house the property
entirely too negative pretty quiets a cough trim the edges of like the
awkwardness between exit
and shocked pressed stop but cut all that stuff out in a sense twenty minutes
cleaning up the video tight alphabet
i realize that music
cure to resources for great music
previa de dot com
and caught fire
all little tricks
just make better
and would probably ask people
to uh... cut
how to fix a radio who don't want to be for the camera
if you think that it's not a video sidelight because you don't want it
right and that's because
i mean i tired to lead to a video slideshow word you're just showing
images of the property
drop in front of the ghetto
but such an issue to a really cool resources
to take advantage of both are free to start using pay for a brief services
uh... the first one is called it a little bit yeah
some people call ascribing to be seen some of these were they're like
superseded animation of people to write a whiteboard
uh... they are
pisses me actually doing what parts have to do what i actually do that but i had
a question corner
it's up pain in the box for the hours today and it's not even that good
ex-wife hire somebody do it it's like
couple thousand dollars however
twirl most
teaching forms of it if you've ever seen what is best known types at completed
doctor watching this whole innovation couple ipod video
it is an awfully care what you can side there's no way
you know your your wife's call you know the redness cough
i watch this video cell
now and i just faxed fossil book on the software
it's called city ascribe dot t_
and it's free to start using
uh... and i know i don't remember how much his pay monthly but you can
basically make the same type of videos using software
uh... you know flare out on your desktop makes it super quickly
x friggin awesome
sophie described us he's gonna be one of the greatest resources
uh... to be making videos that you had to be a traffic jam
every semester that my audiences
quixotic ballparks sal
that's what your supper to
evo dot com because her a lot of turnaround for wild great way to just
drop drag-and-drop
images and music
to make videos slideshows
for your property support your lists just make sure you have a call to action
really simple and there's free version
and it may have planted prices upgraded
you don't get rid of the at hotmail dot o_ waterpark local
uh... so
studios cry dot cd
and a motor dot com
uh... and that's it now there's this third and final
uh... waiting criteria to cook for
this is really what i think called clouds
and cut the process goes over to you after that
chat basically what this is
the people who have more views on their videos of people who have more
subscribers which is how it fans followers on utube
the more you play with the new tunes rules
the more you built that following the more you go back lau the more results
you get his example
serafin tough bfc seven e two thousand subscribers
acted as part of a video haha
both times
sense like backlinks which are the links from other channels to your other
websites your channel
in getting your video it bed
auger lockport other clocks
and getting subscribers what's
point make difference
that this might seem a little overwhelming
adult much which is why i guess
what we teach insight
are program
i'd broccoli whether your grocery store i saw the father big if instead people
make a state creek dates
of video
and they get all excited about it what it is a court-appointed they walk away
to come back a week later
they see that they have said it is for the peace where there are four different
computers they see the stuff doesn't work
that's because the big mess
stage thinks that they're dot it's an example of advocates is across the
upload backgrounds
we wanna change that that's completely wrong
the results start when you realize
you need to start marketing the video is tickets on haiti
and like example shown you that ranked number one and number two and it sounds
like google
into a little bit of work
wants to upload the video
and that if you sit there and say the number one result like i said videos a
pickup at your sixteen months ago
are still there
thank you genes that was amazing a wonderful weekend
now to access the best and most lucrative
marketing training you world yes you're dead not only did the best marketing
training people to lucrative in that you can make money
money by a knowing about this marketing trainning becoming involved in it so
just go here now w_w_w_ dot lucrative money-makers dot com and you will be led
to the best system to learn your marketing needs
that i know one of on the internet today
it's been a pleasure to be with you jonny maintenance i need no bye for now