One Million Yen and the Nigamushi Woman( 百万円と苦虫女) Part 1 HD

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#325, you're released.
Don't ever come back here again.
I'm sorry.
The outside world...
[ One Million Yen and the Bitter-Bug-Woman ]
[ Note: A million yen is approx. US$10,000 ]
Is that all?
OK, I'll take away the menu.
Excuse me.
About 20,000 yen.
Suzuko, you pay to live at home?
They're that strict?
they sent me to college, even took out loans,
but I end up working part-time.
It's awkward living at home with parents without at least chipping in for the food.
I see, that's admirable.
No, it's not.
Then, don't you ever think about moving out?
Ah, I have but...
it'd be hard to survive on this part-time job's pay.
That's true.
Why don't we share a room then?
We can split the costs.
This one's cheap.
You're right!
Let's check it out.
It's that way.
You're looking at it backwards.
I'm glad we found a nice apartment.
Yeah! It's relatively close to the station too.
I found the apartment.
2 bedrooms, we haggled it down to 90,000 yen per month.
Isn't that great?
It'll be 30,000 each for the three of us.
You'll be able to pay that, right?
I'm going to move in ahead of you.
Okay, I'll head over there soon.
Okay, bye.
"Three of us"?
Did I forget to tell you Takeshi is living with us?
Room share...
Yeah, the three of us, including Takeshi.
You can use one of the rooms by yourself.
What, you don't want to live with Takeshi?
I've only met him once...
Don't worry!
I'm sure you can get along with him.
He said hi, by the way.
And he wants to move in early, so I'll go give him the keys.
I'll move in on the same day as you,
so he'll be there already, but don't worry.
You startled me. What is it?
What're you doing?
Making a curtain for my new home.
Just buy one!
It's expensive.
You're really moving out...
What, are you going to miss me?
Can you really make a living by yourself?
You couldn't even find a full-time job.
I'm relieved I can finally do my homework in a quiet home now though.
Well, good luck.
Damn brat!
The stove works.
Great, we have everything we need to live.
Riko is late... I wonder if she's lost.
She's not coming.
We broke up.
Wait, what do we do about this apartment?
I can't pay the rent by myself.
Live with me for a while.
I'm not interested in you anyway.
Just sharing a home.
What? Wait!
Let's find someone who'll keep you tomorrow.
Right... you must be hungry.
I'll go buy something to eat.
I don't have a computer or a printer...
I guess I'll have to make one by hand.
I'm home.
Oh, you're back?
What's your problem?
I'm feeling down because I got dumped by Riko...
and you act so cheery.
Knock it off, I'm sick of it.
Where's the cat?
I threw it out, obviously.
Satou, a second please.
Are you Ms. Satou Suzuko?
May I ask you to come to the police station with us regarding Mr. Hamada Takeshi's case?
To sum it up,
you did it because you were upset he threw away the cat.
Was there a million yen in the luggage that you threw away?
A million yen?
I know nothing about it.
I see... but a man named Hamada Takeshi...
says there was a million yen in there.
In a black bag.
He's lying.
I've done nothing wrong.
Was there a black bag?
There... may have been one.
By the way... uh...
did you do it?
I've done nothing wrong.
No, did you do it?
I told you, I've done nothing wrong.
What I mean is...
did you do it with him? Sex?
I didn't.
Not even a little?
What do you mean "a little"?
I didn't.
Well, you don't look like someone who would do bad things.
If you've had sex with him just once...
We can just settle it as a dispute between a couple...
it'll be a civil case.
Didn't you do it?
I see, That's unfortunate. It's a criminal case then.
Is that how it is?
That's how it is.
Shoulda done it with him.
The defendant disposed of the victim's possessions and money without permission.
Violation of criminal code under section 261, "property damage".
Considering the victim's recent breakup with his lover at the time,
disposal of all his important possessions, including his Nintendo DS Lite, is condemned.
However, the defendant is the young age of 21,
and regrets her actions according to her testimony.
Sentence: A fine of 200,000 yen.
Look! It's a 'Suzuko cake'!
Yes, yes.
I will call you again tomorrow regarding this issue.
Welcome home.
Thank you, good bye.
Let me pour you a glass of beer.
Yes, yes.
Want me to pour yours?
I got it.
Okay, let's have a toast.
- Cheers. - Cheers.
Let's eat.
It's everything you like.
I'm sure you haven't been eating anything nice...
Anyway, let's eat. It's been so long since we gathered like this.
Grab one.
Why did you come back?!
You shouldn't have come back.
We're in the middle of a meal.
It'll affect my entrance exams!
Taku! Don't say such things.
She even paid the fine by herself!
Which school would accept a person with a criminal in the family?
Don't worry! It's a minor offence.
Damn it, it's all your fault!
Stop it already, Takuya.
You don't have to answer that phone now!
Sorry, I'll leave home.
He can hear you!
He can't.
It's your fault for answering.
I'll leave home.
Stop screaming, you're...
What're you talking about?
Yeah, what're you talking about?
I said I'll leave.
You think I don't know about it?
What're you accusing me of?
When I save up enough...
You're spending money on a young man at the tennis school.
How much?
What about you?
How much...
Are you even serious about it?
How much have you spent on that young girl in your company?
A... a million yen!
What're you talking about?!
Are you stupid? Why a million yen?
You think I don't know anything?
I can probably survive with a million yen.
This is not the time to discuss this.
What do you mean probably?
Make it clear!
Let's make it clear now!
I'll leave home when I save up a million yen.
I won't bother you any longer.
From now, I'll live by myself, depending on no one.
Thanks for the meal.
Hey, did you know about Suzuko in the Satou family?
I was wondering why I haven't seen her for a while... She was in prison!
Wow, she seemed like a well-behaved girl...
But you never know what girls like that would do!
I heard her younger brother is really smart.
But Suzuko... was just average.
She must have been frustrated...
having such a smart younger brother!
Why a million yen?
If I had that much money, I can move out.
There are deposits and other fees to rent a new place.
I'm going to visit many towns, moving on when I save up a million yen.
Why would you do something like that?
No reason.
I want to go to a town where nobody knows me.
Sis, do you know what the neighbors say about you?
I do.
How do you walk around the neighborhood knowing that?
I haven't actually caused them trouble.
Why can't I walk around the neighborhood?
Yes, I'm sorry.
About that, please contact OEM for...
Yes, yes... yes?
I'm sorry. - Don't apologize to me...
Almost there.
[ Note: A million yen is 100 man-en, 100 x 10,000 yen. ]
Yo, Satou Takuya.
Show me your homework tomorrow.
We can't play unless you do our homework!
Where's your reply?
Don't lie down there.
Stand up!
Hurry and follow us!
You're so slow!
Where's your reply?
Hurry and answer us!
Look! He's crying!
What a loser!
Hey, don't even think about ratting out to the teacher.
Don't tell your parents either.
I'm bored, let's go.
What a loser, huh?
I'm going to a different middle school to those fools.
Look! It's Satou Suzuko!
What're you doing here?
It's been so long since I saw you!
Hey, the class reunion is coming up.
Let's get her to tell us about her experience in prison!
Yeah! Good idea!
I'll send out the invitations!
It's gonna be so much fun!
You used to be such a gentle girl, right?
I can't believe it!
Hey, wait. Let's talk!
Wait, you have a criminal record, right?
What're you doing here?
Why isn't she in prison?
Did she break out of prison?!
Die, bitches!
We'll hold her, call the police!
Ow, what're you doing?
You just try. You'll end up in jail too, ugly bitches.
Eww, it stinks of green onions!
You stink!
Doesn't it smell?
I saw what just happened.
Stop embarrassing yourself!
It's not embarrassing.
I've done nothing to be ashamed of.
If you saw that, then come out to help!
I'm not much of a fighter.
I guess so.
Where did you get that bruise?
We both have our share of problems!
Write to me after you leave.
That's such a hassle.
Well, you don't have a cell phone.
I have no friends, so I don't need one.
But at least tell me your address.
I'll write to you too.
Watch out for the poo.
You fell for it!
You've become strong.
You grow up so fast!
I'm hungry.
Me too.
Dear Takuya. How are you?
I decided to work at a beachside shop.
I intend to earn back the moving cost,
and move out again when I save up a million yen.
It'll get really hot soon,
but I'll do my best, so you do your best too.
From Suzuko.
This is the shop.
We sell the floats here, and sell food over there.
Fried food over here. It's easy, even I can do it.
You'll learn in no time.
Fried squids here. It's pretty popular.
Corn here.
And snow cones. I'll show you how it's done.
Put a little syrup in the bottom of the cup.
Then turn the machine on, and spin the cup...
try not to spill any ice.
And try to stack up as much as possible.
When you're done, pour some syrup over the top...
and voila!
Want to give it a try? Don't worry if you fail.
Wow! She's better than you, dad!
Hey, have you ever worked at a beachside shop before?
No, this is my first time.
Really? That's amazing!
You have a talent, in making snow cones. Right?
Yeah, it's really impressive.
Usually you can't make it this well.
She's really skilled.
Amazing, huh?
She's a genius at snow cones!
Dear Takuya.
It seems I'm talented in making snow cones.
I've never been praised before,
so it makes me happy, but
I don't know if I should be happy because it's a useless skill.
I need to wake up early for work,
but it may be healthier than my life in Tokyo.
I'm starting to get used to this job.
Are you doing well, Takuya?
I'll write you again.
From Suzuko.
Her, over there.
Isn't she great?
That subtleness of hers.
She's definitely not from around here.
What? How can you tell?
I like her whitey skin!
"Whitey"? Is that a word?
You're an idiot.
And her hair is so black!
What do you mean "so black"?
Black is black.
They're so loud...
You're so stupid.
Yeah, I am.
All right, I'm going for it.
What? I found her first!
Why is he...
Excuse me, two snow cones.
Okay. What flavors?
Both strawberry.
You always work so hard.
You don't have the time to swim when you work here, right?
You don't have the time to swim when you work here, right?
I can't swim anyway.
Really? What a waste!
Do you want me to teach you?
I'm allergic to sea water.
Are you kidding? Oh, you think I'm just hitting on you.
I'm not like that. Don't be so cautious.
Both strawberry?
Do you want to go somewhere next time?
Do you want both with strawberry flavor?
Yes, strawberry...
This is for you.
Look at him go!
These, and a hot dog.
Hey, you really can't swim?
Don't be so polite.
Where you from?
Oh! Great nature.
What're you here for?
Resort work.
Something like that.
I got it.
You have siblings, don't you? Like a younger brother.
I have a feeling you do.
No, I don't.
Hey, I'm having a party with friends tomorrow.
Why don't you join us?
Party? I wanna go!
Mom, can I go to a party?
It'll be late at night. No.
I know! You can come together!
You wanna go, right?
Really, really want to go?
Oh, thanks. Good for you!
Yeah! - Please take him.
This is for you.
See you tomorrow!
There you go!
Ah! Mine went out.
Why don't you take a break and drink with us?
It's fine, I'm drinking.
What time is it?
I have to go back.
I have to take Yuusaku back.
Yuusaku! We're leaving!
Yuusaku! Yuusaku, we're leaving!
I wanna play more!
No, your mom will be upset.
What if she locks you out?
I'll walk you home.
Hey, come back after taking him home.
I have to wake up early tomorrow.
Today's party is... well...
it was sort of for you.
Why is that?
You know, we never really talked to you, even though you're working at the beachside shop.
You didn't seem to have any friends here, so I thought this would help.
I want you to... you know...
get to know my friends more.
We're friends, right?
Sorry, did that bother you?
No, not really.
That was a lie, we're not friends.
I think you're my soul mate.
But, uh... we don't even know each other's names.
Let's go!
Life's complicated, huh?
Hey, what happened to the part-time girl?
She already left.
No way! Why?
Because she saved up a million yen.
It was a short-term job anyway.
What's going on? You were serious about her?
Of course not!
How can that be...?
Dear Takuya.
The beach wasn't bad, but I don't think it was for me.
This time around,
I'm thinking of living in a place with fresh air and great nature for a while.
Are you doing well, Takuya?
Are you having fun in your summer break?
Don't let the summer heat to get to you.
From Suzuko.
Give it back!
A letter?
Yes, it's for my younger brother.
I see. Are you here for travel?
No... I'm thinking of living here for a while.
This is a village full of old people.
You're a strange one.
I'm looking for seasonal work.
Do you happen to know of any?
Seasonal work, huh?
We already have enough staff here...
Oh, I might know a good one.
But can you wake up early?
It's farm work.
Yes, I'm used to waking up early.
Hold on.
Let's see...
It's me. You said you needed help for the harvest, right?
There's a girl here looking for work.
Really? Does she look like she can work hard?
Well, she seems healthy. A bit thin though.
You're understaffed, right?
I guess she can work as a live-in helper.
Do you have an apartment yet?
She doesn't have a place to stay yet.
Hey, she's here.
Thanks for coming, we're so understaffed right now.
I feel bad asking a young girl to do this job.
No, thank you very much for hiring me.
Anyway, come in.
This way.
Hey, don't you get any funny ideas in your head now that a young girl's come to work!
Come in.
This room is reserved for our live-in workers.
Make yourself at home.
Thank you.
Wake up at 5 a.m. tomorrow, eat breakfast, then we'll go to the peach farm.
Just relax today, I'm sure you're tired.
Thank you.
I cleaned the bathroom.
Please take your bath early.
We have elders here,
so please take a bath early if possible.
Please ask me if you have any questions.
I'll see you later.
Transportation... it cost a lot.
How's the water temperature?
It's fine.
Red is hot water, and blue is cold water.
Yes, I know.
Feel free to ask me if you have any questions.
Good morning.
What is it?
Excuse me, it's morning.
I called you many times, but you wouldn't wake up.
I was worried. Sorry for coming in.
I forgot to give this to you yesterday. Please use it starting tomorrow.
Thank you.
Breakfast is ready. We're going to harvest after we finish eating.
I know you might be tired...
I'm coming.
Peaches can get scratched easily,
so gently grab the bottom, and twist it sideways.
Give it a try.
You're good!
When I married into this family, I squeezed too hard,
and got scolded all the time!
You're good!
You must be born to pick peaches!
Peach girl!
Dear Takuya.
I'm harvesting peaches now... day after day.
It quickly turns into lunch-time when I collect peaches early in the morning.
It seems I'm also talented in picking peaches.
The lady at the house calls me 'Peach Girl' lately, but...
I don't quite understand the elderly sense of humor.
It makes me think I'm still so young.
How's your study coming along for the entrance exams?
The weather has been so hot lately, take a break once every while.
From Suzuko.
There she is.
Working hard?
It's hot!
As usual.
The mayor wants to talk to the part-time girl.
Suzuko! Can you come here for a second?
You really fit in now!
I'm this town's mayor, Ueda.
I'm here today because I heard a pretty girl is helping out with the peach harvest,
and I really wanted to meet you.
Actually, I'm here because I have a favor to ask of you.
We shouldn't be discussing this here,
please come into my house.
"Peach Girl"?
Yes, Peach Girl.
We have always been cultivating peaches in this town,
but lately the Yamanashi region has become famous for it.
We have to do something to survive.
But you know... we have almost no young people here.
Just a couple of elementary school kids.
That's why I want you to help us with this town's P.R.
You're the only one who can help us.
I've heard of your skills from her.
If I was younger, I would've wanted to become the Peach Girl though!
No, uh... I don't really like that kind of thing...
I don't expect to stay here for so long.
I have a meeting I must attend. Bye, Peach Girl!
Thanks, thank you for coming.
Um... if you don't make it clear you don't want to do it,
people here are going to force you to do it.
You're right, we didn't ask how you felt about it.
Hold on, I'll call the mayor.
Hello? It's Shiraishi.
Mr. Ueda?
About the Peach Girl...
It's coming along.
No, uh... we forgot to ask her if she wanted to do it.
What? We've already decided in the meeting.
What? It was decided in the meeting?!
Oh, no!
We can't pull back now...
But... we have to have a town meeting.
Be careful with the equipment.
[ Resignation of the Peach Girl, the town savior. ]
Oh, Haruo.
Hello, thank you for gathering today.
Today's topic is Peach Girl's resignation.
We got Satou Suzuko and everybody else here to discuss this.
We'll let's get started.
I think we should ask her to tell us how she feels about it.
I'm Satou Suzuko.
It's been decided I'm the Peach Girl, but I haven't been told of my duties...
Actually, I really can't represent all of you.
Please forgive me.
What? You didn't tell her what she'll do?
Poor girl!
Just tell her now.
Maybe she'll change her mind.
Okay, okay.
Let's see... Peach Girl...
is simply a 'campaign girl' for this town's P.R. project.
Your activities are...
is making appearances in the mass media,
and appeal to the audiences the quality of this town's peaches.
In fact, people from a TV station are coming next week.
National network!
So, if we can get this cute girl to promote this town,
we'll get a larger budget for this town next year.
That'll slowly improve the quality of life in this town.
What do you think?
I agree!
Getting promoted on TV would be a big help!
Right, a bunch of old men won't look good on screen!
It's even more important if this town will get a bigger budget!
Miss, do it for us!
It'll help everyone!
Do it!
It's even more impossible if I have to appear on TV.
Tell us the reason!
The reason is... I just can't.
Don't worry! You can film it in my house.
It'll be a good experience!
No, I really...
Shiraishi, why don't you help us convince her?
You're the one who found her a job.
After all we've done for her,
she doesn't want to do anything in return!
Yes, it's true I took care of her and found her a job...
a place to live too...
can you be the Peach Girl for us?
Even if I can help you with the budget...
I'm not from this town.
Isn't that going to cause problems after they increase the budget?
You city people are always like that.
You come to the countryside, thinking it's so great.
Yet you don't try to become a member of the town!
Don't look down on the countryside!
Stop looking down on the countryside, you rascal!
We're not doing farm work just to please you!
Just because you're cute...
Our lives are at stake here!
Calm down, calm down.
Come on, now.
Quiet down!
I can't do it!
I have a criminal record!
Shiraishi... did you know?