Photoshop Podstawy - Zmiana koloru oczu

Uploaded by wielgi88 on 03.11.2007

Photoshop Basics: Part 1: Simply eyes colour change
In this tutorial I'll show you how to change eyes colour simply using Photoshop
First we need to open image
Zoom it to see the eyes
Then we need to select both irises
To do that click on the 1: QUICK MASK button then 2: BRUSH
As you can see brush is to big to change it click RIGHT MOUSE button
Then set your CURSOR in the main diameter field and you can adjust size of brush with your MOUSE WHEEL
You can compare size of brush to the size of iris You don't have to gues which number value is the best for that size of iris
Hardness set to ZERO PERCENT to get the smooth diference between selected and not
It's still a little bit too small
After all of this double click ENTER
First paint one iris and then another one
Then click again QUICK MASK button zoom out a little
Now you can see that we selected everything around our irises this is quite inversely than we wanted to get
Press the combination CTRL + SHIFT + i and it is so as we wanted
We need to create new layer on which there will be the colour of eyes
Choose 1: PAINT BUCKET tool and then 2: COLOUR set the colour which you want to get
Let it be... green
Then fill selection and delete it with CTRL + D
As you can see this doesn't look nicely
We need to change 1: BLENDING options to 2: OVERLAY
And in that simply way we get very nice new eyes colour :)
Make by: NMC