PGG XMAS interview @ DOTA 2 Star Championship

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Dec 8, 2011

-Hello, everybody! We continue the serious
of our New Year interviews. Volodya PGG is sitting next to me.
He needs no introduces but anything’s possible...
How are you doing? Hello!
-Hi! I’m fine. We’ve just finished the group stage.
We unexpectedly failed against Na’Vi’.
-Are you dissatisfied with the game?
-Yep, it was not in our plan.
We lost concentration and little Dendi totally crushed us.
We defeated. Tomorrow’s the 2nd group stage. I guess we’ll pass it.
-Are you satisfied with your team today generally speaking?
-To tell you the truth, I’m not.
I think it’s because of the break between the 1st and the 2nd game.
And generally speaking we qualified into group stage so mission is passed.
Na’Vi’ is in our group, thank god we won’t meet anymore.
Things are pretty impressive.
-Did you practiced DotA 2 after Kazakstan where you competed in DotA 1?
-We all gamed DotA 2. I have one person from Kazakstan,
2 Ukrainians and Blow who only games DotA 2
after he occured to be without a team.
Each of my gsamers is strong.
-Did you watch any other games today? Maybe French?
-There were no games between strong teams today.
Now I want to have a look on final games in other groups.
In a while French will game vt eSahara for the 1st place.
I guess we’ll be in the group with one of them tomorrow. We’ll see...
-You are the former member of Moscow 5 team.
They’ve just come alive again. What do you think of their new line-up?
-There are 4 St Petersburg gamers and NS.
Many scandalous people. They will game, show results
untill smth fails. I don’t know how stable they are.
F.e. Clif doesn’t have a travel passport if I’m not mistaken.
There are many people with an attitude.
I think there will be some shifts.
In this tournament they possibly can get into TOP4.
-And what are your personal plans for the nearst future?
-No plans as usually.
-Whack everybody and steal eges?
-Yep, I would like to gain some stability.
I consider DotA 2 to be more perspective than DotA 1
if speaking of sponsors.
Like, for instance MTV took DotA 2.
Plus I have a few more options. We’ll bully them...
-Ok, I don’t dare to disturb you anymore. Give me five!