Ba:Bo (바보 Miracle of Giving Fool) Full Movie (Eng Subs)

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Like any other town,
we had a village fool.
Since the fool was a real fool,
he didn't have any skills.
Making toast
was the only thing he could do.
The fool was waiting for someone.
One day became another,
and a year became two years.
Where should I stop?
Here's fine.
She is back.
What the...
What's wrong with him?
It's... it's Ji-ho!
Do I know you?
Good... good to see you.
Oh, no. I'm sorry. I forgot.
I'm sorry. I won't forget now. I'm... I'm sorry.
Okay. See... see you.
See you. Bye.
Hey, wait.
Is he stupid?
Oh, yeah! Everybody likes junk. Oh, yes they do.
Hey, excuse me!
That shoe... It's mine.
It's really mine. Give it back.
It really is...
Then take it.
Junk man. Junk man.
Isn't that Ji-ho?
No way. She's been in Europe for the past ten years.
How's crab sound to you? Good?
Dad! Dad!
What in the world?
What are you doing here?
I missed you guys too much!
Good, good. Let's go inside!
You look great! What's in the water there?
Auntie, why are you still here?
Don't even start!
- Come on, now. - Okay.
I'm happy you're back.
You finally up?
Did Dad go to work?
Of course, look at the time.
He's really happy, though.
Keeps telling me to make things you like.
Oh, and Ji-ho,
why do you have Sung-ryong's shoe?
- Shoe? - Yes, the shoe.
Oh, this one!
You know, your dumb childhood friend.
Don't you remember?
My childhood friend...
None of them are idiots.
Are you going out?
I'm gonna get some coffee.
Don't. I'll make you some.
I won't be long.
There's a lot of cafes here.
Little Star?
This net is for catching big fish.
I wanna get caught in this net tonight...
Why, a beauty like that in this town...
Just drink, Mister.
Babe, we don't have any job openings.
I just came to drink coffee.
- Have we met before? - No.
Never mind, then.
Anyway, seems you don't know what we do here.
Fools that want booze and women,
but don't have the money, come here.
If you get my drift, hurry on out.
There's lots of coffee shops around.
How are you?
I haven't seen her before.
A fantastic face...
Don't know about the body yet...
At least a C cup, though?
- Say, can I read your palm? - No!
- Mr. KIM, she's not one of ours. - Don't play with me.
You should introduce me to the new ones.
- I told you, she's not! - No need to yell, now...
Give me some coffee, too.
I'm telling you, you're in my kill zone!
All right. Don't get all fussy.
Kill zone? We're not in Vietnam...
And don't come during the day!
Try and stop me.
LEE Sung-ryong?
Are you LEE Sung-ryong?
You are... You are, aren't you!
Hey! It's me.
We were in the same class. SEOK Ji-ho, remember?
I didn't know you still lived here.
Sung-ryong doesn't go anywhere.
Oh. Oh, I'm sorry.
I didn't forget. You don't see me. I'm sorry.
What are you sorry about?
Don't you remember?
- It's me, SEOK Ji-ho! - I'm sorry, you don't see me.
I won't make you see me. I'll go.
What is he sorry for?
Now I've got a pair.
The fool was happy that she came back.
What the heck?
That damn fool.
Take a goddamn shower!
Go to the game room.
After ten years, the fool is excited,
because now he can see her everyday.
Sung-ryong is stupid! Sung-ryong is stupid!
Sung-ryong, come on!
Wow, goal in!
- Sang-su, look! There's smoke! - Where?
Right there! 3rd floor.
Gosh, Ji-ho's father bought this for us...
Yes, he bought it for our poor school.
It's all burnt down now.
Ms. PARK! Sung-ryong was in here everyday.
Yeah, he was here during the breaks.
Hey, it's Stupid Sung-ryong!
The other parents are complaining.
He set the school on fire and all...
Are you sure Sung-ryong is responsible for it?
How can you be so sure it was my son?
Is it because he's different from the other children?
Even if he did, isn't it possible with children?
That's true, but...
Would you do this if it were another child?
The other parents are just so against it.
Sung-ryong, I believe you.
I know you wouldn't lie.
But now, Mommy is in heaven and became a star.
Looking at the stars?
Lost your shoe again?
Wow, Sang-soo. You even smoke?
Yeah, man. It's nothing.
Hey, it's Stupid Sung-ryong.
Sung-ryong is stupid!
Jeez, I thought you were the teacher!
Gosh, why smoke this crap?
Twinkle, twinkle, little star, How I wonder what you are!
Hey, aren't you sick of that song?
You've been milking it for a decade.
Little star... Little star...
Oh! Aren't you going to Little Star today?
Man, you're even nagging me now.
Let's just,
stay a while...
A little while more...
Up above the world so high,
Like a diamond...
'Wake up, make Jee-in's breakfast first.'
'Be quiet. Don't wake her up.'
Be nice with the tray, and be quiet,
so Jee-in
doesn't wake up.
Hide it.
Hide it 'cause it's small.
Hide it 'cause it's big.
Hide it so it's warm.
Oh, be nice!
Thank you.
Vaseline for hurts,
toast for stomachs, a dollar for the can.
Thank you.
Did you have breakfast?
Hey, let's get some Stupid Toast.
You're gonna have one, right?
I hate toast more than anything.
Jee... Jee-in.
Hey, LEE Sung-ryong!
Why'd you run away yesterday? You left me hanging.
Did you forget who I am?
No, I... I just...
You'll get used to me now.
I'm back for good...
Make me some toast, too.
Just leave it.
Ugh, sugar.
It's good!
How much is it?
Vaseline for hurts,
toast for stomachs, a dollar for the can.
I see.
Would this be enough?
Fifty cents each.
See you around.
One Stupid Toast, please...
Jeez, that's disgusting.
Making toast with those hands...
What's wrong with you?
Can I get you... ladies anything?
Great pronunciation...
It's very nice.
How much toast is she eating?
- Was it good? - Yup.
Hey, do you remember?
How we kept taking pictures,
thinking there was film in the camera.
So we only got this group picture that
- the Sunday school teacher took! - Next is SEOK Ji-ho,
playing the piano.
Please give her a hand.
Ji-ho, are you okay?
Can you play?
Hey, here's Sung-ryong.
You have to look at the camera...
You know, right?
Sung-ryong wasn't stupid from the start.
It was smoke poisoning.
Sung-ryong's dad died and only Sung-ryong survived.
He woke up after a few days,
but his head was permanently damaged by then.
They say that he had this faint smile.
Up above the world so high, Like a diamond in the sky.
- What are you doing? - I was just... Just...
I'm sorry. I'll go. I'll go away.
LEE Sung-ryong, stop right there!
Why do you keep running away from me?
Tell me.
Ji-ho... Yon aren't want to see me.
Ji-ho told me to go away.
You said to go away and disappear...
I did?
Well, don't!
I don't know what I said to you, but it's okay.
So don't run away anymore, okay?
- Really? - You like that?
For real?
I don't have to go away now?
I can stay now? For real?
Are you that happy?
Yeah, I'm happy. Very happy.
Hey, Sung-ryong! What's with your shoes?
Shoes from Ji-ho...
Don't they hurt?
They don't hurt. Ji-ho's shoes.
Give me one shoe.
Come on, take it off. Take it off.
Wait one second.
Try them on.
Put them on right, or they'll hurt.
Good. Right foot, left foot.
- Right foot... Left foot... - Good. Right foot, left foot.
Right foot... Left foot...
Right foot... Left foot...
Forgot to say goodbye...
Right foot, left foot. Right foot, left foot.
Right foot, left foot.
Was it you?
You set my piano on fire?
Tell me! Was it really you?
It was you, wasn't it! You set it on fire!
Why did you burn my piano, you idiot?!
Go! I don't want to see you ever again!
Go away!
The town's fool had a little sister.
What are you doing?
Huh? Oh...
Ji-ho gave them to me.
I wanna put them on good,
because Ji-ho told me to,
but they keep coming off...
I'm trying to walk good, but it's hard.
Where are the ones you had on?
Oh, my shoes...
Wow. It's snow...
It's Sung-ryong.
Still, it's good to see you.
What are you doing?
Ji-ho said it's okay. Ji-ho said I can see her.
Ji-ho, you see? I show you, Ji-ho.
You see? Ji-ho, I show you.
Show me what?
Are you dancing?
I'm good? I am? I practiced lots and lots.
But what are you...
Good! Your shoes are on right.
Wow, you're so good!
You walk so well!
That's the best walk I've ever seen.
You came all the way here to show me?
And Ji-ho's piano...
Ji-ho's piano makes snow fall.
I hear Ji-ho's piano and stars fall.
Yup, yup. Ji-ho playing piano.
You... You remember me playing piano?
- Sung-ryong, - What...
- should we go on a date? - Date?
A date?
Watching you makes me want to walk too.
It's snowing, so let's enjoy it!
Let's go. Your house is this way, right?
Put something on. It's cold.
I don't want to work.
Days like this, I really don't want to work.
Go home, then.
Take the day off.
Can I?
Go meet your friends. It's snowing and all...
Sang-soo, let's do something. Let's drink!
I told you, it's all right.
Just take the day off.
I'm not talking about that. Just drinking, like regular people.
Not for money. Just you and me, hanging out!
Who said anything about work? Huh?
All right.
I'll close up and meet you downtown.
In a good mood, eh? Come out, now. It's snowing.
I can't, today.
You do know that's not up to you, right?
I can't. I have plans...
Don't fuck with me. Meet me at the place, now.
- Aren't you cold? - Not cold.
Do you have socks?
You need socks to keep your feet warm
and to keep your shoes on.
Too lazy.
You know what?
- Sung-ryong. - Huh? Huh?
You know...
I ran away.
I crashed, big time.
It wasn't a big accident or anything...
Big... Big accident?
I'm talking nonsense, aren't I...
You know, I can make bread, too.
It's a bit different from your toast.
I take this long piece of bread
and stuff it with ham, onions...
The thing is...
My hands were fine in the kitchen,
but even after twenty years of piano,
I couldn't play a single note.
It just scared me to death.
I couldn't even think about it.
Because piano was all that I had...
Sung-ryong, I don't know what to do.
What should I do?
All right.
Everybody! Make way, make way!
The junk man is coming your way!
This is fun!
Coffee girl...
See you around.
How's business?
I haven't found a good cafe yet.
Is it okay if I go there again?
See you around.
Come out and play,
Are you sleeping?
I know you're in there! Come out!
I'm coming out, Sang-soo!
God, you crack me up.
Come over here, stupid.
Sit still, man.
Hey, why are you... Don't you like me, man?
Hey, Sung-ryong. Just one more drink...
Why is this here, every single day!
Like that'll keep it warm?
All he can make is toast...
Long time no see, Jee-in.
Are you going to school?
- Where's Sung-ryong? - He probably left earlier.
You still call him names these days?
That's your breakfast, all right?
There's one for you. Eat before you go.
I don't want that crap.
Why do you have to talk like that?
Your brother made it for you,
so at least have a bite.
Because he can't do anything else!
Will you...
Close the door when you leave.
If you don't want it, throw it away!
Hey! Jee-in!
The pretty girl didn't like her elder brother.
Sung-ryong, listen to me.
A brother takes care of his little sister.
When Mommy... is gone,
you have to take care of her, okay?
Okay, Mommy.
You're the only thing that Mommy can leave to Jee-in.
I wish I could do more, but I can't...
I don't have anything left.
You're the last thing that I can give her.
You know what, Mommy?
I never cry. Never.
I was stuck in a rut back then,
but I ran into an old friend of mine.
A friend I had forgotten for so long.
He's always a little dirty, remembers stupid things,
and it can be frustrating to talk to him.
And his walk, it's just so funny.
But when I'm with him, I just feel better.
Ji-ho, it's Sung-ryong, right?
Yes, but how...
Do you know him?
I guess you don't remember me.
Sung-ryong is my best friend.
I think maybe it was Sung-ryong that brought you here.
I don't understand.
Did something bad happen to Sung-ryong?
Ask him yourself.
He never lies.
Busy dating, are we?
I have to hand it to you.
You've got some set of balls.
Why isn't this bitch clocked in yet?
She called in sick. She'll be here.
Can't blame her.
And lady,
don't sit around sipping your damn coffee.
You think this is some cafe?
I think I'm gonna go...
Come back any time. There's lots of coffee.
Up above the world so high, Like a diamond in the sky!
Twinkle, twinkle, little star, How I wonder what you are!
Twinkle, twinkle, little star, How I wonder what you are!
The first time I played on stage,
I was so nervous that I blanked out.
But, I heard someone singing this song
and it helped me remember the melody.
Because of that little star song, I was able to play that night.
The boy singing It was you.
- Sung-ryong. - Huh?
The first time I saw you again, it was right here...
I heard you were up here every day.
Why did you come up here?
Waiting for stars...
It's close to the sky, and from high up here,
I see Ji-ho coming.
You see me coming?
Were you waiting for me this whole time?
I'm gonna quit.
I'm not gonna do this anymore.
It's gonna be okay, right?
You should follow your heart.
Hey, this is good.
I've been hankering for this all night.
Vaseline for hurts,
toast for stomachs, a dollar for the can.
It's getting even better by the day.
So, do you ever feel sick or anything?
Does your face suddenly puff up,
or do you get really tired sometimes?
Nope, not puffy. Not tired.
You go to the bathroom fine?
Yup, very fine.
Are you sure you're okay?
You look like you're gonna pass out.
I'm fine. I'm just tired.
Are you sick? Are you okay?
Where are you going? Your house isn't that way!
Why isn't she coming out?
It's hot! Hot! Hot!
Ow! It hurts! Ow!
Why are you still out here?
I... I'm... Jee-in didn't come out yet. Not yet.
It's already dark...
You waited for her all this time?
Don't worry. She'll be home already.
From dawn to now... You're not tired?
From dawn to now... I'm not tired.
Jee-in is home!
Jee-in, are you home?
What are you doing?
I told you never to come in my room!
I can take care of myself, so get out!
Oh! I'm sorry! Sorry!
Jee-in is here.
Jee-in is home.
I told you.
Jee-in is home now.
- I'm gonna go, then. - Huh? Uh-huh.
- See you. - Okay. Bye-bye. Bye-bye.
What happened to your hand?
- Did you get hurt?! - Oh, no. It's okay. Okay.
What happened?
- It's burnt! - I was taking a nap...
- It doesn't hurt? - It doesn't hurt. It's okay.
It's not okay. The skin's fallen off...
Do you have a first-aid kit?
You could cure cancer with all this.
Can't be sick...
Mommy and Jee-in... Can't be sick.
- Give me your hand. - Okay.
Trust me.
My dad's a doctor, after all.
Vaseline for hurts...
- Toast for stomachs. - A dollar for the can.
- I'm going. - Okay. Bye-bye.
What are you gonna do now?
Brush my teeth. Sleep.
Mommy said, "Always brush."
But too lazy.
Are you happy in heaven?
I miss you, Mommy.
There you go.
You're so handsome, all cleaned up.
I'm really going this time.
Okay. Bye-bye, Ji-ho.
Shoes from Ji-ho.
Shoes from Ji-ho.
Twinkle, twinkle, little star, How I wonder what you are!
Twinkle, twinkle, little star, How I wonder what you are!
- Up above the world so high, - Like a diamond in the sky!
- Twinkle, twinkle, little star, - How I wonder what you are!
Jee-in, are you sleeping?
Are you up?
I'm going...
Jee-in? You... You're up?
Can't even take care of himself.
Two toasts, please.
Hey, he's all nice and clean!
- Look, he's all clean. - Did you wash your face?
Wow, that's a first.
He's a whole new man.
It's about time.
So, I went to the pool yesterday...
- Milk, please. - Milk. Okay.
- Hey, what's first period? - Isn't it physics?
- What time is it? - Let's go! We'll be tardy!
- We're late! Hurry up. - Hey, wait up!
Jee-in. Why are you so late? Are you sick?
Don't talk to me.
Where are you?
It's none of your business.
I'll pay back the rest of the money,
so don't look for me. And listen.
Leave Sang-soo out of this. It was my decision.
Shut up and get over here.
I even have pictures of you, bitch!
Should I sell them online?
- God, it's good. - Seriously.
Thanks, Mister. There goes my diet.
Hey, he's all nice and clean!
Oh, he is!
You're like a ladies' man now!
- Let's go. - Yeah.
- Should we get one more? - For that weirdo?
She hates toast! Let's just go.
But she came late and stayed hunched over,
just really sick all day.
We're late!
Hey, let's go! It's Bulldog's class!
Let's go!
One toast, please.
Excuse me.
Is my accent too accurate for you?
Always have to spell it out for you!
Jee-in is sick!
Jee-in! Jee-in!
- He's gone mad! - Jee-in!
Jee-in! Jee-in!
- Jee-in! - Jee-in? LEE Jee-in?
Jee... Jee-in,
Hurry. Hurry to the hospital.
Mommy died like this, too.
Jee-in can't die. You get a shot and be okay.
Hey! Who are you?!
I... I'm her brother.
I'm... Jee-in's brother, and this... is my sister.
I'm... her brother. She's my... my sister.
I'm Jee-in's brother.
Jee-in is my sister.
Sung-ryong is her brother...
This is my sister... Jee-in.
I'm her brother, Sung-ryong.
I'm her brother.
Sir! What about the stand?!
I don't have time for this!
We treated her now, so don't worry.
The test results take time...
We have to take pictures and run more tests.
It's going to take a while, so get some rest.
Now, what happened to your shoes?
Why the heck are you here?
Where's Sung-ryong?
Well, the owner of this toast stand just went and deserted his customer!
I tell you, he's a damn idiot...
The gentleman ran off in a hurry
with a young girl on his back...
Damn it.
I can't just leave this here,
the money just lying there... My god!
Hey! Make me fifty!
Oh, Sang-soo...
I'll stay here instead. Go home and sleep.
She'll be fine, so don't worry.
Sang... soo... Take care of her.
I know.
I will, so go home and get some sleep!
Sang-soo, take care of Jee-in.
All right. Get some rest and don't worry about it.
Sang-soo, take care of Jee-in.
I told you, I got it.
Please, Sang-soo. Take care of her...
All right. I will.
Did you eat?
Are you back?
But it's good to see you. Let's have a drink sometime.
How about right now?
Sleep well?
Oh, I'm sorry. Oh, no.
What's wrong?
I lost the shoes... Shoes Ji-ho gave me.
That's okay. You can wear other ones.
I'm gonna head home.
Don't sleep here, it's uncomfortable.
Go inside.
There's a cot next to her bed.
She doesn't like it. Me next to her...
Why'd you come back?
Let's just drink, Sang-soo.
Always no work and all play.
Girlie, you better
get your head straight.
You begged me not to tell, and now it's him?
You liked it! You know you liked it.
I don't care about what you want to do.
You're mine until you pay me, you little tramp!
I'm gonna kill...
Don't ever come near her again!
He said he has pictures of me!
I don't know how... Maybe while I was asleep.
- What kind of picture? - I don't know...
- Give it to her! - You little!
Let's just go, Hee-young.
I'll get it for you, no matter what.
'Promise me you won't lose these! '
Sung-ryong insisted on this room. He said you like to be alone.
That boy... All he has is one jacket and some sweatpants...
but all the years I've known him,
he's worked hard every single day and night.
I always wondered why he worked so hard to earn all that money.
I'd never seen him use any of it.
But, I think I know now.
I saw how he paid for your charges,
and he had such a smile on his face.
I understood why he worked so hard.
Jee... Jee-in, are you up?
Are you okay? I'll go, now.
But... I'll come again.
But... But I'm her brother.
The tests show your kidneys don't match.
But, I'm Sung-ryong, and she's my sister.
We'll find a way.
But, I'm her brother...
Take it.
It's everything I have, but I'll pay you back.
Give me my picture.
All right. I'll give it to you.
I never wanted to force you.
I really loved you.
After all the things you did to me?
Don't give me bullshit about love!
You disgust me.
Is it because of him?
Wow! That's what we'll do!
Sang-soo can give his to Jee-in!
Ow! So that's what we do!
Sung-ryong didn't thank you, because he's too happy...
He thinks it's a natural thing, because...
he would have done
the same for me.
Sang-soo's kidney!
He's an idiot, that's what.
Jee-in, I... I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I should give you mine because I'm your brother...
I'm sorry. But it's okay.
My friend Sang-soo can give his to you.
So it's okay.?
Don't just stand there. Come in.
- May I? - Come in.
What happened to your hand?
lt... It's nothing, Jee-in. It's nothing.
How did you hurt your hand!
Why do you always get hurt like a fool?
You always fall and trip.
But, how did you take such good care of me?
Jee-in is operating, but I can't see stars...
That's because it's cloudy tonight.
The moon is hiding, too.
I think it's gonna snow.
No, no snow...
Jee-in is operating. Mommy and Daddy have to see.
People die... People become stars.
Mommy and Daddy... Stars have to watch.
It'll be okay, Sung-ryong.
Ji-ho. Ji-ho, the piano... Play me piano.
The piano?
Ji-ho's piano makes stars come down.
my piano... It's pathetic.
No. Oh, no. Ji-ho's piano makes the world pretty.
With Ji-ho's piano, the world...
It's beautiful. So pretty.
Ji-ho, Sung-ryong can't lie.
Sung-ryong doesn't lie.
I want to see stars.
Stars have to come. Mommy and Daddy have to...
It's just the clouds... That's why you can't see the stars.
So play piano, Ji-ho. Make them come.
I would, if only I could...
Did you think I was kidding when I said I'm gonna kill you?
Hand over the picture!
Don't make me do it.
Why are you getting into this?
So a prick like you will stay out of her life!
Hand it over!
Come back tomorrow.
I'll come tomorrow and the next.
I'll keep coming back until you give it to me.
How's the hand?
Mind your own business!
And take down the Little Star sign.
It doesn't suit you.
Your kidney looks fine on ultrasound.
That's good.
What are you trying to do to him?
Are you that scared
something might happen to him?
Please, just leave Sang-soo alone.
That's quite a look on your face.
Run along.
I'm gonna stop you, no matter what.
Follow that bitch.
She'll lead you to that bastard.
Yes, sir.
But, what does he look like?
He has bandages around his hand.
Mister... Did you see Sang-soo?
Oh, that... that way.
Vaseline for hurts.
Toast for stomachs.
A dollar for the can.
Hey, Sang-soo!
Are you NAM Sang-soo?
You're the only thing that Mommy can leave to Jee-in.
You're the last thing that I can give her
I wish I could do more, but I can't...
My little sister, Jee-in...
It's okay,
because I'm a big brother.
My... My shoes.
I promised... I won't lose them again.
My sister.
My little sister... I have to take care of her.
Mommy, I'm scared. I'm scared...
How can I help you?
I came for a death certificate.
Oh, okay.
First, fill out this form,
then give it to me when you're done.
Do you need some help?
Why don't I fill it out for you?
How are you related to the deceased?
He... He's my brother,
and I'm... his sister.
He's my elder brother,
and I'm his... his younger sister.
- Your address? - He's my brother...
and I'm his sister.
Yes, I have that down.
He's my brother...
I'm his sister.
He's... He's my brother,
and I'm... I'm his little sister.
He's my brother,
and I'm his sister.
Be quiet. Don't wake her up.
Breakfast in front of Jee-in's door.
Always put both shoes on.
Come home, check Jee-in's room first.
Vaseline for Jee-in's hurts.
Wake up, make Jee-in's breakfast first.
Be quiet. Don't wake her up.
Our town had a village fool.
Like a fool, he smiled in good times and bad.
His smile was the brightest there was,
and everyone that saw it would smile, too.
Now, his pretty little sister
also smiles when she thinks of him.
One toast, please.
- Thank you. - A dollar for the can.
Five months later
I'm back here now,
because you waited for me.
Did you hear it?
The piano that you remembered...
I know you heard it.
Thank you...
Subtitles by LeapinLar