ICE returns stolen and looted archeological art and antiquities to Mexico

Uploaded by wwwICEgov on 02.11.2012

Well today we are returning over 4000 articles
that were stolen from Mexico involving various investigations
that were conducted by HSI agents in Arizona, Kalispell Montana and different places in Texas.
Those investigations aided by our partners at CBP
other Federal partners, State and local partners and also nongovernmental organizations
such as the Smithsonian Institute, museums, universities have aided in our effort to
not only size the merchandise but also to authenticate its origins and be able to
have it forfeited and then repatriated back to its proper owners.
These objects represent the history of a nation
and as we well know I mean thats something thats very important to every nation
in identifying who they are, how they got here and of their ancestors.
Its the story of humanity and it is something that needs to be protected.
When we look at these items, we look at really they're priceless.
and to think that they're stolen, not transported properly, maybe they are even damaged along the way
in that they are stolen from a country and from its heritage is just a really despicable crime.
Since 2007 HSI has returned over twenty six hundred cultural properties or pieces to twenty four countries.
Its just an honor and pleasure to return these items to Mexico.
Mexico is our Southern neighbor. We collaborate with Mexico every day at every level of the government
especially in law enforcement in our pursuit of our investigative efforts.
But Mexico has a proud heritage and that heritage has enriched American culture especially here in the State of Texas.