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I couldn't help noticing you. May I...sit?
Any cashews here? Uh, not now there aren't.
I'll have whatever the lady is having. Club soda. Really?
Okay. May I please have a Johnny Walker Black on the rocks?
You're really not drinking? Not tonight.
And a vodka tonic for the lady.
Am I being presumptuous?
Kettle One. And a Kettle One for...
You really want to do this? Fine. Uh, Svetlana.
Svetlana. That sounds Russian. I don't hear an accent though. I've had a dialect coach since I was three.
Ah, well she has done a really, really wonderful job- He.
Vladimir. A Russian dialect coach. That seems...counter-productive.
He's a very, very handsome man, Vladimir.
I call him Vlad the Impaler for reasons I don't want to go into.
Well, Svetlana, it's really nice to meet you.
Stop, Cameron. Knock it off.
Come on, let's get out of here. I don't want to get out of here.
You're in a mood, great. Why are you in a mood?
Are you really asking?
Eduardo cut down four eighty-year-old eucalyptus trees on a job I was doing in Del Mar.
By accident. And the client fired us.
And not just me, the entire firm.
It was a really amazing job- Now which is Eduardo now?
He's the installer. It was all California Mediterranean, acre and a half. Where were you?
I was out, away, out of town, whatever. And it had a labyrinth, a fucking labyrinth!
San Francisco, right? Your folks? And when am I ever going to get the chance to design a labyrinth again?
And I probably could have gotten a spread in one of those design magazines which would have helped.
What guilt trip did they lay on you to get you to go out? Man, I'll tell you.
See when my dad croaked, I hadn't seen him for...three years.
Did I feel guilty?
Do you ever feel guilty?
Yeah, there are times I feel guilty, there are. Just not for my father, who was an A-1 champion asshole.
And yet you've always said you got nothing from him.
You look really hot in that sweater.
Do you know my mother steals paper towels from gas station bathrooms?
You know, the stiff brown ones. When I was up there I opened up a cabinet and there were cases and cases of them.
I was thinking about it and my parents, they don't drive that much anymore, really.
Mostly doctors appointments, to go to the supermarket. A tank of gas could last them six weeks.
So they're either going to the gas stations just to steal the paper towels...
...or when they do go get gas, they go into the restroom with duffle bags.
Yeah. Like bank robbers. Ruth and Henry, the Bonnie and Clyde of the senior set-
Harry. My father's name is, do you not know my father's name? Henry's close enough.
He doesn't remember my name. Well, why should he? Who are you to him?
You know what? We should get out of here, go to your place, and not say a word the whole time.
Take off all our clothes in complete silence, and then just fuck each other silly.
Why would I want to do that- Because every time I open my mouth you like me less. And I figure if we don't talk at all-
I want to talk. No, you want to complain. I get enough of that at home, believe me it's not interesting.
You know? You don't want to travel up north every few weeks?
You keep getting fired from jobs because your eye's not on the ball?
Well guess what? You don't have to go up so often. I mean, Jesus, just draw the line. Don't go. Don't go.
You know I'm not, I'm not going up there for them. I'm going up there for me. I'm trying to save my life.
I'm literally trying to save my life, ten or fifteen years of my life.
Because if something happens to either one of them, the other one won't be able to manage.
I mean I have to make sure that they're safe.
That things don't get worse, because sooner or later, one of them is going to move in with me.
Or I'm going to have to move in with one of them and then that's it. My life stops.
Well, I'm sure you'll work something out.
That's it? Fine, you won't work something out. Your life is over, you're fucked.
I've ninety minutes, give or take.
I can't make this better for you.
What can you do for me, Cameron?
It's not nothing, it's something. It's just not everything.
I'll do the best I can.
Let's get the check. Can I have the check please?