BAMF Girls Club (Ep. 2) Hermione, Katniss, Lisbeth, Buffy, Michonne, and...Bella? Roommate Contract!

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Get ready for the BAMFmungous drama when Buffy, Hermione, Katniss, Lisbeth, Michonne...and Bella?
share one bathroom!
It's the BAMF Girls Club!

This is getting out of control.
This is what happens when there's no Volturi.
Girls get out of control!
Hermione: Who took my ratheads? KATNISS. Katniss: I didn't take your ratheads.
Well you're the only one who eats them!
I didn't take your flippin' ratheads!
Katniss: I have my own. Hermione: That is SO GROSS!
We need leadership.
We need rules.
Rules? HA! There is only one rule
in a zombie apocalypse:
We need rules!
A roommate contract.
I am SO excited, Michonne. Brilliant idea.
I am one teensy step ahead of you...I've drafted up a roommate contract for us all to look over and sign.
Who do you think you are? Rick Grimes?
Michonne: This is a democracy! We decide together. Hermione: Harry, Ron and I have a democracy. Mm hmm.
It's called, Hermione always saves the day.
And that she's smart.
Vote for me!
So let's begin.
Grievances, requests, suggestions?
Hermione: Who's going to take notes? Someone should take notes. I'll do it.
Taking notes just means more points for me!
10 points for Hermione!
You don't do House Points here?
Well, you should do House Points.
I'll keep track of them!
10 points for Hermione.
And ten points for thinking of the idea, too.
I just earned 30 points!
Well I just wanna put out there that
if you see me trying to kill myself
Bella: ...I'm just trying to call Edward. Hermione: Right. Bella would like privacy when speaking to Edward.
Is there gonna be a curfew?
Buffy: ...'Cause I'm gonna break it. Michonne: Curfew is for your own protection. There're walkers out at all hours!
Buffy: ...Vampires only out at night. Katniss: I claim the first food drop!
Hermione: Right. Katniss will do the weekly grocery run. Michonne: No groceries. Every woman fends for herself. Hermione: Objection!
Michonne: Lisbeth, what do you have? Lisbeth: I have only one demand.
No touching.
If you touch me, I will more than alarm you.
People are always telling me to go away...
But I know they don't mean it.
Hermione: I'd like to suggest no hacking allowed! Lisbeth: Please.
Hermione: And no weapons in the house! Katniss: No weapons, no wands.
No wands? Are you daft?
Hermione: I guess a few weapons never hurt anyone. Katniss: No boys.
Bella: Except Edward! Buffy: No inviting strange vampires in!
Hermione: And no ratheads in the fridge! Katniss: No potions on the counter!
Buffy: Mr. Pointy DOES NOT like houseguests, OK! [The girls' argument escalates...]

Petrificus totalus!
Very good meeting, everyone.
I will take that all under consideration.
That's nice!
The meeting went very well.
I've copied and collated a contract for us all to sign, and I already signed it!
10 points!
Bella! You're not frozen!
You missed me.
And I just didn't feel like moving.
What's got your favorite
badass women's BAMFy bloomers in a bunch?
Tune in next week to find out!
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