Welga 2/7

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the Communist Party also has a shield,
that screens the armed movement.
I'll give the privilege to Comrade Ruben,
our honorable guest,
to expound on this matter.
[ Applause ] Thanks, Comrade Atong.
Comrade Atong already explained the Red Area.
The White Area by the way
represented by this shield
centers in the Metros, cities, urban places,
and capitals where our armed units can't operate overtly,
the NPA so to speak.
Here operates the National Democratic Front.
Right here is where the White Area Committee is based.
Comrade Ruben, what's the mission of White Area Committee?
White Area Committee organizes semi-legal organizations
in all sectors of society;
for example: the workers' union,
government employees,
public school teachers,
jeepney operators and drivers,
Overseas Filipino Workers,
urban poor,
women, and many more.
We also forge tactical alliances
with other political parties
in order to oppose any reigning administration.
We also launch labor strikes among the ranks of workers,
and relentless protest movement in mass actions
about the hottest national issues.
In this kind of work of the White Area Committee,
we are able to enflame the people's anger.
We are able to break their trust to the government
and strengthen the support for armed revolution
launched by you in the countryside.
[ Applause ]
Advance the Revolution!
Advance the Revolution! Advance the Revolution!
Advance the Revolution! Advance the Revolution!
Dear, come and join me here.
You didn't fear confronting Mr. Santos?
At that moment, no, not at all.
You know, only after that I felt shivers.
Ronnie actually got frightened.
Because he thought that I might get fired.
For Christ's sake, Rene!
Oh God, please don't!
It's your fault.
You always lose your temper.
I did not lose my cool then.
Actually, my co-workers all agreed to what I said.
How about us now?
Don't worry.
Many workers, my fellow workers, support me.
Actually, we are organizing a union to protect our interests.
Yes, union.
Eh, who's the leader.
You're speaking to him now.
Rene, what do you know?!!
Many are willing to help me, my dear.
But Rene, I'm really anxious about this.
I'm also worried.
just give me this one chance.
It's only now that I felt my co-workers look up and trust me greatly.
At this moment, all my life, it's only now I felt something like it.
I don't want to upset them.
This is not something only for me, but also for our next baby.
Why are you crying?
You'll be safe.
Go on. Eat now.
The meal's still hot.
Go on, dear.
Comrade Randy,
join us here.
You know, it's not simple to live in the jungles.
You were pampered in luxurious living.
I hope you could endure.
Comrade Atong, the victory of our cause is our priority
not pleasures.
It will not be long, we'll soon triumph.
Maybe, even if we do nothing,
the way I see politicians fighting among themselves,
and on the issues of corruption and abuse
the government is slowly killing itself.
The people distrust the government.
It won't be long to topple them down and then rule by ourselves.
Right, Comrade Ruben?
Some among us are already in Congress!
As the saying goes,
destroy the government by joining the government!
Comrade Ruben!
You didn't explain earlier how NDF could shield us
against government attacks.
I'm already hungry, something wrong about that?
whenever our armed cells are curbed by the military or the police
whichever among our guerrilla fronts,
our allied semi-legal organizations
devise large demonstrations on issues to halt "militarizations"
in order to protect our guerrilla units.
We also made them appear that they violate
human rights.
And whenever our comrades or leaders are captured,
they're bailed out by our lawyers from legal organizations at once,
so that they'll not spit out any information.
How can the White Area Committee directly support like us in the mountains?
The Committee has support groups.
These are clandestine units of trusted activists
and other mass organizations in the cities.
They supply us provisions, military equipment,
medicine, clothes, and other logistics to be send to the countryside.
There are groups of doctors that treat our comrades wounded in combat,
and provide lounging while they recuperate in the cities.
The semi-legal mass organizations in the cities
are our unlimited source of competent cadres
for the Party.
Comrade Atong, maybe you should conduct advance party course
for the benefit of these young recruits
so that they become firm and loyal Party members.
I'll handle that myself, Comrade Ruben.
Comrade Atong, after this meal, I'll rest.
Tomorrow, before dawn, I'll go downhill.
Oh, who's still not in the list?
Your name, please?
Josephine, sir.
Ray, we're waiting too long already, is he still going to arrive?
He's coming by now. Dodong fetched him.
Does he really have a wide experience?
The way's here, sir.
He helped many workers like us already.
Ah... friends, you hear that, the speaker will arrive soon.
Ah, while waiting... Malou... Coffee! Coffee. Let's take a break.
Let's take something to warm up our stomachs.
Here. Here.
Pass the biscuits.
Give me one!
Coffee, just coffee..
Here, here. Yeah. Make it pass.
Have one. Go.
Comrade Ruben is here!
Comrade Ruben,
I'm Rene.
This is Ronnie, and Malou, my wife.
Sir, this is Katrina, my wife.
Right here, sir.
These problems you speak of are all old tunes...