Electron Configuration Help

Uploaded by gayglennp on 16.10.2008

So if you want to learn the electron configuration of
an element you must first know groups of the
Periodic Table. The S, D, P, and F. F we aren’t going
to talk about in this video because it is a little to
complicated. So lets say we are trying to find the
electron configuration of Oxygen right here. We
start with the top left and work our way down as if
we are reading. So we start here in the s group and the
first row. So we say 1s it’s the first row and all in the
s group so 2 because there are 2 electrons. So right
here we are saying in the first row, it’s in the s block
and there are 2 electrons. Then we go down a row so
now it’s row 2 and there is again 2 electrons in the s
group so we say s2. Then we go over here, now we
are in the p group but still in the 2nd row, so we still
have a 2 but bow we have a p because we are in the p
group and we count the number of electrons to
Oxygen so 1, 2, 3, 4. So the electron configuration
for Oxygen is 1s2 2s2 2p4. Now if you want to find
Chlorine you would do the same process. You would
start wit… up here 1s2, again that is saying 1st row,
s block 2 electrons. 2s2, 2nd row s block 2 electrons
2p because now we are over here. 2nd row p section
and this is all full so that’s 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. So it’s
always, no mater where in the p block, the maximum
that you can have is 6. You can have less than 6 but no
more. And S group you can only have 2 or less.
And same for D and so on and so forth. So now we
are done with the 2nd row. 3rd row we start with a 3,
we are in the s block so we write an s and there are 2
electrons so 2. An again we jump over here now
we are in the 3rd row p block 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 electrons.
So this is kind of long and chemists as any scientist
are fairly lazy so they don’t like to write this out all the
time so they have another way of writing this. And so
if we are at Chlorine here we look at… so these are
the noble gases. You look at the next noble gas in
this case it’s neon, so they say neon base and then
they start from there. So they are basically taking
all of this and putting it into there. So this is saying
that is saying this and that is saying this. So from
there you would go 3rd row, s block, 2 electrons.
3rd row, p block, 5 electrons. So these are exactly the
same just written a little differently. You would
read this as neon base 3s2 3p5 and that is a lot easier
than reading that all out.
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