The Day I Stopped Caring. - a film by Stefan Malešević (2008)

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You retarded fuck! What am I supposed to do now?
I won't calm down, no! I don't want to calm down!
Am I supposed to pack my bags in a day? And where can i go?
Why didn't you tell me you got fired!?
And you had to get drunk, too! You didn't happen to ask our landlord if we could owe him for a month, no...
Alcohol is the only thing you can think of!
Go away! Leave me alone!
Let's clear things out a bit, he kissed you, right?
Not really...
So, you kissed him?
Stop being such a bore, I was drunk, I don't remember...
Well, of course, that's your excuse for everything, so you actually wanted to kiss him?
No, the guy is ugly as hell, I just wanted to dance, when he started harassing me.
Ok, we'll see now, Johnny's got me his number, so we'll see who was harassing who,
If he was messing with my chick, he won't get away with it!
Oh, why are you making such a big deal out of it.
Well it is a big deal when your girl starts making out with some guy in front of the whole club and your mates!
He's not answering, cunt, well he definitely knows what's coming to him. Cocksucker!
Hello? Is that Boki? Hi, Boki!
Of course you don't know me, we've never met, but i heard you were messing with my girl last, WHAT?
Motherfucker, do you have any idea who you are talking to? I'm gonna get my crew fix you up in no time!
No, man, she told me you were bugging her!
Listen, you just have to apologize, and... Hello?
He hung up! He said I was an idiot for letting my chick make out with some other guys right in front of me.
Well you are an idiot! I'm being harassed here, and you can't protect me!
So I am an idiot because you mess around with other guys!?
Yes, you're an idiot!!!
Well, obviously I am!
Rock - Paper - Scissors!
It's you!
Okay! 5, 10, 15, 20, 25...
Where did they hide? (sign language)
Right behind the house... (sign language)
Oh, man, that bitch Vanessa Williams, her fuckin' forehead is too big!
Fuck yeah!
Here goes, it's loading.
Fuck, I knew it, I knew Birmingham will take the lead, why the fuck did I bet a draw on half-period?
I told you just to bet on home win, Birmingham always wins at home.
No shit? Then why didn't you bet on that?
Well, I would, but when I started winning, they forbid underagers from entering.
They don't give a fuck for your 200, I saw them carrying out 10 full bags yesterday
Well, they got all that on morons like Djole here!
Fuck off!
Get off me, you freak, it's not my fault that you always bet on something crazy,
draw-win, away lead-home win, 4-6 goals, you risk too much, man!
Man, I had to risk, Friday, that party at Bona Fides,
I need cash for Jovana, and they cut my pocketmoney, I don't have a nickel in my pocket.
No, he should risk, but he should just play a system like me, and he's allright...
Oh, I love those combinations when you get less money than you bet.
But, what happened with Jovana, did you bang her?
How, man? We haven't gone out for like five days,
and grandma's still at my place, dunno, maybe something happens on Friday,
if I get enough cash to get her drunk properly.
Okay, christian-boys, chill out with the hand waving...
Driver! Doors!
Man, don't fuck around with God.
But, sir, what can we do about that furnace?
I can't tell you that. But I can tell you that at my place, lights are flickering every fifteen minutes
my fridge is turning on and off, and that's all because of your thermo-induction furnace. It has to be shut down.
But how can we shut it down? It is the main machine in the factory
if we shut it down, we might as well just close the whole factory.
Than you have to have a separate electric network connection.
Or a voltage stabilizer. Get a stabilizer!
But, sir, this is not my factory, this is state property,
and it's being bankrupt.
The government cannot give out millions for some stabilizers
just because your lights are flickering.
Okay, I knew that we won't settle for an agreement...
so i called up an inspection, which will arrive in exactly...
No, please, sir...
...half an hour!
You have time to think over what to say to them.
Okay, people, you heard what the man said.
The inspectors are coming in thirty minutes, we have to shut down the furnace.
Which means that you are free for today,
and i'll try to settle something with them,
so that they leave us alone, at least until the privatization.
What are you doing?
Nothing, go away.
But, what?
Go away!
What are you doing?
Nothing, nothing!
Get downstairs, quick.
I didn't do nothing...
Well, it seems that you imagined I said you have two days free
But that doesn't matter, what matters is that i handled the inspection
the usual way,
and your paycheck will be reduced for being late today.