Herbalife24 Athlete: Proffessional Athletes That Take Herbalife24

Uploaded by 24HourAthletics on 05.11.2012

Herbalife24 line, superb, absolutely fantastic. Amazing, you have everything in one product.
One line like Herbalife24 and its brilliant. I can do more intense training, I can do longer
endurance training. The nutrition in Formula 1 is its good uhhh if I go to a tournament
or a training camp in Bulgaria, I don’t know what they’ll give me. You don’t have
to have bars or gels or so on, you get brodians, Carbolytes, or Electrolytes and everything
you need in one drink, its perfect. Any sports drink you’ll be looking at something
which gave you the energy for the training ride but also looking at the recovery. Herbalife
Prolong is perfect for that because it’s a 7 to 1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein
so you drink recovery with protein to recover for the next day. Hydration is massively important
you know we sweating a lot and losing a lot of fluids so it’s important to get it back
on in an easy form which obviously the Hydrate allows us to do. First of all I started with
Herbalife for Formula 1 Sport, the taste, the vanilla taste is real good. It’s great
to have all the products in one nutrition line because you know all the products are
made for each other and you get what you need. The key with the ummm with the 24 range is
most of the supplement companies seem to go pre-event, during event, post event but the
24 range pretty much covers all bases throughout the 24 hour window. I would really recommend
these products to anyone thinking about doing any kind of sport. I would describe Herbalife24
as the way for us to work 24 hour athletes. You know they’re serious athletes and they
want to be better and anything that can make them better and can give them some extra,
little bit, we want to take the opportunity.