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Uploaded by FilmIsNow2 on 22.03.2012

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here's today's trailer after cinema news!
After the success of 2012, DreamWorks Animation is going to try with
Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted and The Rise Of the Guardians.
For the first the directors will be Tom McGrath, Eric Darnell and Conrad Vernon.
For the second DreamWorks has completely changed style,
with an approach to the character that recalls two or three generations back:
Santa is called North, and it's not the fat red dressed character we remind,
but and angel of Hell with a tattoo reading “naughty” and “nice”, just to give an example.
Both the cartoons are very promising.
Director Anne Renton with her new movie The Perfect Family, talks a difficult theme,
the one of the different faiths in a family and what to do if your son is a catholic and your not.
Form the trailer someone could be offended as it starts with the phrase:
“I don't have to think, I'm a Catholic!”.
But the movie is more a reflection on faith and family. It comes out the 4th of May.
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