Spiritual Warfare -1 (The Battle Russian/ English Sub) by Jim Logan

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I would like you to open your Bible to the book of Matthew.
I want to share a promise every day that is about victory in Christ before we talk about defeat.
One thing about this kind of spiritual warfare conference is that it can be negative, because...
We are looking at the enemy. We will be talking about a lot of missionary families.
That are having tremendous demonic problems, the kind of problems they had and why.
Seeing how God has done a wonderful work in the lives of their children and relating it back the Bible.
I was sharing last night in my dealing with a demonized person all started with missionaries.
That was my first exposure to the demonic world was through missionaries...
… as I was the president's assistant of Child Evangelism Fellowship.
We worked in 100 counties of the world and we would have mission refresh courses.
The missionaries would come back discouraged, defeated, and ready to quit.
Many of them were veteran missionaries.
They were not realizing the dimension of the spiritual battle they were fighting.
They didn’t understand what a principality was, or a power, or the rulers of darkness, or what they did.
They were coming under all this attack and not having any spiritual understanding, because...
… they attended the same Bible college that I did.
That said this type of Spiritual Warfare battle was something that was during Jesus’ day and that God has removed it.
Some day in Revelation it will all come loose again, but right now we are all safe.
(Since that is not true) Our missionaries are being wiped out!
They do not understand the enemy, nor the spiritual battle, nor their identity in Christ, and...
… they were just being defeated!
I would like you to turn to Matthew 16. I want to give you atleast one promise of victory everyday.
I gave you a couple of promises last night, and one today before we look at the today's topic.
I will give you the entire truth since it is very powerful.
Remember when Jesus was walking along and he said to his disciples, “who do men say that I am?”
They were all giving some kinds of answers.
Peter said, “You are Christ the son of the living God” and Jesus said something very significant to Peter “that thought…
… did not come from you. God put that thought in your mind.”
I am sure Peter thought “wow, God put a thought in my mind and I shared it.”
Later, Jesus said, “I am going to the cross…”
What did Peter say?
“Jesus, Don’t Go!”
Jesus said, “Peter, that thought came from the enemy.”
Do you know what is significant about that statement?
Peter believed that every thought that entered his mind was from himself.
He believed that he was the source of every thought that came into his mind.
Where is the Spiritual Warfare battle fought?
Spiritual Warfare is in my mind!
If I believe that every thought that comes in my mind originates with myself, then...
My spiritual life will be destroyed.
It is interesting that Peter did not know.
When Peter was mature what did he do with Ananias and Sapphira?
he said “why you allowed Satan to fill your heart to do this?” He could begin to discern…
...in someone else's life where those thoughts were coming from.
Ananias and Sapphira didn’t know. I do know if we have time this morning we will have to cut the message this morning in half, and
... do the other half of the message tonight.
Why did not Ananias and Sapphira recognize the voice of Satan?
If you do not recognize the voice of Satan how can you resist him?
Right? Is that true?
Do this, even if you do not agree do this it encourages me.
Let's look here in Matthew 16. Jesus gives promise, and in fact it is the first mention of the church.
It is amazing that Jesus mentions demons with the church the first time!
The first time Jesus mentions the church He mentions Satan and all his forces.
In Matthew 16 : 18 Jesus said, “I say this on to you, you are Peter and upon this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”
Lets look at these words through Greek word study and put together what He was saying.
The first thing they are significant words. If you were here last night you would realize that Spiritual Warfare is a new area for me.
I have only been counseling the demonized for about the last six years.
I was so anxious with my friend and some you know the first missionary that had demons.
Some people here personally know the first missionary that voices talked out of them. It was a terrible thing.
I began to read and study Spiritual Warfare, since I'm very slow to change. You can even ask my wife.
I began to get books and I read about 500 to 600 books in the area of Spiritual Warfare.
I began getting them from other countries and to read everything I could read.
What do I know? What do I believe? What has been written on this? Read books written in the 1500s and 1600s amazing.
There is a book in the 1500s it is called "The Christian in Full Armor."
The other book is "Precious Remedies Against Satan's Attacks." Is written around 1657.
Lets say I had books on the back table cookbooks from 1657, or I have how to travel books.
Would you be interested in a cookbook from 1657?
No, but if you read a book on Spiritual Warfare from 1657 you would think it was written yesterday.
The enemy has not changed, that is from Scripture. The banner truth or whatever is that prints these old classics.
All classic books on Spiritual Warfare. Its interesting all that is written from the standpoint of solid...
...reading and then I went to New Testament four times and mark every verse. That eluded to spiritual warfare with "SW".
Then I go back and do Greek word studies on every verse.
I don't want to go down the wrong road. I went through the Old Testament four times and did Hebrew studies...
...on these key passages. What are they saying and what has God taught I don't want to stand here...
...and teach you something not true from the word of God or to the missionaries in our mission.
Look at this verse, I had known this verse for years and never connected it to Spiritual Warfare.
The first keyword in this verse is church, which is ekklesia. Which means “the called out ones.”
The Lord said, “ I'm going to call out people for my name, the called out ones, and they are going to be my body."
The second word is the word gates.
Gates are an interesting word, some of you have been to countries where gates are significant, but in America gates are not significant often decorative.
When you go to Israel, and will you find out that the gate system of the city was extremely important.
They can tell any city they dig up if Solomon was the designer of the city because the gate system.
If you go to Mageto you can see the city had a unique gate system that solomon designed.
The gates were very important, because the gates were the weakest part of the city.
If these gates were not designed right that city was very vulnerable.
Gates spoke of two things to the reader in those days:
First, they spoke first of all of power, because the more powerful or the stronger the gates the more protected.
The second thing gates speak of in Scripture is authority. Lot sat at the gate and what he did do?
He judged! Absalom sat at the gate what he do? He judged the peoples hearts !
It was the small claims court of that day we you handled peoples issues.
That's where you see the authorities in the city. It speaks of power and authority in those days the word "hell" is "sheol."
It refers to the spirit world, all bound and free wicked spirits.
It's the term referring to all of the spirit world, regardless of where they are what they do.
The last term is "prevail" that means to stand against, and this is the promise that Jesus said,
“I am going to call out a people for my name, I'm calling them church, and all the power, and all the authority...
...of the unseen spirit world cannot stand against it!”
That is beautiful! Amen, we need to know this demons can not stand against us, but will they try too?
You better believe they will try!
I am also a missionary and we don't charge for counseling. It say in the bible "buy the truth and sell it not" -Prov. 23:23
We don’t charge for counseling and since you know that missionaries do not have much money.
Welcome to Missions!!!
I decided to stand in front of the apartment complex I am living in...
...and I am going to charge everyone that walks on the path $2.00 to approach the building.
If you walking up and I'm standing and you approach me and I say, "I want two dollars you can't go in there without two dollars."
I am wearing a suit and tie. Would you give me two dollars?
NO! You would say, “get off the path.”
That's what the enemy does he says, “I want two dollars.” And Christians say, “oh, I will pay you.”
They are ignorant of how he works, and so instead of standing against him what do they do?
Satan stands against them and they give in to temptation.
We need to stand on the truth of God's word he cannot stand against me, and I need to know that.
I need to know how to stand against him. We are trusting that this conference will help you stand against Satan.
We have given you that notebook to help you. That notebook is the result of all the books I read.
You have Charles Swindoll's “Five Steps How To Resist Satan.”
You have Warren Wiersbe's warfare prayer that he and his wife pray every day.
You have Theodore Epps' concept of principalities, powers,and rules of darkness its all in there. It is a collection from books that people wrote.
We have all kinds of notebooks this is the simplest one, but we never wanted notebooks.
Our missionaries said we needed materials. We needed to take the information and put in a logical order so our mission is to go back to them.
In 100 countries of the world and have this notebook so they could open it when needed and do a study, and be encouraged and keep on going.
I wasn't going to tell you this today, but I am warming up, so let's turn to Matthew 28:17-20.
I never saw this truth in scripture until after I got itto warfare begin to realize the warfare versus by putting as “SW” by them.
This was so amazing most have read Matthew 28 at least once or heard it.
It says “and when they saw him, they worshiped him: but some doubted and Jesus came and spoke of them, saying,…”
“All power is given to me in heaven and earth. Go therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of a Father, Son and Holy Spirit:..."
“Teaching observe all things whatsoever commanded you: and behold, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.Amen.” That is nice.
What is dangerous about familiar passages? They never speak to us.
For example: I know that one, and I dare you to tell me something out of Psalms 1 that I do not know.
When we say, “I know that”, then we close ourselves to the Holy Spirit.
It is so familiar and we know it, and we never ask God if there is something new He wants to teach me.
I just knew this since I was a missionary, but then I read it again, and I thought this is interesting.
The last words of someone is usually important and the last words of the Lord Jesus Christ is very important.
He said, “...All power is given me in heaven and on the earth.” When God sends me then I should go. Makes sense!
Why did He say that? He did not just say words why did He say that and why did the Holy Spirit tell us that?
He has all power and exercises total authority. Where? In heaven! Is he talking about where the Angels are?
In the third heaven? absolutely not, of course He is all power there, because everybody does what He says. That is obvious.
He is talking about in the heavens. Who operates in the heavens? “The prince of the power of the air.” – Eph. 2:2
The whole world lies where? In the wicked one.
Jesus said, “I want to tell you something. I exercise a greater authority in the heavens and on the earth…
… because of this you'll be able to go." That is wonderful.
You are going into the enemy's territory to steal his people and if you think he is going to let go of them without a fight.
You are deceived. He (Satan) does not want to lose anyone.
Yesterday the young man who was the worst person ever counseled was here. He was a youth pastor.
He sat in my office with his arms folded totally out of it. He disappeared the demons were talking out of him two weeks ago.
The demon said, “fall down and worship me and I will give you power.”
His body was there, but he is faded off the demons were speaking...
“...kneel before me and I will give you power” they said, “Logan you are on the loosing team.”
… Look at Sioux City, Iowa. How many people do we (demons) have and how many does Jesus have?”
...You're following a loser Logan. Look around the world. We will give you real power”
That is out of the mouth of a youth pastor.
What can I say? We are not doing so well in Sioux City or around the world if you go by numbers.
I wanted to hit him, but I knew I would not hurt the enemy just the youth pastor. I was angry.
We need to realize who we are. I can go and I do not have to fear going…
…because I am connected to one who has more power.
I have to realize that and I know we are going to talk about the power of the enemy. He has awesome power.
Do you know what it has done for my wife and I ?
As we seen the power of the enemy in the lives of God's people. We have come to appreciate the tremendous power of God.
God’s power is a greater power than the power that we're seeing operate (from Satan).
Do you know what the enemy hates? This is free !!! He hates the Word of God.
The first sign that you're under demonic attack is stopping reading your bible or time with God. Satan hates it.
Satan says, “I can not tell you I've been cursed, shut the Bible because I hate it. “
Too bad Satan I got to read my Bible. Revelations 4 and 5 demons do not like it. Where God is lifted up in worship.
The enemy hates the word of God, because he knows it will set people free.
Is this why you missionaries love reading the bible? Do you just sell these bibles or do you believe that it will set people free?
Turn to the Book of Ezekiel 28:12-14.
Gives an interesting description of the enemy.
Often people think of the enemy as something scary. Out of the swamp.
We can imagine Eve is in the Garden of Eden and this thing comes out of the swamp towards her. She would have been frightened.
We see that he is one of the most beautiful of all God's creation, very attractive.
Why are all the high school kids and college kids getting into this evil stuff? Because it's attractive.
Satan offers a lot of pleasure, and offers a lot of power, and he offers a lot of evil to these kids.
Ezekiel 28:12 talks about all these stones, and I see this is as a woven garment of gold with all the stones in it.
Satan was an angel of light (2 Cor. 11:14). It wasn't that light came on him, he did not walk in God's spotlight light, but came from him.
Can you see this one with the light coming through the stones? Study the color of the stones.
As beautiful color coming out of him but was interesting in the King James Bible you can check this out in Hebrew there is two words there...
… verse 13 says “the workmanship of your tabrets and pipes was prepared in you the day you were created.”
We did a medical seminar last week on the demonic for 280 medical doctors and psychiatrists, and we do this every year.
We have 600 people trained in the spiritual warfare area who are sending us information on the medical problems of the demonized person.
You go to a doctor and say “I have a problem with my Tabrets and Pipes can you take them out?”
He can give you an x-ray. That is what I did as an x-ray and lab technician before i got saved.
You can x-ray someone with instruments to try and find his tabrets and pipes.
He doesn't have them. Do you know what those are? Musical instruments, Hebrew musical instruments.
What it is saying about Satan is interesting. Light flowed from him and also music.
Dr. McGee was my pastor for a number of years he said this, “when Satan fell from heaven he fell into the choir.”
He must have had problems with his choir.
The enemy uses music.
I don't know who you are or if you have been in the tribes, but you cannot visit any animistic group...
… And not realize that they use music to call spirits. When you hear the music you exactly what music they use, since not all their music is that way.
There is special, specific music that is designed to call spirits, and demonic spirits respond to music.
I can't tell you how many missionary kids that were counseling, because of evil music.
In my next prayer letter the director of all the outreach for Eastern Europe had to leave the field.
When his son became heavily demonized at the age of 14 through rock music.
He was delivered by the navigator organization i had trained.
This child came when I did not realized the enemy was real.
This child's life got worse and worse from 14 to age 24.
Until he was delivered at the University of Columbia by the Navigators.
They said, “Jim do you know 'this Child'? Yes I do, and he has written his testimony”
How he got into this music and his rebellion and how the spirits came into his life and how he wanted to kill his brother.
Imagine kids fighting and one kid's thought is to kill his brother, and he has demons to help him do it.
It is no wonder why they left the mission field. Have your kids ever fought?
Imagine one of having the enemy empowering him to try to kill his brother.
It tore apart the family so bad they could not return. How can you minister and your kids are mess?
You can fake it but you cannot minister well. The enemy was just destroying this family.
They came home and have been home for years about 10 years. Now the boy is doing very well.
He has grieved over his sin and asked his parents forgiveness and it is wonderful, but there's 10 years.
They came back to the home office, because of the terrible devastation was happening in the country.
That country is a graveyard for missionaries. More missionaries kill themselves there or try to kill themselves...
…In that particular country more than any other country of the world.
In that particular city is probably the worst city in the world and it’s one of the most beautiful cities of the world.
We will talk about it that are spirits known as principalities and powers.
We need to understand how to stand against them.
There is a principality over this area.
Are you praying against it?
The Lord said we wrestle against them. Have you been wrestling principalities and powers in this city? We will talk more about this later.
There is music that repels the forces of darkness. King David was called to play his harp (1 Samuel 16:23).
The spiritual demonic forces that came upon king Saul left him.
There seems to be music that invites the forces of darkness and music that repels the force of darkness.
The best thing that you can take to a mission field other than your Bible is good, uplifting music.
Music that can minister to your spirit if they allow you to do that. The music player can be small it cannot be huge.
Satan was cast down and you ask why? Verse 17 says, “because his heart was lifted up with beauty…
...and corrupted by wisdom of brightness…” as you read this you realize the enemy was lifted up with pride, and God cast him out.
Turn to Isaiah 14:12-14. We get a better description here of exactly what happened,
“How are you fallen from heaven Lucifer son of the morning how are you cut down to the ground…
…which did weaken the nation for thou has said in my heart I will ascend to the heavens I will exhalt my throne…
…above the stars of God I will sit upon the mount of the congregation of the North…
… I will ascend above the heights of the clouds and I will be like the most high.”
I want to ask you a question.
Who did Satan say this too?
Who did Satan say it too?
It was not God or Angels.
He said it to himself.
He said in his heart. The most important conversations you have will be with yourself.
If I read the Bible and if I do not look for some topic, then I get nothing from my reading.
I am not the type of person who can open the Bible and read it.
I have to usually be looking for something.
I did a study one time in the Bible and marked every passage that talked about 'what the man said in his heart.'
"A fool has said in his heart", "the wicked says in his heart", "the righteousness says in his heart", and "Satan spoke in his heart."
The most important conversation you ever have is with yourself.
If I really wanted to know you I need to give your tape player to put in your ears that record everything you thought.
In a week I would know you. Tonight, we are going to a chair right here…
We will pick a lucky person and they are going to sit here and I brought some equipment that will project your thoughts for a week on the screen.
Isn't it funny that no one will come tonight
That is where the enemy works.
I will give you an illustration of how Satan works.
We were teaching this to our missionaries as they were coming home from overseas.
We had missionary courses and tried to bring them up to date. One of the missionaries was an amazing girl from Gabon.
She was going to resign did not tell anyone. When she went through this simple Warfare Conference.
She came to me and said, “Mr. Logan I have been involved in spiritual warfare and did not realize it.”
She said, “I would get up and I would teach, for example, as I was with this girl a few months ago in Africa.
She said, “I would teach and say God loves you.” Then this thought would come “but He doesn't love you.”
This happened for years. She would say, “God will meet your needs,” but the thought was, “He will not meet your needs.”
She thought, “how can be a missionary if I don't believe God's word is true?”
She said, “but I do believe God's word is true.”
She thought spiritual warfare would be that she be tempted to be immoral with another missionary or national…
or she would steal money, or lie, or seizures. She didn't realize that that's still small voice putting these doubts about God's word was the enemy in her life.
She was going to resign.
I was just with her and that was 6 or 7 years ago, but now she is doing so well.
The battles have changed. Satan does not say that to her any more…
She thinks that thought has the smell of brimstone on it.
She recognizes that it is Satan, but he switched his tactic.
We always wrestle against the forces of darkness and we always will, and he will switch his tactic once it does not work.
I was counseling a campus Crusade guy who was having all kinds of moral problems and he said, “Logan…
… “I am so sick of this” he asked, “when is Satan going to change his tactics on me?”
I said, “There is a verse in Ezekiel that says if it is not broken then don't fix it.”
He said, “What do you mean?” I said, “This temptation is working, so why should Satan stop?”
If it works so well why should he do something else? Satan is not going to change, but the man wanted a quick fix.
He said, "that is what I thought." The man wanted a quick fix.
Then Satan said the seven “I wills” in Isaiah 14, and these are important. What were the “I wills”?
The last “I will” is very significant. He said, “I will be like the most high.”
Satan could have picked any name for God he wanted too.
He picked a name for God that described what he was talking about, but he could have said like Jehovah or Jehovah-Jirah or any of those names.
He didn't, he picked El Elyon. I want to be like El Elyon. What was he saying?
El Elyon is the name for God that indicates the sovereign one on that reigns. He did not say, “I do not want God in my life.”
He said “I want to be like God.” What was he saying?
I want to be like God in control but not character. I want to be in control of my own life.
I want be the final authority in my life. Do you know that is? Pride
Pride is establishing yourself as the final authority in your life.
It is what I want. What I think. Pride is the big "i"
Dr. Fred Dickson who was my trainer in counseling demonized people the head theologian at Moody Bible Institute.
This is what he said from his book, “Satan has sold his rebellious philosophy to mankind…
…and rule over us all who have fallen into sin. He promotes with a vengeance and by multiplied means his concept of creatured centered living.”
When are you most like Satan? When your creatured centered.
You are most like Satan when Pride is reigning in your life.
That's when you are most like the enemy.
Dr. Unger said, “that when you allow pride in your life you just took your stand with Satan.”
If I was Satan and I wanted to destroy this mission. I would attack missionary with a good dose of pride.
Who do they think they are?
Have you ever had that thought?
The leadership here, how do these people become leaders? Is it because they are so old? You wait until everyone dies off
The oldest is now leader? Sits behind a desk and tells me what to do when I am in the mission field.”
They work in an air-conditioned building. I wish I was in wacksaw, Nebraska behind a desk and telling people what to do.
I worked in a mission and I was an executive and they said that about me, about me. If I was the president I can understand that but I was his assistant.
Let's see why pride is so devastating we will be able to do that and that'll be it.
We will look at why pride is devastating. We want to see some of the judgments of a proud man turn to Proverbs. We are not going to miss any of them.
We will look at every single reference to pride in the book of Proverbs… we have time.
There is not that many lets look at Proverbs 6.
The Bible is so accurate.
The Bible is so accurate. I knew a man who loaned on the average between $5 and $7 million a month.
He done it for 10 years as a loan officer. This was back when I was teaching at Calvery Bible College which was a number of years ago.
That was a lot of money in those days, and guess how many bad loans he made?
One bad loan that he made to a friend for $45,000 that was not paid back.
They would have him travel in America sharing his secret which was that he looked in Proverbs and saw would see the 3 signs of a wicked person.
When a man came for a load he would look for the 3 signs of a wicked person. If he the signs he would not give the loan or do more investigating.
Do you know the 3 signs of the wicked proverbs the wicked man or naughty man in verse 12?
Chapter 6 says, “he walks with a perverse mouth” you cannot always notice that one.
Here are the 3 things you look for first, “he winks with his eyes.”
When people lie to you they usually blink first. I hate to tell you that because some of you are coming for counseling.
They blink their eyes. When a child says, "I didn't do that" or a man says, "we have a building full of our product" (blinking) then that's number one.
The second thing it says is, “he speaks with his feet.” (He shuffles his feet).
That is number two then, “he teaches with his fingers.” Look at this! That was it.
The Bible is true! You can put your trust in it to lead you in truth.
Lets look at Proverbs 6:16,17 and you can count on what God says about the proud man in proverbs, “these six things does the Lord hate…
…seven that are a abomination to him.” God has given us a list of things he hates.
Is abortion number one ? Or incest? What is it?
A proud look.
Are you sure pride is an abomination to God?
All these other horrible other things that are going on for example sacrificing of children is not on this list…
A proud look. Pride in the face. God says that I want you know its first on what I hate, and…
...when I see that in the life of the believer (follower of Jesus Christ), then that believer becomes an abomination to me.
When you tell God, "you do your thing and I'll do mine."
Turn page if you have the "right" kind of Bible.
I have those for sale afterwards see me at the front. Proverbs 8: 13
“The fear of the Lord is to hate evil...” what was the first evil that He mentions?
The fear the Lord is a conscious awareness of God's presence.
“By the fear the Lord men depart from evil” – Proverbs 16:6
When I am living and realizing that everyday “You O God see me” – Jeremiah 12:3
It will change the way I live, it will change the things I say.
There are conversations I've had with my wife that I hope that God was not listening to me.
That maybe he was looking at somebody else.
If I had an awareness of his presence I may have used different words to my wife.
Have you ever said things to your kids you wished you had never said?
If you saw the Lord standing there would you have said it in that way?
“Now honey dear” I would have sweetened what I said to her.
Turn to Proverbs 11:2.
When pride comes then comes…” what?
First, comes pride then comes shame. Have you ever heard that at your promise meetings? It is still true.
Have you seen any men brought to shame in ministry?
What do you know was there before shame?
Pride! You know that came first. We don’t know when they came how long it took to happen, but…
… we know that was first. They lived in the sin of pride, and that eventually brought them to shame in the ministries.
Proverbs 13:10 “Only by pride comes contention…” That is interesting.
People hate that since it absolutely will happen. Have you ever had any contention in the mission?
Did you look at the fields of the other mission group, and the contention they had over there?
When you see contention, then you can know there is pride.
What is contention? “I will tell you what I think,” or “brother I'm right, or you need to listen to me and us out here.”
Pride is devastating.
Contention will come in your life, turn to Proverbs 15:25.
This verse is humbling. “The Lord will destroy the house of the proud…” That is a promise.
Is God saying he will send tornados or floods? No, God is talking about the family.
“The lord will destroy the house of the proud man. It will be his family”
Proverbs 16:5 “Everyone, not just some people, who is proud in heart is an abomination to the Lord.”
Proverbs 16:8 “Pride proceeds destruction, and a haughty spirit will always come before man falls.”
Proverbs 28:25
Proverbs 28:25 said “he that is has a proud heart stirs up strife.”
Interesting strife and contention starts with pride.
Proverbs 29:23 “A man's pride shall bring him down” We are out of time.
The questions about pride are how does this happen and how does it take place?
God says it so we know it has to be true.
The New Testament tells us how this takes place we will talk about it tonight.
It has deal with resisting, but I will share with you one last story.
The story is not on pride, but on spiritual warfare.
A missionary was at a missionary refresher course and an outstanding person…
… who was in charge of a whole area of the world, not just a country but countries.
This missionary realized that the problems they were having had a spiritual dimension to it. They never thought about it as Spiritual Warfare.
She came for counseling right after a message and we talked for 45 minutes, but…
I had to go back and teach again she said, “can I see you tomorrow?” and I said, “yes” then she left.
She came the next day and we were doing a “direct confrontational deliverance” at that time, but …
… now are using an “indirect confrontational approach” which is what we are going to teach you.
How to help somebody that has a demonic problem with “indirect approach,” which is much easier and less threatening.
It is not as intrusive and not as frightening. It is just a lot easier to do to this approach, and…
We want to share this approach with you. So that you can help anyone. It is very easy as you work through steps they can be set free.
We were using the “confrontational approach,” where you call up demonic spirits…
… you talk to them you find out the ground. This girl came in and prayed with her.
Then a demonic spirit took over in her and spoke out of her mouth. I asked, “ What is your name?”
It said, “blasphemy” I looked at this lady who was really sweet looking.
The type of lady that the first thing she would do is put curtains in the jungle hut on the mission field.
I could not believe it, because she looked like such as sweet girl. This cannot be true.
I said to the Demonic Spirit, “when was the last time you worked?”
It said, “Yesterday when she left her office” I asked “what did you do?”
“Put blasphemous thoughts about you and about God in her mind.”
I forbid the spirit to speak and I asked the missionary, “ Is that true?”
She said, “yes I heard what was said,” I asked, “did that really happen?”
“Yes” she said, “that is why I am going to quit being a missionary.”
She said, “How can I be a missionary and think blasphemous thoughts towards God, you, and men?”
I said, “let’s gets more information from the enemy.”
I asked the demonic Spirit, “When did this start and when you come into her life?”
He said, “When she was three years old.”
I did not believe it, since they are liars. It says in John 10 that when they speak they speak a lie.
I asked her, “How could a demon come into you at three years of age?”
She said, “Mr. Logan, I believe it is true, when I was three years old my grandmother died…
…and my father went to séances (satanic ritual) and contacted her spirit and all my family is having troubles.”
The enemy first binds the strongman and then spoils his goods” –Mark 3:27
Sometimes when kids are having strong temptations, it is because of the sin their parents have done.
That has allowed Satan to attack the family. We want to try and share with you have temptations.
That sometimes temptations can come from Satan, because of what you parents have done in their life.
That has given ground to the enemy, which is being used to attack you.
In ways you can not relate to why it is happening.
I will share what happened to this girl. We prayed and she did not want to be blasphemous.
She was not in the cult and we stood against the spirits and it left her.
She has been a missionary in that area of the world for another five years.
Rejoicing with that inner peace and joy toward the Lord in her heart.
Father, were just so thankful for the truths in your word...
...We are thankful that all the forces of darkness and all of their power cannot stand against one of us.
As we stand in the Lord Jesus Christ, but father may we see that some of the battles that we have…
…will not be that dramatic, but will be these thoughts that come into our minds.
That the enemy would shoot these flaming missiles, and trying to bring great destruction to our life of faith.
Father, we pray, as we continue to study tonight of why pride is most devastating sin that I can get involved in…
… and will lead to my ultimate ruin as a Christian and a Christian worker. We ask that the Spirit of God would…
… keep these truths alive enough that tonight so that we can put them together and see your answers.
We just thank you for this week that you've given to us, because we know that…
… the Word of God says that you want us to walk in victory, and Father we just are praying…
… that every person here would be walking the victory that is theirs in Christ.