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SHEENA DIMATTEO: Glee hits New York City, Darwin Deez's
"DNA," and SNL celebrates its season finale.
This just Just Dance for May 26, 2011.
I don't know if you guys got a chance to watch the Saturday
Night Live season finale, but one of my favorite parts was
definitely "3-Way," a music video featuring Lady Gaga,
Justin Timberlake, and Andy Samberg.
It was hilarious, as all their music videos usually are,
featuring some excellent choreography
from Danielle Flora.
From the gold chain, to the facial
hair, to the hair swoop--
I just can't even say enough about how ridiculous it is.

SHEENA DIMATTEO: So I'm online checking out this new music
video for Darwin Deez, an indie band from New York City.
I'm watching this video, realizing I know that guy!
I know that girl!
I know both of the dancers in the video.
I'm so cool, I know them!
Josh and Mishay are dance teachers and dancers from
Broadway Dance Center, that I used to take a class from.
And looking down through the comments on their YouTube
video, people are like, I love this, this is awesome.
Or people are like, this is weird, this is crazy.
Which knowing Josh, I know that's exactly what
he was going for.
Because his choreography is so unique.
Obviously, other than the dancing and choreography, the
great thing about this video is the music.
They're coming to New York City on July 15 for a concert.
So I'm going to really try to check that out.
I put a link below, and if you're really into Darwin
Deez, you can check out their website and their new
self-titled album on iTunes.
SHEENA DIMATTEO: So on ABDC, we're down to
the last four crews.
Every week, it's getting crazier and crazier.
All the crews are so tight, neck and neck.
One of my favorite things about this episode, when it
was Nicki Minaj week, all the four crews got together and
did this really sick jungle opening number.
You're realizing these are such amazing dancers, from the
little Jersey boys to the krumpers
to Chachi from I.aM.mE.
They really nailed that opening number.
And I was just thinking, from here on out
it's anybody's game.
I.aM.mE's challenge was to incorporate childhood games
into their choreography, which is already really creative.
Not only did they do one time-- oh here's a childhood
game, hopscotch.
They had them throughout their entire performance.
There was a swing, a jump rope, hopscotch--
anything you could think of to make you feel like you're in a
playground, they did it.
ICONic Boyz came out in their cute little hot pink jumpers,
and they're always a little worried about
dancing to a girl song.
We're all boys, we're seven boys, we're an all-boy crew,
so why do we have to dance to Nicki Minaj?
Well, Boyz, you killed it.
There was nothing girly about that performance.
Phunk Phenomenon's task was belly dancing.
And I don't think it was their favorite task, but on the show
you got to do what they tell you.
So they made it work for them.
They used some comedy and humor to work in the belly
dancing, which the judges definitely gave them a shout
out for doing.
At this point in the show, it's always sad to see the
crews go, because we've been with them since the beginning,
watching them grow, getting to know them behind the scenes.
This week it had to Street Kingdom, and we're down to our
final three.
We'll miss you, Street Kingdom.
Up next for ABDC is Kayne West.
Here's what the crews told me backstage.
MAKE SPEAKER: Yeah, it's like three songs in one-- "Love
Lockdown," "Gold Digger," and "Touch the Sky."
MAKE SPEAKER: They gave us for each song a style to do, so I
don't think it was that hard.
But it's going to be hard because all the crews have the
same song, just different mixes, so we really have to
give it our all tonight.
world is Miley Cyrus?
Pop star Miley Cyrus is somewhere around the world in
her Gypsy Heart Tour.
She's making stops to Mexico, Philippines, Australia.
Who knows where she's going to be next?
Miley got So You Think You Can Dance choreographer Sonya
Tayeh to choreograph her show.
Let's check out what Sonya had to say about what to expect
from Miley's tour.
SONYA: I'm doing Miley's tour.
It's called the Gypsy Heart Tour.
It's really a wonderful, wonderful experience.
We have some beautiful dancers.
It's going to be an amazing show.
We're doing that until the beginning of summer, and then
So You Think You Can Dance starts.
SHEENA DIMATTEO: So, Dancing with the Stars just had it's
season finale.
Kirstie, Chelsea, and Hines were dancing it out--
battling it out.
It was neck and neck.
I was actually scared.
Congratulations to the hometown hero, Hines Ward.
Go Hines!
Check out my recap here for a play by play of what happened
on the Dancing with the Stars season finale.
I don't know if you guys caught the season finale of
Glee, but it was definitely a bittersweet moment.
Bitter because there's no more Glee until next season and
sweet because it was just an amazing episode and such a
really fun season.
When they came to film this in Times Square, the city was
insane that day.
If you had to be somewhere in Manhattan that day, it was
just not happening.
One of my favorite parts was the duet between Rachel and
Kurt, "For Good" from Wicked, which is such a
sweet song in itself.
And it was so cool that they sang it right here in the
Gershwin Theater, where they play Wicked.
OK guys, that's all I got for you today.
I really want to know what you thought of
the Glee season finale.
Who do you think is going to be in the top two for
America's Best Dance Crew?
Favorite this video here.
Subscribe to it up there.
And next week, I'm really excited--
I get to go see Zarkana, the new Cirque du Soliel show.
And it doesn't even open yet, so it's a
special sneak preview.
It should be really cool.
You don't want to miss it.