Служебный роман 2 серия

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Part Two
Hi. How much are these carnations?
2.50 for this bouquet and 4.50 – for this one.
This one. No. This one.
Here you go. Take the change.
- Keep the change. - No, please, take it.
I wait so eagerly all day
For someone to appear
I watch the rising sun again
Without someone dear.
But she exists, I know,
Though time is passing slow:
I’ll move the mountains to find
That someone, someone dear,
That someone, someone dear
To find - I'll move the mountains.
Oh patron angels of my love
You work without fear:
Please tell her if you know her name -
I’ll find my someone dear.
She’ll never be too late,
I only need to wait -
I’ll move the mountains to find
That someone, someone dear,
That someone, someone dear
To find - I’ll move the mountains...
- Let me in. - What’s the matter?
Vera, tell Novoseltsev to come here with his report.
The boss is calling for you.
With a report.
Good morning, Yura.
Olenka, I'm very touched... But please try to understand.
Life is life.
I'm very grateful to you for your sincerity.
But please stop torturing me and yourself, too.
You’re my clever girl.
When someone says something like this,
it means they think you’re a fool.
Come on, I didn’t say anything like this.
You became so polite, Yura.
- Is it a shortcoming? - You have no shortcomings.
You’re impeccable.
And I’ll write about this in my next letter.
Good morning. Is the boss here? What’s wrong with you?
Don’t pay any attention.
- I'm an easy laugher. - I see.
Don’t pay any attention.
Come in, take a seat. Let me see…
You can show good results.
I love my profession.
I can’t imagine my life without statistics.
Without statistics it would be boring.
You know – a most funny thing happened.
I came here in the morning and saw these flowers on my desk.
Don’t you say so!
Who could bring them?
- I have no idea. - What do you think?
- You don’t know anything? - No.
How interesting.
- That’s a dilemma. - Ye-es.
I know! Shura did this.
- Shura? Whо is he? - No, it’s a woman.
Our trade union activist.
Bublikov died, and then he didn’t.
It was just someone else of the same name at the hospital.
They called here. By mistake.
And Shura had already bought a wreath.
It’s a shame he didn’t die, such a waste of flowers.
So, she just plucked out some from Bublikov…
…ehh, I mean, from his wreath,
and made bouquets for women. It was my idea, though.
- It doesn’t square up. - What doesn’t square up?
It became known that Bublikov is alive when I was already here.
And the flowers were here, too.
- So it doesn’t square up. - Well, then,
it means my version was wrong.
I’m afraid so.
Who could do this in your mind?
Why are you looking at me? You think
it was I who brought this stupid bouquet?
Don’t talk like this.
It’s beautiful.
And I suspect it was you
who brought it. Only you’re afraid to admit it.
This is ridiculous.
Why are you suspecting me?
I’m an honest person. Why should I do such a thing?
You think I didn’t deserve flowers?
No, you deserved flowers,
but only on certain occasions,
like… birthdays or the Women’s Day.
But I have nothing to do with all this.
- Why are you lying all the time? - I’m not lying.
‘twas not I who did this.
You think I’m crazy?
I’m sorry, I have lots of work on my hands…
At first you bring flowers,
then you come here and insult me?
Take this stupid bouquet away!
You wouldn’t dare to throw flowers
in the face of anyone else
except me.
Does it mean you’re indifferent to me?
Just another word, and I’ll kill you with a decanter.
If you’re ready to kill me, it means
that you… you know.
Go away! Go away now!
And don’t you come here again without my invitation.
- Play. - Is it clear to you?
There are reception days,
and if you have something concrete, book an appointment…
- Nothing concrete. - ...through my secretary.
- And no sporadic visits here. - Never again.
I won’t come here without an invitation,
you may rest assured.
I’m sorry. Good luck.
- It’s not a market place. - Yes, sir…
- Where is the door? - It's behind you.
Good bye. I wish you all the best.
The love story was interrupted
But the autumn and the evening breeze
And like crimson hearts the leaves are falling
From the shivering maple trees.
And I look at their swirling column
Like a burning fire they look today...
And the air is chilly and sad
And with reddish gold is covered my way.
Daddy – it’s for you.
Who is calling? Uncle Misha?
Tell him I’ll call him back in 15 minutes.
No, Daddy, it's some lady!
Okay, I'm coming...
Anatoly Efremovich, I…
I want to apologize for what happened yesterday…
I lost my temper and…
and behaved like a fool.
I decided that after all
it was not you who brought
that bouquet.
No, it was me who brought it.
You know what?!
Enough is enough! You've no shame!
Oh, how quickly the flowers have faded
And the birds left to a distant shore...
All is dark – the entire nature
Doesn’t look like itself anymore.
Bareheaded, along alleys,
Lost in thoughts, or where you go?
Oh, what happened to you,
oh what happened
How many years or days ago?
Life slowed down and Nature is dormant,
All emotions kept under control,
But what happened with you in this autumn,
Tell me, tell me what torments your soul.
How you dared to lose this beauty
Of a dream, and to let it go
Far away,
without you so lonely,
In the end to die under snow?
And so what if your home too fragile
And so what if the road too dark:
Seek your dream which is sad without you,
Find yourself in this autumn stark...
Find yourself…
Good morning, Vera.
- May I come in? - Of course.
Can I ask you to do it for me once more.
Of course. With great pleasure.
This letter contains my ideas
how to develop statistics for light industry.
Of course, I understand.
It is very important
to develops statistics
of light industry.
You’re right. And take this.
- Here. - Okay.
- Thank you. - Everything will be all right.
Good morning, Yury Grigorievich.
Soon I’ll have to enter my office via the window.
For shame.
There’s a letter for you.
- From Ryzhova. - Thank you.
And you know what,
call for Shura.
Tell Shura to present herself to Yury Grigorievich.
What are they doing in my office?
Why papering the windows during my working hours?
It should be done in the morning or in the evening.
They work like us – from 9 till 6.
Outrageous. I’ll be in the conference room.
A letter.
- I’ve some delicate business for you. - I’m all ears.
I don’t know how to begin, but…
The emotional state of one of our colleagues worries me.
I guess I know what you mean.
Does anyone else know?
Well, information is well organized here.
The more so. We should help her to overcome this crisis.
We should lend her a hand.
- Read this. - What for?
Go ahead, read.
- Aloud? - If you wish to.
“My dear beloved Yura…”
- Shall I go on? - Yes.
But it’s very personal.
I have no secrets from our collective.
Look – there she is!
And what does she write in those letters?
They are papering windows in my office.
Means, they have finished in mine.
- Shura, and please… - Mum is the word!
What? Something urgent?
- An extraordinary situation! - What?
Ryzhova showers Samokhvalov with love letters.
How come you know?
- Where did you get them? - From Samokhvalov.
He seeks protection of the public.
- Give them to me. - But…
Ryzhova should have controlled herself.
Shura. Let me guess:
you work at the accounting department?
- I guess so. - Or maybe you forgot about it?
It would be nice if from time to time
you would forget about your welfare activity
and return to your work place.
Vera, do not let anyone in.
Samokhvalov gave me Ryzhova's letters
and he wants the trade union to step in.
What a jerk!
They banished me to accounting department.
Go and work, you’re strong as a horse.
You know what, Yury Grigorievich…
I have these letters which you brought to the trade union.
My dear sir, I absolutely disagree with you on this point.
You should settle this dilemma without appealing to the public.
- From your lips to God’s ear. - Shame on you.
I tried to bring her to her senses.
Nothing is possible between the two of us.
- One should have tact. - I tried to.
You did a most heartless thing
by showing these letters to the public.
I know Olya and her husband. A wonderful couple.
Why are you gossiping all the time?
It was Samokhvalov who gave me these letters
for a discussion at the trade union meeting.
And I read them, too.
- He gave them to you? - Yes.
- To read them in public? - Yes.
Go to… your accounting department.
- You’re mad! - …and fly the kite.
And I provided welfare assistance to his kids!..
What a stupid woman. Very well then…
May I come in?
I will try to talk to her.
I’ll make her understand.
I’m glad you saw my point.
Let me in… Excuse me…
I borrowed 20 rubles from you…
I want to pay up.
- What? Right now? - Yes, right now.
- This is ridiculous. - 80… 90 kopecks.
- Count the money. - Everything is correct.
- No, count the money. - Everything is correct.
What? Have you gone mad?!
- I’m sorry, Lyudmila Prokofievna. - Go on….
Only your presence…
- I won’t forgive this! - Answer him.
I will. But in my own way.
Tut-tut, Mr. Novoseltsev.
Now you started a fight
in the director’s office.
- Deputy director’s. - Doesn’t matter.
Next time I’ll beat him up in your office.
Besides being a liar,
a coward and a rogue, you’re also pugnacious.
Oh, yes, I’m a tough nut.
I’m afraid I’ll have to take care of your reformation.
Please do.
I stepped away to get the money.
It’s my turn.
The old hag banished me to accounting department,
- but I ran away. - How courageous of you.
I feel for you, but your behavior is amoral.
Mr. Samokhvalov explained the situation to me.
I read your opuses.
How could you? You’re a married woman,
a mother. But instead you’re writing these shameful letters.
Listen to my advice -
forget about it once and for all.
Go back to your family, to your colleagues!
It’s a must.
Why did he give you my letters?
He wanted to make a laughing stock out of me?
No, it’s no laughable matter for him.
He just sought my advice how to help you.
I’m sure you gave him a good piece of advice.
I wait so eagerly all day
For someone to appear
I watch the rising sun again
Without someone dear.
But he exists, I know
Though time is passing slow.
I’ll move the mountains to find
That someone, someone dear.
That someone, someone dear
To find - I'll move the mountains...
Oh patron angels of my love
You work without fear:
Please tell him if you know his name -
I’ll find my someone dear.
He’ll never be too late,
I only need to wait -
I’ll move the mountains to find
That someone, someone dear,
That someone, someone dear
To find, I’ll move the mountains...
Come in. It’s open.
Anatoly Efremovich!
Come in. I’ll join you in a minute.
Come on in.
Into the room. Take a seat.
Don’t worry. I’m in the room already.
Make yourself comfortable.
- I’ll be back in a minute. - Yes… comfortable.
It doesn’t become me?
I look silly in all this?
Of course, I…
Maybe I look ridiculous…
In this case, I can take it off…
No… On the contr…rrr…
I don’t know how to wear all this…
You look gorgeous, Lyudmila Prokofievna.
- You think so? - Yes.
Thank God.
- Take a seat. - Thank you.
- Please. - Thank you very much.
- Let’s have a dinner. - Let us.
- Maybe you’ll sit here? - No, no.
All right.
And here is…
May I pour you some wine?
Sure. And for yourself, too.
I have a choice of wine here…
- Red or white? - Or white.
But red wine would do, too.
- Don’t forget about yourself. - Right.
- Let’s drink to something? - To what?
- I don’t know. - Neither do I.
- Anyway, to what? - Let’s drink to everyone’s health.
- A nice toast. - You think so?
- May everyone stay healthy. - Right.
- Wonderful wine. - Right.
A bit styptic, but… Have some salad.
It’s very delicious.
- And some fish, too. - And this is for you.
Thank you.
Thank you very much…
You’re too kind to me…
- It's chocolates. - I see...
- Let me help you… - Yes, thank you.
- Treat yourself. - Don’t put me too much.
Don’t put me too much greens.
- Thank you. - And some fish, too.
And I think it’s enough.
I booked an appointment with you -
on next Wednesday.
What for?
It’s a personal business.
Why waiting till next Wednesday?
We can settle everything right now,
- if you don’t object. - I don’t object.
- Right now. - Well, yes.
I don’t know how
to begin.
Well, just begin from something,
Something which is most important.
Most important?
Well, just begin from something.
I have… a proposal.
Rationalization proposal?
- Well, in a certain sense. - I’m all ears.
Excuse me. One moment.
- It’s for you. - For me?
- A woman’s voice. - No, it’s my son Vova.
I gave them your phone number
just in case...
- Of course. - Hello?
Vova? What happened? Paint?
Why did you walk out onto the balcony?
Go to bed – now! When I’m back, I’ll show you!
I’m sorry.
- Usually, they’re quiet boys. - What happened?
- It’s about paint. - What paint?
- Green paint. I bought it… - What for?
To paint the balcony. But instead they painted the kitchen door.
They need more paint now. But where did I leave off?
You wanted to make some proposal to me.
- I? - No?
Only I don’t know how you’ll take it…
Please go on, stop torturing me. I’m so…
I’m… See?
I’m sweating all over.
- Can I have some water? - Mineral water
- or lemonade? - Shall I pour you some, too?
Please do. Thank you.
Oh, this lemonade…
I can feel bubbles in my nose.
Lyudmila Prokofievna…
- Go on, I beg you. - Yes, yes…
Most respected Lyudmila Prokofievna.
No. Dear
Lyudmila Prokofievna.
I have two children – a boy and…
another boy. Two boys.
- It’s a burden. - Don’t talk like this.
Don’t interrupt me, please.
My speech is blundering as it is.
I mean, you’re a wonderful director,
a talented leader.
An effective woman. Yes, I’m serious,
don’t argue with me.
And who am I? An unimportant clerk
with small salary and uninteresting appearance.
Please, don’t interrupt me.
- But you’re wrong, - No, I’m not.
I’m afraid of you. I’m serious.
- But why? - I don’t know.
- I’m shaking all over. - What a pity.
It’s impossible, no,
I won't be able to embellish your life.
Why should you need me?
- I have two children - a boy… - You’re a lucky father.
…and another boy. No.
Let’s drink to you.
- Oh, what I have done. - It’s all right.
- You spoiled my new dress. - Salt will help…
- Wine spots can’t be removed. - Where is the salt?
Take off the dress, quickly!
Oh, no... Not now… not here.
Think what you’re saying.
I didn't think what I was saying...
- Stop it, please. - Please don't take off your dress!
Stop it, please! This dress is not wear-worthy anymore.
Sit down, and I’ll put some salt onto it.
Forget about it.
To hell with it.
I’ll take it home and wash it…
- Stop it please... - I’ll wash it in…
…or I’ll burn it down! Sit down!
Anatoly Efremovich.
I’m so excited by your confession.
You’re not unimportant.
And you’re not uninteresting.
You’re very interesting, and I…
- Don’t talk like this. - Why should you need me?
Wait, don’t interrupt me.
Please be silent. I didn’t interrupt you
when you were talking. Now let me talk.
Anatoly Efremovich, I work all the time…
My life
has a set trajectory.
A rigid trajectory.
I’m a blue stocking type, I’m used to commanding,
I’m quick-tempered, someone who can spoil the life
of a good man, a very good man.
But there is something more.
The point is that I don’t believe you.
- Why? - I just don’t believe you.
You have become the dearest
person to me during these days.
You, too. And I think of you
more often than I should.
- But it doesn’t mean anything. - No, it does.
Please don’t interrupt me.
There was a very sad story
which happened in my life.
There was one man coming here…
for a long time…
And then he married my girlfriend.
But I don’t intend to marry your girlfriend.
And you won’t be able to.
I got rid of all of them.
I… destroyed them.
But it doesn’t mean I’m ready to marry you
just on an impulse.
Wait, I don’t understand,
I don’t understand anything.
- You say no? - No. Yes.
Your answer is yes then?
Gee… I don’t know.
- Yes, Vova. - Let me talk to him...
Of course, Vova...
Why are you calling again?
What happened? Something awful?
- Yes. - What?
They squeezed our cat into the rain pipe.
- Where are you going? - Let’s go.
We must save the cat.
My hero shy with a tender face -
You were spared from disgrace.
I played my role without you
In a play which was prepared for two.
Nor did I seek your help in this
And never stopped, of my love certain:
Among the shadows dark I sought
The hiding you behind the curtain.
Subjected to unending shame
I stood before the audience cruel,
Knowing ‘twas tragedy, and yet
Still unprepared for this duel.
And those who were sitting in the stall -
They treated me the cruelest of all,
And my unbearable loss
They welcomed with their laughter gross.
Exposed to shame, I stood alone
In my misfortune – a player unskilled,
And like a herd of animals
They drank my sadness, and were filled.
But the real hero remained unseen,
The truth he didn't pronounce aloud...
My hero shy, don’t fear, for
I won’t betray you to the crowd.
I’ll play alone this bitter role,
An object of sarcasm and sneers.
I lost this game to you, my love,
Only to bear the pain and hide my tears...
Olya, I’m waiting for you.
- How is your life? - Couldn’t be better.
As you could judge from my letters.
My dear, darling Olya.
What’s wrong with you? Have you fallen ill?
Olya, wait.
Why this irony?
I read your letters like poetry.
I couldn’t even imagine you can write so beautifully.
I never part with your letters.
Don’t worry – I won’t write to you anymore.
And please – will you return all my letters.
Lest you lose them or your wife throw a scene.
I’m sorry.
I was trying to scrub off that nightmarish green paint,
but no knife or soap or sandpaper could take it.
Nothing can take our Russian paint.
Alexei is returning from the resort tomorrow.
- I’m glad to hear this. - Me, too.
My regards to him.
He’s a nice sport.
Yes, he is.
Come and visit us on Sunday with your boys.
We will, thanks.
When I see you, Verochka, I think:
oh if only I could be more light-minded…
Olga Petrovna! Good morning. You look wonderful today.
I’ve been watching you, and I like how you work.
Drop in at my office – we’ll chatter and so on.
- Good morning. - Good morning.
How is your cat doing?
- She said she feels better. - She said it?
- Yes, she did. - What a wonderful cat.
The best cat in the world.
I’ve an idea – let’s go somewhere tonight.
- A great idea. - Say, to theatre.
Great. It has been ages since I was in theatre.
- What play shall we watch? - I don’t know. Doesn’t matter.
Right. Doesn’t matter.
Good morning, Vera.
Is Miss Kalugina here?
My God, who are you?
It’s me. What do you think?
You look a knocker!
And a lot younger, too.
- So, I’m a good pupil? - A real prodigy!
Thank you, darling.
Make a guess – why I’m so late today.
You were at the regional party committee?
I overslept.
For the first time in my life.
What do you think about my hairdo?
A real stunner!
- I think so, too. - Have some coffee.
Thank you. Verochka.
- I can be rude and categorical. - Yes, that’s a fact.
Yes. I have a nasty character.
- An impossible character. - I want to apologize.
All right.
I’m not made of sugar, either.
We’re both not made of sugar.
So, we forgave each other, didn’t we. Cheers.
What a cute reproduction of Giaconda.
Oh, come on,
it’s not a reproduction -
it’s a printout programmed
- on our computer. - Oh, really?
- Has been here for a month. - Oh. I didn’t notice it.
I didn’t notice a lot of things.
My God, I hate to say it,
but I’ll have to go and run the business.
- Good morning. - Good morning.
You look wonderful today.
I’ll always look wonderful now.
You know about everything here.
What’s going on
with Lyudmila Prokofievna?
Don’t you know? She has an affair with Novoseltsev.
Ah, an office romance, eh.
Let me help you.
What’s new, Yury Grigorievich?
Everyone is discussing hot news.
- What kind of news? - Ah, forget it.
- I prefer not to talk about it. - Please do.
- You’ll find out sooner or later. - Anyway,
tell me.
I want to be in the know.
Sign here please.
I don’t even know how to say this…
Just say it.
I heard Mr. Novoseltsev is courting you.
That’s true. So what?
Well, it’s bad for your reputation.
Dear Yury Grigorievich,
My reputation is so impeccable,
that it’s high time to do something with it.
But you don’t know the details.
And it is my duty to warn you.
Remember the party at my home?
Yes. It was unforgettable.
It was then that Novoseltsev decided, as he said, to rush you.
In order to get that job.
I don’t want to bad-mouth him, because he’s a worthy man.
I can understand his motives.
A bigger salary, ambitions and so on.
I’m not saying this out of spite. There are certain things
I know from him directly. Like, for example,
how you didn’t drink the cocktail.
And how he talked about mushrooms with you.
Come here. With a notebook.
I have a surprise for you, look:
a slimline shirt.
From Cardin. 50 rubles.
Write down, please:
To appoint
as head of the light industry sector
with the salary
as per the personnel list.
And my signature.
To appoint whom?
You didn’t mention the name.
Oh, really?
Anatoly Novoseltsev.
Verochka, you look marvelous today. Sorry, I won't knock.
Don’t let anyone in. We’re in session.
Hello? She’s not available today.
I don’t want your ministers to be in our way.
Take a seat, Mr. Novoseltsev.
- I locked the door. - Pray take a seat.
- Kindly do so. - Kindly sit down, too.
Miss Kalugina.
I bought two tickets.
Not to theatre, but to a circus.
Do you like circus?
One shouldn’t sit on the desk in my office.
I see. Sorry.
I thought this rule does not extend to my person.
I want to congratulate you, Mr. Novoseltsev.
I was looking for a good candidature…
And came to the conclusion
that you would be the best one.
You’re decisive… educated…
energetic… venturous…
Yes, very venturous.
In short, I signed the order appointing you head of the sector.
What wrong did I do?
You’re refusing?
I just don’t like to be appointed in such a tone.
This is the only tone that you have deserved.
What happened while I stepped away to buy these tickets?
It happened a lot earlier.
My compliments to your inventiveness.
I didn’t invent anything.
Stop pretending.
to court me for the sake of this job
was a brilliant idea.
I knew it’ll end like this…
Of course, I had no right to court you
for the sake of my career.
But back then I didn’t know I would fall in love with you.
There was no hope that I would.
You’re an awful person, Mr. Novoseltsev.
- I? - Yes. You.
What you did… there is no name for what you did.
The measure of your lowness is immense.
There are attenuating circumstances.
I love you.
- I love you. - I don’t believe you.
But you believed Samokhvalov?
Enough is enough. Go back to your work.
To your new interesting job.
It will demand a lot of effort.
It needs concentration.
You got what you wanted.
But what about the circus?
I’m sick and tired of the circus in my own life.
- But maybe... - No.
My answer is no.
Then I refuse from this job.
The price is too dear.
- You’re lying again. - No.
Why should I.
All right, you may go.
I’m not interested in all these nuances.
Go back to your work.
Where is the order?
On the secretary’s desk.
Give me that order please.
Kalugina’s office…
No, I didn’t forget your voice yet.
I know why we got divorced.
- We should have a child! - You want to have a child?
Yes. The sooner – the better.
But…I can’t do it right now.
I can’t leave now. I’ll be at home only in two hours.
Why don’t you say hello?
Good afternoon, Yury Grigorievich.
I want to clear the situation.
The situation can’t be more clear.
I want to say…
Though it’s difficult to admit…
You did great.
My respect.
I deserved it.
You’ll go far.
Lyudmila Prokofievna,
I have here
Novoseltsev’s resignation note.
Are you serious?
Yes, I found a better job.
With a bigger salary.
And the work is more ambitious.
Don’t try to fool me.
You’re leaving because of her.
Vera, call for Novoseltsev, please.
Anatoly Efremovich, present yourself to Kalugina.
- Did you call for me? - I read your resignation note,
Mr. Novoseltsev.
What an interesting approach.
It’s no problem to write another one.
I'll tear another one, too.
Then I’ll write the 3rd one and so on.
I’m not going to work under your authority.
- You will. - No, I won’t.
- I’m not letting you go. - You will.
- You’re indispensible. - No one is.
You’ll find someone who is not a liar.
And you’ll find another boss.
- I sure will. - More pretty and younger.
Yes, no problem.
You burst into my office and insult me…
…and it gives you pleasure.
‘twas you who distracted me from my work.
- I didn’t call for you! - No, you did!
- Go back to your work. - Then stop keeping me.
- I’m not keeping you. - You are.
Sign my resignation. And I want my final paycheck.
- All right. I'll sign it. - Great.
- I’ll gladly sign it. - Of course you will.
- You will. - Go on, write.
- Yes. - Paper don’t blush.
Don’t hurry me up. I’m no typing machine for you.
Okay. Ready.
I hope your money losses were not so… critical?
- No problem. - I mean the tickets.
- I’ll palm them off. - No surprise that you will.
Oh, you’re so prudent.
- May I read it? - You’re welcome.
- What? - It won’t do.
You didn’t mention the reason of your resignation.
The inspectors may ask
why I let go such a precious employee.
- What a waste of paper. - Our paper industry
- produces lots of paper. - Great.
Hurry up, please. I’ve a heap of things to do.
Your heap can wait.
- Be quick. - I can’t be quick.
I bet you were the worst pupil in school.
Leave my childhood alone.
- Let me see. - Kindly do so.
- So, you are leaving. - And you are staying.
So, what is the reason of your leaving?
You’ll find it in my note.
You’re leaving…
you’re leaving because
Kalugina, the director of this institute is…
- Go on. - …is a despot?
A despot-ess!
Oh, you’re such a kind,
and tactful person.
Stop mocking me!
- Oh diddums. - Stop it!
What an original way
of wooing.
A real knight
of modernity!
How dare you insult me?
- So what? - You think if you’re the boss,
you can do anything with people?
Destroy them, mock them?
- Especially you! - And beat them?
- With great pleasure! - ...bully them!
Meany, Meany!
- What?! - Minister, help…
What are you doing? It hurts!
Please don’t…
Be careful, please…
- My God, you’ll kill me! - No big deal!
Bring my lawyer!...
I’ll have to protect myself!
Don't trample your own coat...
Only don't fall...
Hands off a precious employee! The country needs me!
My head – my vulnerable point!
It’s your empty point!
My broken glasses - one... My bruises - two...
Enough is enough! Geronimo!!
- What was this? - Calm down. It was a shower.
I’ll dry everything…
Put the chair down… Yipe! What are you doing?
Vera! Save a father of two children!
What are you doing!
It's my another vulnerable point...
Vera, Vera, help!
- Vera, he called me a meany! - Stop tickling me!
Put Vera down!..
Oh patron angels of my love
You work without fear -
Please tell me the important name
For me to find my dear.
It'll never be too late,
I only need to wait -
I’ll move the mountains to find
That someone, someone dear,
That someone, someone dear
To find - I’ll move the mountains...
I’ll kill you!…
I hate you!.. Let me go!..
Let me go! I hate you…
I hate you…
- Where to? - Just go.
Nine months later a third boy was born
into the Novoseltsevs family…
Translated by Svetlana Chulkova
The End