Nikon D600 Review

Uploaded by duncan33303 on 03.10.2012

Hey guys, this is Austin and today I’m here with a review of the Nikon D600.
With a full frame 24 megapixel sensor, excellent ergonomics and a price tag
$1000 or less than it’s rivals let’s take a look at what it’s all about. At first
glance the D600 looks just like every reasonably high end DSLR out there: big,
bulky and filled with buttons. Start shooting with it however and the
ergonomics quickly fall into place just like the D7000. I’ve got a few little
issues, like the button to change ISO is on the back of the camera but for the
most part it’s solid and significantly lighter than the D800 and D4. There are
some nice features with the D600. In addition to your standard modes you can
also program presets and save them to U1 and U2 which can be a huge help.
For example you can have one mode for shooting macro and instantly switch
to shooting portraits without having to dial all of your settings in again.
Having a pair of SD card slots is also convenient as SD cards really are good
enough to replace CF for most people. I shoot a lot of video every day so most
of the time I use the D600 in my studio. With a full frame sensor and manual
control over your video you can get some really excellent looking results out
of the D600. It shoots in 1080p at 30 frames per second and 720p at up to 60
with a bitrate of 21Mbps at 1080p. Files stay nice and clean even at higher ISO
and you have manual control over everything but aperture in live view. If
you’re upgrading from a crop sensor camera one nice thing is that DX lenses
work fine with video still recorded at 1080p and just pulled off a cropped
portion of the sensor. You’ll find both microphone in and headphone out for
monitoring which is a big help but what’s a bit disappointing is the HDMI
output. Nikon advertises it as uncompressed HDMI out but some people have
found it’s only 95% coverage. I record to the camera so it’s nothing that
bothers me but hopefully it’s something that can be resolved via a firmware
update. Speaking of an update there are some issues software can fix. For
example the excellent U1 and U2 modes are mostly ignored when in movie
live view where they work perfectly for stills. Image quality is fantastic as you
would expect from a full frame Nikon. With 24 megapixels to work with it
hits a nice sweet spot between the D4 and D800 and is honestly way more
than most people need. You can easily crop shots down to 10 megapixels and still
have have plenty of resolution to work with. Color is very good however
you may need to do some tweaking to get it perfect as it tends to be a bit
greener than I’d like. Low light performance is absolutely top notch,
comparing well with even the D800. I had no problems shooting at ISO 3200
with a perfectly acceptable amount of noise. Even 6400 is entirely usable
although there is a fair bit of noise if you look closely and it’s expandable out
to 25,600. You’ll also find a timelapse mode built-in which works very well.
It’s easy to set up and the results and can be very very impressive. The D600
will shoot at 5.5 frames per second, a significant jump over the D800. While
it’s nothing on the D4 it’s perfectly respectable and good enough for all but
the most serious of action shooters. The viewfinder has 100% coverage and is
a massive improvement over DX cameras. One thing that isn’t terrific is the
autofocus. It’s got 39 points which work perfectly fine but all of the points are
clustered in the center of the frame. It isn’t something all that out of the
ordinary on full frame cameras however so I don’t mind too much. Overall the
Nikon D600 is an incredible camera. While it’s not targeted at pros I can see it
replacing a D700 or D800 thanks to it’s lighter weight, excellent ergonomics
and almost perfect megapixel count. It works well for video as is and provides
image quality that’s on par with even the D4 which costs nearly three times as
much. For a camera aimed at enthusiasts, Nikon absolutely nailed it with the
D600. If you enjoyed be sure to leave this video a thumbs up and if you’re
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