Jerry Hsu & Spanky Long Party in Mexico - Epicly Later'd

Uploaded by vice on Jul 14, 2012


JON LONG: There's four minutes left, Patrick.
Patrick, me boy.
Paddy, me boy, we have four minutes left before it's 2007.
You want a drink, fucker?
JON LONG: I got Jameson.
PATRICK O'DELL: No, I'm OK, I'll have some later.
I got to film.

Hi, welcome back to the show.
This episode is about a New Year's trip we took to Mexico.
We went to Spanky's dad's house who has a really cool
surf shack overlooking the ocean.
Oh, and also Jerry Hsu came along on this trip.
And you might know Jerry from his part in the Enjoi video,
which I think is one of the best video parts of all time.
And we're going to ask him a little bit about that.
The rest is just home movies.
It's just a little bit of video from our vacation in
Mexico for New Year's Eve.
JON LONG: We're Kilometer 55.
I probably don't want to say that, I probably want to say
Kilometer 85.
JERRY HSU: I don't know, it's just
gangster beachfront property.
It's actually just a converted trailer,
but it's pretty awesome.
No electricity.
MALE SPEAKER: None of our phones work.
JERRY HSU: None of our phones work.
We make quesadillas.

CHRIS SHONTING: It's fairly amazing.
There's a surf spot in every single-- well,
left to right direction.
When the tide goes out you can prod animals in the sea in
tide pools.
MALE SPEAKER: He's so bummed, there he goes.
Dude, you popped it!
It's leaking.
CHRIS SHONTING: There was a guy catching octopuses out
there earlier and just kind of smashing them.

KEVIN LONG: Pulled out an octopus, beat it with his
metal stick, and then ripped off one of the limbs, and then
threw it in his bucket and kept going.
MALE SPEAKER: I'm going to take all of this footage of
Jerry walking on the beach and I'm going to put
on really sad music.
CHRIS SHONTING: Little delicate genius.
When he falls on a skateboard, I start crying.
You feel like you're going to see someone die if he falls,
because it's always the worst fall.
Yeah, he bounces back-- like, I've see his chin explode and
I felt it right in my nuts.
You know, you just land and like your feet, your
board's just gone.
CHRIS SHONTING: I'm always freaked out, but I'm amazed.
I don't know.

JERRY HSU: No, I haven't skated in like-- well, I've
skated, but I've been taking kind of an extended vacation
for like a year.
Yeah, everyone was like, you should just take a break.
And I was like, all right.
Yeah, it's kind of weird.
I actually--
the last six months of it was really when I
did the most of it.
For like a year and a half I was just like, la de da, blah,
blah, blah.
But then the last six months is always like, OK, every
single weekend just destroy myself.


JERRY HSU: All the big cheeses and stuff, they're like, OK,
your part's pretty cool but we need like
the last, last thing.
And I was like, OK.
So I went and I tried it one day and I got hurt.
And I was like, fuck, I'm hurt.
And it was like the last month I could film and
I got hurt on that.
And then for like one month straight I was just
thinking about it.
Like, oh man, I got to go back and do that.
And I was super scared that I was going to jump down it once
and just be like, can't do it.

I don't know.
Probably like 20?
25 or something?
But I don't know.
I never really think about how many tries
it takes to do something.
I kind of just zone out.


Come on, Jerry, right back at it.
Get this thing.
JERRY HSU: Matt, the brand manager, he was stressing out
because he made the video.
And then he turned to me and he was just like, well, just
go do that fucking trick down those stairs.
And I got so mad, and I was like, I'll show him.
I'm going to do that trick.
MALE SPEAKER: Do you have any New Year's resolutions?
JERRY HSU: No, I should probably start skating again.
EVERYONE: Four, three, two, one.
MALE SPEAKER: Happy new year!

MALE SPEAKER: Happy new year!

FEMALE SPEAKER: Happy new year!
JON LONG: Paddy, me boy.
FEMALE SPEAKER: Happy new year, Jon!
JON LONG: Happy new year, fucker.
PATRICK O'DELL: Happy New Year's.

FEMALE SPEAKER: Happy new year!

MALE SPEAKER: Happy new year!
JON LONG: What's yours, fucker?
PATRICK O'DELL: I don't have one.

FEMALE SPEAKER: Happy new year, Johnson!

CHRIS SHONTING: Mr. Long, he's one of those dudes that's
honestly epic.
There's no posturing into epicness.
Or no becoming epic over the course of the day, by the end
of the day being epic.
It's kind of like, wake up and just be epic.
I don't know.
I'm impressed.

JON LONG: I'm going to tell you a couple
things about Spanky.
Here's my beef with the kid.
I wish that he let kids know that he was
really good at school.
He never graduated.
I could give a rat's ass about that.
I don't care about that.
But he was really good, he's passionate about life.
And his family is all passionate about life.
And that's what I'm trying to say here.
That's what he does and that's who he is.
And in that comes this place and these people and you.
And that's passionate about life.
OK, I'm getting philosophical here.
KEVIN LONG: Hey, fucker.
JON LONG: This is the--
FEMALE SPEAKER: The build up.
JON LONG: This is my friend, my bro, my friend.
JON LONG: I've never told you that, but you know what?
You're like my fucking best friend.
KEVIN LONG: You're my best friend.
I love you, dad.
JON LONG: I love you, son, and I mean it.
PATRICK O'DELL: You guys, I love you guys.
And I want you to know that, look at you and look at us.

You son of a bitch.

My resolution is no more black ass.
Because I feel that when I cheated him, it's no more.
MALE SPEAKER: Some more?
Is that what he said?
JON LONG: Those are like Patrick, do I
have a tale for you.
PATRICK O'DELL: What's that?
JON LONG: You want to do it in Spanish, English, or Irish?