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Your husband is coming to Gadwal to die in my hands.
Allah! That Satan will not spare him.
How? What to do now?
What happened?
Don't cry... your husband hasn't died yet.
" Get down, it's Gadwal!"
How to go to Gadwal? - That auto will take you.
"50, 70...yes sir? - Do you know little fort here?"
30 minutes ifyou come with me. l'll take you.
Protect his life.
It's my duty to take anyone to little or big fort.
lt'll be good ifanyone saves him.
Why did he come here?
What am I to do now?
You go and sit in that last vehicle.
l'll come back aftersending someone.
"Will you save him, old Bommali? - Yes."
You'll save him only ifyou're alive. - Pasupathi!
Where to? - Come.
"Come...come... - Where?- Come, I'll tell you later."
We must go to the Fakir's house. - Please listen to me.
" l'll not leave you, Bommali!"
This is Allah's protection!
He mustn't come out.
Come...come...tie this amulet. - Wait...who is he?
What is this? - Let me tie it.
What is happening here? - Tie it.
What is happening? What is going on?
Let me tie it.
Who is he?
He mustn't come out!
Open the the door!
What can I do?
What happened? - Why did you all come here?
What happened? - Go away from here.
What happened?
Protection...he mustn't come out.
Please listen to me.
Madam...the old lady in your home... - What happened to her?
She's dead!
Everyone will die!
He killed her!
What happened? - He killed her.
What's this? - Listen to me and go away....
Go away!...
Mustfind the weapon before midnight.
Madam Arundhati.
She's the one.
"Baba, madam Arundhati... - Reincarnated after so many years."
" l'm coming, Satan!"
This one!
" Satan, you're end is nearing."
"This weapon which was made from Jejamma's bones,"
It must get soaked in blood with vengeance.
Only then the weapon will get powerto finish an evil soul.
Or else it'll get destroyed by that evil soul.
" You're finished, Satan."
Would I die?
All directions turned void...
Light turned into darkness...
No more anywishes...
Just breathing to live...
Your entire familywill perish.
you will come to me on yourown and ask me to have you.