how to edit your events calendar

Uploaded by johnnygraphix on 08.11.2009

In this video, I will show you how to edit the events calendar.
What you need to do, is after you have logged into "Joomla" you simply click "Site", "Control
Panel" - so you get all of these buttons showing up.
Then go to "Components" and click on "JEvents" - that's the events calendar.
Next up, you will find this grouping of buttons.
All you really need to concentrate on is "Manage Events" button, here, with the little clock
on it.
Don't worry about the rest, really.
Click on that one.
And to add a new events into the events calendar, just go into the top right hand corner and
press the "New" button.
the "Subject:" area type in, let's say, "Harry V. to polish brass".
Nice and simple.
Then click the "Color Picker".
We will make this one red, because that is what's in the calendar.
Rosters are red at the moment.
Sermons are green.
And, we will go to the calendar and select the day that "Harry" will polish the brass.
Just click on the start date here, the little calendar icon.
We will pick Friday the 27th of November.
Starting at 9:30 am.
Ending on the 27th of November at 10:30. And click on "am".
Now go up to "Save".
Go back to the website to see if it's been updated onto the calendar.
So we will go "Reload" (or "Refresh" or press the "F5" button).
We will go to the month of November in the calendar events page.
And, we will go down to the 27th.
I will just scroll down for you.
27th of November.
If you hover above the task, like this, you can see the words, "Harry V. to polish" and,
in this case, you probably can't see "brass" - but it say "brass" also.
Now let's say we have made a mistake with "Harry V." and we want to delete that entry
from the calendar.
Just go back to the back end of "Joomla".
And, we will scroll down.
Click besides "Harry V."
And Simply go back up to the top again and press "Delete".
It asks you, "Delete Event and all repeats?" and just press "OK".
Scroll down.
You can see it has been removed.
And if one refreshes the website, it should be removed from the events calendar.
Now, as you can see in the events calendar, we currently have (besides "Events") two categories:
we have "ROSTERS" and "SERMONS".
"ROSTERS" in red and "SERMONS" in green.
Now if we wish to add another category, let's say "MEETINGS" - the way to do that is to
simply go to the back end of the website.
We will go back to the back end, the "Joomla" part and up the top go to "Components" and
click on "JEvents".
That's the events calendar component.
So, in this case we will click on "Manage Categories" - because we are adding a new
So click on "Manage Categories".
As you can see, there are currently two main categories: "SERMONS" and "ROSTERS".
Go to the top right hand corner to add the third category by pressing "New".
In the "Title:" type in "MEETINGS".
"Parent" will be "Events".
We will choose the colour as light blue.
Click "Yes" for "Published".
And press "Save".
So as you can see now, there are currently three main categories: "MEETINGS" has been
added, and "ROSTERS" and "SERMONS" from before.
And, we will go back to the events calendar - to see if that has been updated.
At the moment it hasn't, so we will have to "Reload" (or "Refresh" or press "F5").
Here we go, "MEETINGS" has been added to the categories.
Of course, if you would like to get rid of a category - let's say we would like to get
rid of "MEETINGS" - all you need to do is tick it and then go up to "Delete".
When you are asked, "Are you sure you want to delete this category" press "OK".
And, sure enough, it has been deleted.
And that's all.