The Bourne Ultimatum (6/9) Movie CLIP - Stealing the Blackbriar Files (2007) HD

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Noah Vosen.
This is Jason Bourne.
l was wondering when you were going to make this call.
How did you get this number?
You didn't actually think l was coming to Tudor City, did you?
No, l guess not.
But if it's me you want to talk to,
perhaps we can arrange a meet.
Where are you now?
l'm sitting in my office.
l doubt that.
And why would you doubt that?
lf you were in your office right now,
we'd be having this conversation face to face.
(ON RECORDER) Noah Vosen.
This is a code ten abort.
l want everyone back in the vehicles. This is a code ten abort.
MAN: Let's go! Let's go!
Wills, check my office.
Damn it!
VOSEN.: What's going on?
We need building security up here.
He's got everything. God damn it!