01 Introduction to Secrets in Plain Sight Miniseries

Uploaded by Secretsinplainsight on 27.10.2010

What secret obsession is shared by kings, popes, and presidents; Templars, Freemasons,
and founding fathers; renaissance masters, modern architects and NASA?
What has been encoded in art, architecture, and urban design spanning the whole of recorded
history up to the present time? These are the Secrets in Plain Sight.
As a teacher of architects, it was the buildings in Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code, Angels & Demons,
and The Lost Symbol that started me on a journey of exploration. What I found encoded in these
structures was stranger than fiction and perhaps even more compelling.
Friends kept handing me interesting non-fiction and after a while I felt that each was a clue
in some overarching and interconnected mystery. I felt I was seeing no more than the tip of
an iceberg. As I investigated further I unwittingly began an initiation into the ancient mysteries
as I progressively uncovered a body of knowledge cleverly hidden in plain sight in the design
of important buildings, famous works of art, in long distance alignments between sacred
sites, and in the streets and public spaces of many of the world's great cities.
What I have uncovered is a story about monumental works specifically designed to embody a symbolic
program of ancient wisdom. This wisdom relates to core truths about the design or architecture
of the universe, best expressed by musical principles, sacred geometry and number theory.
What I am calling the architecture of the universe is closely related to the Hermetic
philosophies of Pythagoras and Plato. All is number, all is mind, indeed all is consciousness.
These ideas originated before the pharaohs and the specifics of this ancient science
have been passed down through the centuries by secret groups dedicated to either preserving
heretical ideas in dangerous times, or to exploiting the knowledge itself for the acquisition
of temporal power. You might be surprised to learn how people
living at what historians call the dawn of civilization possessed the ability to accurately
measure the size of the Earth and to survey long distances with a precision rivaling GPS
satellites. You'll discover how the oldest surviving temples elegantly encode an understanding
of Earth, Moon, and Sun that is in some ways more advanced than modern science.
We'll travel virtually to Giza, Stonehenge, Jerusalem, Rome, Paris, London, Edinburgh,
New York, Washington DC, Winnipeg, and San Francisco searching for answers. In these
places I uncover an interconnected system of geometry and symbolism going back at least
to ancient Egypt. We'll find Pythagorean triangles, vesica pisces, rhombi, pyramids, octagrams,
enneagrams, and zodiacs encoded in much of the world's great architecture and urban design
exposing a secret obsession with ancient symbolism spanning the centuries on up to the present
day. Many researchers past and present have uncovered
important clues in this mystery. I've synthesized the work of many other authors and been fortunate
to make my own connections via books, the Internet, and the democratizing power of free
tools such as Wikipedia, Google Earth, and SketchUp.
What I'm about to share with you is an ongoing effort and I invite your participation. I
believe the time is ripe to reveal what has been hidden for so many centuries and bring
this body of knowledge to public attention for the benefit of all.