Babs Johnson, part 04 of 10: "Strategies of Protest"

Uploaded by ItsOurStoryProject on 10.07.2010

When we were protesting the buses and we went after the Transit Association, and of course
this is well thought out that the Transit Association had been the ones to sue the federal
government to not have lifts on buses. And so we followed their conventions we would
get a schedule of the events and figure out what logistically we could hit. Whether it
was their hotel and you end up with three days and you want to make the best of your
three or four days and so you pick out a Sunday night evening at a restaurant and you can
block the restaurant and end up having these people. I remember in Phoenix, climbing up
this hill in their dinner outfits. And then you got to the hotel the next day and then
you go to the buses. The buses were always easy because they were right there, black
and white. Where as this issue is not so simple and when we used to follow, well, at times
we followed the American Healthcare Convention and we would do similar kinds of things. They
in reality played a little hardball, as in Orlando, they had us arrested immediately
and kept us until our flights were flying out so they did a little different stuff.
And then we go to Washington DC pretty often but when we first had MCASSA introduced we
had gone to Newt Gingrich’s apartment.