National Education Conference Day 2

Uploaded by SpecialOlympicsHQ on 21.07.2010

You’re here because you’re people of conscience
According to these rule,
you’re inspired to act for a higher purpose.
Social justice is the act of recognizing people for their abilities
and encouraging them no matter what.
It is allowing personalities to shine through before judging
and including those who may not always get included.
Social justice breaks down the barrier
of differences in people.
We all have special needs.
Spread the Word to End the Word, um,
that's been a campaign of mine
personally for years.
Who is it that has only been to Nebraska one time,
that would be this time.
Well welcome, all of you.
Today we are really going to focus on
what do we, as educators,
need to think about assessment.
I have the absolute pleasure
of introducing to you Ms. Sara Wolf.
Sara Wolf is an incredible young woman
and also inspirational speaker who has spoken
to many audiences over the past years
on her views of down syndrome advocacy,
living with disability and overcoming adversity.
Knowing what an important role you play
in the lives of so many young people.
I definitely have something unique about me
and that is an extra chromosome.
You can’t catch it, buy it or even inherit it.
It is something that happens
in the first hours of conception.
I believe in my uniqueness
and I am proud of who I am.
This face is who I am.
This face has made a difference in other people’s lives.
It doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside,
it's what’s inside that counts.
We all have special needs.
I just think of the good things,
and I think of all my friends that are backing me
and I just think about coming here and competing,
having fun, helping out my teammates,
being there for my team,
even helping out my opponents when they need help.