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07. 29. 2010 17-year-old Minzy flaming with passion
When a music video comes out I need to find inspiration from it,
or improve it by applying something else.
If I don¡¯t act upon it I feel like I'm losing touch.
The public viewers watch the result, through the TV.
That's why when I practice I have to do it like it's for real.
August 2010 Fierce preparation for the great ascent
Nothing's changed for me this time, almost.
I'll always have my wig on.
I'm going to dye my hair today I was so excited that I couldn¡¯t sleep.
Umm, Minzy has transformed.
She looks very pretty, dyed her hair like a doll.
Nothing's changed for me.
I think the color's changed a little.
You look kind of cute today.
Look at my skinny face. I've lost weight.
08. 19. 2010 Sandara's tears, and friendship
I lost it today.
In order to mature, Dara is trying to break out the shell on her own.
That look on your eyes can say more than enough.
You have a lot of things that I don¡¯t have.
I always have to comfort her like this.
Today, I lost the fight against myself.
No, you are a winner. You broke the shell. You just freed yourself.
But I lost back there.
Well, it's not always fair.
Sometimes, 2NE1 is childish
Dara's bubble play time
2NE1, having fun playing with the bubbles
That wasn¡¯t right.
Since this is a regular album we're adding a "Thanks to".
We are writing the verses for our songs in our own hand writing.
Ah, it's my first time doing this. Ah, I hope it turns out well.
It's butter fried.
Umm, it's fresh.
This snack is like icing on the cake.
I have to write and look at this at the same time I'm losing my mind.
I need to work hard on this.
It's always been my dream to write a "Thanks to".
Another dream came true for me.
09. 08. 2010 The birth of the "Go Away" dance
Please focus on the dance.
Uh, I've memorized the moves, wanna see?
Our leader is shocked to see my incredible dance skill.
I'm lost for words.
The hands need to be together like this.
It's a gentle hand gesture.
That's not being gentle. The choreography should be right.
- I'll do it - I don¡¯t think so.
It looks like this from this angle.
Dara, synchronizing the moves with her dance partner.
The newly born "Go Away" choreography
Well done everyone.
Bom's love for corn
What are you doing?
Hey, what's this?
Did you do this?
Does it taste good even when I'm right next to you?
You said I could have this.
- Enjoy it. - Thank you.
Goodbye, teach.
What goodbye?
September, 2010 The anticipated come back
Nearing their come back, 2NE1 completes the preparation
Tomorrow is the long-awaited first come back show.
Let's go!
2NE1, let's party!
The first come back show is done. Everyone did very well today and
I hope it turns out great.
The girls were busy working on three singles
Following the two singles,
we had a third single.
2NE1 was acclaimed for all the efforts they put into the album
Thank you and I'm out of breath.
I didn¡¯t expect all this.
Thank you very, very much.
I hope this song is cherished for a long time.
Is it already our last show?
It's weird, it doesn¡¯t feel like it, like I'll be back next week.
I think this was a very valuable challenging experience.
2NE1, let's party!
11. 11. 2010 Shooting a foreign advertisement
Today, we got the opportunity to shoot an advertisement in Thailand.
We also have a new song and we are shooting a music video.
Our first international advertisement.
Oh my God! I'll put my 10 dollars on Minzy breaking the set today.
She might even break the glass!
I won't break the glass.
When this is over, it will be Dara's birthday.
I've thought of writing a letter.
What should I do...
We could do a hidden camera without interfering with the music video.
Let the director know about it.
Once we start shooting the music video CL suddenly passes out.
Isn't that brilliant? Yeah!
- And then? - Raichu.
Minzy, what about after that?
She doesn¡¯t get up for 5, 10 minutes.
Then Dara will freak out.
What should I do?
CL suddenly opens her eyes.
Sings "Happy birthday to you." And gets up.
Are you trying to make this funny?
No, you know what's worse. These people...
These people? Jeez.
My big sisters don¡¯t even pay attention when I try my girlish charm on them.
Show us the three-set charming poses.
If you don't, I'll show them how you look when you sleep.
Boy, I can't stand this woman.
When she imitates me she exaggerates too much.
No, no, no.
I won't let her do it cuz it's inaccurate.
The first phase is just this.
I'm taking the lens, I'm taking the lens.
- Did you see me? - Yes.
How did she do it? Her mouth was like.
Like this.
Uh, my image is ruined.
Uh, my image, edit that out.
Errrr, for real.
Errrrrr, I can't take this.
Go from the beginning of the verse. From the beginning.
For sleep prevention, to stay awake.
Sing it one more time for me.
Let's try to stay awake.
Bom's show time! for sleep prevention
I wish I had that talent.
In appreciation for your love and support now I will start my show
since this is our last show.
One two one two one two three four.
What's this? What are you doing?
The Elvis dance.
Rapapam rapapapam. What is this?
Pampam rapapam.
Oh my God!
It's all because of you.
You made her dance.
She wasn¡¯t this bad before.
Everyone, here's my last performance.
Ah, I'm so tired..
Ah, don't, don¡¯t do it.
I'm getting a tummy ache.
Ah, I'm too tired to stop her.
One two three four.
Stop doing that.
Ah, don¡¯t shoot this.
Don¡¯t shoot this, really.
People like her should never drink.
Once drunk, she'll probably never go home and do that all night long.
Should that be considered a talent?
It's talent, a gift from heaven.
A talent that only appears once in a blue moon, Park Bom.
And we have her.
Hence, we are winners. Winners.
Music video shoot
What's after the the second chorus?
It's second verse then the bridge, right?
Good job, everyone.
Good job.
11. 12. 2010 Dara's surprise Birthday Party
Dara, was that because of you? Like that...
First, just do it to Dara.
The following day, a heated discussion on Dara's Birthday Party
This is the only time I can write the card.
Uh, hurry, I'll lock the doors, wait.
Since today is Dara's Birthday We prepared a little special event for her.
Our masterpiece. The hidden camera.
There's been a change of plan from yesterday.
Bom is going to eat Dara's cake.
So she...
Everybody starts giving her a hard time then she gets ticked off and walks out.
Did you eat the cake?
Everyone freezes as Dara walks in
You're going to cut my ears.
How come you finished so early?
Ah, what are you doing?
Why did you come?
It's cold over there.
I was going to say.
I was going to ask who's on the look out.
Why are they doing it here? They should have done it at home.
They're just working on it right there.
She already got the hint when you brought the cake.
Right, she has already found out it's over.
Start thinking. We can do something more with this.
We'll pretend that the surprise is ruined.
This isn't over yet.
Since she caught us already we'll keep going until it works.
We'll bring down the curtain with this last finale.
2NE1 TV! Stay tuned, fighting!
I can see she's trying really hard judging from the back.
How long do you think it will take?
Never mind.
First phase preparation for hidden camera
I can go in now, right? I don¡¯t think they'll be doing anything in there.
Teach, you should have some.
Why did you walk in back then.
This is good.
Now, you won't even conceal it.
Were you waiting for me to eat the cake?
Serious acting for the hidden camera Action!
I can obviously tell that you're whispering to her.
It's alright, this is special.
I didn¡¯t do it.
It's special.
- Did you eat it? - Did you?
Oh my.
What? It doesn¡¯t matter that I ate it. Who cares.
Still, it's a Birthday cake.
She said it's OK.
Nah, but still. You can't just eat it and leave it.
I ate it because she said I could.
I guess it's kind of weird to put on the candles.
Ah, this isn't right, really.
Forget about it.
- Stop it. - Why?
Ah, this is wrong. It's too messy.
Ah, forget it. This is so frustrating.
How could she eat this?
Did she eat it by yourself?
I did hear something in the corner.
It's all because you walked in early.
It's your fault for coming in.
Then where am I supposed to go and rest?
She's such a nice girl.
Even when she ate the cake.
No, Bom told me a hundred times that she was going to eat it.
I really thought she was going to eat it.
How did I do? Was I good?
Do you think she's called the bluff?
Tell them that I'm crying.
She's crying?
Pretend to be depressed.
I should have tear marks or something.
There's no proof if I just go in like this.
Then cry, cry, hurry up.
Happy Birthday, parappiri poong!
Dara's surprise party with Bom's outstanding performance
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Dara.
Happy Birthday to you.
Make a wish.
A wish? I wish that 2NE1 always stays together and be happy.
No, your happiness... Ah, go ahead.
What are you saying?
We'll talk later in private.
Let's always stick together.
When I got here from the Philippines in 2008,
I didn't expect anyone to remember my Birthday.
I went to the practice room there was a surprise party and I was in tears.
Her nose became red.
She had a really bad runny nose as well.
As you wish.
You like watermelons, right?
- Or like this. - Like that?
Like preparing raw fish.
Like raw fish?
No, no.
They do this when they sell watermelon.
Alright, delicious watermelon here.
- Go ahead and buy one. - You want me to eat this?
Can you eat all that?
Birthdays can be very lonely.
If I wasn¡¯t working and stayed at home,
There's no doubt that I would have been sleeping.
You know, to be here with my lovely team members as well as the staff
it feels really great. Everyone, I'm so happy.
This is the last 2NE1 TV show.
I'd like to make an apology because all I did on 2NE1 TV was dancing.
First and foremost I realized
that whether on or out of sight Bom loves to eat.
And overall I think Dara works really hard at shooting the shows.
I also felt that CL was doing a very good job as the team leader.
Minzy has always shown a lot of effort.
I was glad to see that they are still pure-hearted.
It's unfortunate that the 10 episodes have already come to an end.
I always want to cheer them on with "Go".
2NE1 is just getting started.
So, I hope they don¡¯t lose their pure heart and passion.
2NE1's plan for working in the U.S.
I hope our cooperation with Will.i.am works out.
So, not just 2NE1, but Korean music and Korean culture
can be known worldwide
through 2NE1's American album.
That's probably how most Koreans feel.
Right, That's how I feel.
For the 2NE1 members watching the last episode
I think the girls got very tired working on this album.
Because they are young girls they must have been exhausted from lack of sleep.
I felt very very sorry.
I want to send them my appreciation for all their hard work.
I wish them good luck.
11. 13. 2010 And...the final shoot
I'm getting sad, Ugh.
It's pretty.
Is it a watermelon?
Good job, everyone.
An opportunity to look back on the cherished memories
Through 2NE1 TV, I got to know
a lot more about my personality.
Thank you.
Wow, this is great. Thanks a lot for this.
Heart-felt present from the producers
Sitting in front of my computer at home I watched the shows over and over again
I burst out laughing while watching it.
And it made me very happy.
2NE1 TV will finish but
I'm glad that we got to keep so many beautiful images from it.
Our producer Lee took such great shots when we were outside Korea.
Thank you so much for attentively watching
our trivial daily lives.
Once again I could feel so much love.
I'm not sad because I don¡¯t think this means goodbye.
I didn¡¯t do as well as I should have on 2NE1 TV because it felt just like a family.
I wish we could keep shooting 2NE1 TV.
I hope to see you again on Season 3.
Wait for us.
And post a lot of messages on MNET Write that we should continue 2NE1 TV.
Thank you, all viewers and fans for your love and support
2NE1's last message will be playing in a moment
I was told that there were many more letters.
Thank you everyone for taking part The 21 letters that 2NE1 selected will be posted on the webpage
I apologize for not being able to give presents to everyone.
We will personally pack the presents, everybody. Planning Hong Soo Hyun Head Producer Kim Gi Woong
So, wait for it. Organizer Han Sung Mi Organizer/Planning Choi Jae Yeon Kang Ji Hoon Um So Young
I'm getting the boxes... Content Roy¡¯s Mom Baek Hyo Jung
It's time to say goodbye to Minzy. NLE Editing Lim Hyun Jae Recording Park Seung Sun Music Kim Chang Hyun OAP Art Director Kim Tae Ju OAP Design Lee Sung Yoon
Go to bed now. OAP CG Director Kim Jae Yoon OAP C.G. Park Hye Sun
We can't show you our daily lives any more. Web planning Kim Young Jun Lee Ji Hyun
Looks like this is our last chance to meet like this. Web Design Park Young Min Lee Sun Hye, Jun Ki Hwan Web developer Shim Man Seok
Everybody. for the last time, here's my stylish look. Ads Kim Ji Young Marketing Lim Dae Jin Administrator Choi Won Jung, Lee Yoon Jung
Assistant producer Park Min Ah Min Geun, Kim Sun Woo, Kim Eun Hye Ryu Jae Young
Director Lee Sang Yoon
Goodbye, bye bye.
Here comes the end of 2NE1 TV season 2.
It doesn¡¯t feel like it.
Thank you for keeping our precious memories.
Camera, thank you.